Art Every Day Month, November 13th

November 13th, 2008

Today is the 13th day of Art Every Day Month! Do not worry about doing this perfectly! I wanted to say this to you today and so it was great timing when I saw in today's Soul Coaching entry, Denise Linn had written, "Once again, I would like to remind you to do what works for you. Enjoy the process, and celebrate what you have done." So, at this point in the month, celebrate what you have done! Throw perfection out the window and have fun with it.

The box below is a widget that I provide each day as an optional place to share a direct link (blog post or flickr image) about that day's creation. If you don't have something to share today, don't worry about it! Share when you can. In the meantime, be sure to check out what other participants are creating! Check out the links from today's post, the previous day's posts and the links in the sidebar for instant inspiration. You can also see lots of great work in the AEDM flickr group. Feel free to share your work there too!

If you use the widget, please link to a specific blog post (or specific image if you're linking to a flickr page or other website) instead of your main blog page or website. If you want to share, but don't have a specific page to link to, feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what you're working on. If you're posting less than once a day, no problem! Simply use the latest one of these posts to share a link to your creation! For some, it's too much to keep up with posting every day, but don't let that get you down. Do it if you can and if you can't, just keep on creating, that's the most important part. If you get off track and miss a few days of creating, don't let that freeze you up either. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You are making your life a more creative one with each step.

If you're new to Art Every Day Month, check out the before you use the link widget to share your creations.

In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.
- Julia Cameron

p.s. If the link widget isn't showing up for some reason, just leave your link in the comments please! Thanks!

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i am enjoying weaving my aedm into my other weekly entries i do. it’s soooooo much fun!this is snuffles’ bath day!

It is good to be home and spend time in my art room.

I have missed the feeling of paint on my hands.

Leah, you’ve had some really gorgeous art in your other posts these past several days. How do you find the time???

practice makes perfection!
your quote reminds you of this.

Your project here inspired me to get more creative work done last night – and it will in the future. Many thanks.

Good Morning Leah & thank you!

I raise a glass of orange juice to you and all AEDM participants in “celebrating what we have done so far!” Cheers! :o )

Julia Cameron’s words about taking the time and care to cultivate our creativity is so close to my heart today. Last night, I received my Dewey What HUE are you cards in the mail. I learned about them while reading Jennifer Lee’s blog. I spent some quiet time drinking ginger tea and playing with the cards. The colors that I selected helped me tap into myself and creativity. I was surprised by some of my choices. I went to sleep feeling connected to my heart and creativity. It was a nice sharing time that I now see as moments that cultivated my creativty. Woo Hoo.

“celebrate what you have done so far”

Let’s see… I have made art a daily habit for almost 2 weeks; I have played around with materials which have been laying around unused for years; I’ve gotten over my angst about sharing works that aren’t perfect; and I’ve ‘met’ a lot of other artists online. Not bad for 13 days!

One foot in front of the other! :)

thanks for looking if you have time. Sometimes I feel I am not making progress but keep on drawing. Thanks

a quick post with pictures promised

Another bag today.

A drawing today. I came in a little late so I think I’m still in the “angst” stage. It’s nice to hear that one gets through it, though!

I’ve made a new work everyday and that is gratifying. Also, taking a new direction with my own “oracle” cards, is… interesting.

I really do think of them as a sort of contemporarified tarot, but I am also just having fun with exploring different archetypes

I wish I could find more time to explore new blogs in my day.

I participate in a group zine that has a new edition every 3 months. This post is about my submission for the 14th zine.

although i didn’t create anything tangible today (except for some reports for work and dinner — mmm dumplings!) I feel like I have had a break through day with my thoughts and feelings around being a creative and artist….. more discussion on my blog!

thanks so much AEDM-ers!

i made it. finally. woohoo!

I’ll join Carol in that glass of orange juice! Yay, us! Thanks for creating the space, Leah – and reminding us we don’t have to be perfect!!

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