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November 16th, 2008

Well, today's art-making was a frustrating experiencing. I was trying out a new material and it was going well until it suddenly went very wrong and the whole thing turned into a big gray mud puddle. Doh! I scraped it all down and started over, trying to just play at this point. And it was just one of those days where nothing was flowing. Somewhere along the way, I decided to let it go and ended up with this little elephant. He's cute, but the whole experience had me feeling a little cranky. Gotta let go. Experimenting is good, failure is even good and I did learn some things in the process. Here's my little elephant, which is acrylic on 6"x6" panel.

Ah well.

This week in Soul Coaching the theme is "Fire." And today's exercises have to do with facing your fears, listing them out and then imagining how you would survive the worst case scenarios. Some of my fears have to do with rejection, although these particular fears have lessened over time as I'm taking rejection less personally. It still bothers me, but not nearly as much. I hope to tackle some of my lingering rejection fears this week.

Kreative_blogger_award A big, huge thank you to Jamie for the Kreativ Blogger award!! Here are the rules:

-Link to the person or persons who tagged you.

-Post the rules on your blog.

-Write six random things about yourself.

-Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

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6 Random Things About Me:

  1. I'm the shortest person in my family.
  2. I've dreamed about the sex of the baby (and been right) for all my siblings and a couple friends.
  3. I find slapstick humor (especially people falling down) incredibly (and stupidly) funny.
  4. I have a series of freckles on my face that if connected would make the shape of a lawn chair.
  5. I get all twitchy if someone repeats the same word over and over again.

O.k., so I'm supposed to tag some people. I've resisted doing it all together lately as I don't want anyone to feel left out. But I also know it's nice to receive an award now and again, so I'll pass this one on with the note that I'm overwhelmed by the multitudes of creative bloggers I've met through doing AEDM and CED. Seriously. You all deserve awards. For today, I'd like to nominate:

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I like your elephant and your freckles story.

Your elephant makes me smile. He reminds me of Babar the Elephant.

I like the elephant!

I think your elephant is cute — and, of course, I love the tree.

aww, you made me all mushgushy inside!

You know, while I hate that you had a crabby experience with the new materials, it was a bit encouraging to know that even someone as accomplished as you are still has days where it feels like your left brain is doing all the pushing, and the right brain is out to lunch. It’s all work and no flow. Those are the days that make the good days feel like gifts. Thanks very much for sharing it.

The elephant is still cute and the like the lighting. A last ruddy moments of daylight feel.

I love your elephant! So something good did come out of your frustrating experience – a wee elephant who makes us all smile and who would not have existed otherwise. :)

And thank you so much for the award, Leah – it really does mean a lot and I’m thrilled that you thought of me! First order of business will be sending it right on back to you for all the daily inspiration you give.

A xx

You’re so welcome, Leah! It was great to read these random things about you. When we ever meet, I’ll be looking for those freckles! :)

I absolutely love the little elephant!!!
for a piece that was looking muddy – it came out great!!!

congrats on your Kreativ Blogger award!

and although we all love your elephant, i understand that feeling of something just not turning out the way you’d hoped and not even being fun to make. I was thinking of this this weekend, as I have several things in progress and one or two are just not cutting the mustard. Doing a piece every day has really helped free me of that subconscious need to have every piece be “good.”

I think the elephant is awesome and his red background is perfect for the beginning of fire week!

The elephant (which I love, too!) reminds me of an art week, with an ‘established’ painter. He was fond of doing a wash of black ink over a ‘pretty’ painting – then rinsing that off & seeing what had happened! If a student was stuck, he’d break the rules & ask ‘may I?’ & do something like that on THEIR painting! By the end of the week, we were all painting outside our boxes :)
He began using the wash after a ’successful’ show, when he felt ‘Ah, NOW I know my style!’ & proceeded to come home, unable to paint in the old way any more! Hence the black wash, . . .

It will be interesting to see how you work with the new materials!

Love that you made something out of the “mess.” That’s a great reminder to just keep going. I admire that! And thanks so much for the award. What an honor! I’ll post up my nominations tomorrow. Hugs!

Love today’s drawing of the little elephant. It seems like he is enjoying the sunset behind him. Hugs from Desire

I love that you wrote “Doh!”

~Don’t have a cow man, have an elephant~

I hate it when that happens ! You think “Oh, this is such a great moment to be creative and try out new things…I will surely get in the zone…” and then, WHAMO ! A junky, crappy mess (your elephant and those colors you ended up with look far from messy to us, but you know what I mean !) that is sooooo not what you were going for !

Remember how you said that you think that subtle synchronicities are the universe’s way of telling you you are on the right track ? Sometimes, after I get over the grumpy part, I think of those messes and blocked days as little hints that somehow, I am not. I see them as messages to back up, get back to the center and start off again. Only, there are not as fun as the little “wink” moments, are they ??? Just a thought…;-)

Good luck with the facing fears stuff. Make sure you have lots of added gentle rewards for all your hard work as you go through the process – facing fears is hard on us sensitive artist types sometimes !!!

Happy Monday !

Stay tuned – I have one of those pictures on the way…you know, not perfect, not exactly what you had in mind…one of those. And I’m posting it anyway. There’s safety in knowing others do it too! And encouragement. and did I mention inspiration? I LIKE your elephant. What a perfect picture for a nursery (speaking of guessing baby sexes). And thanks for the award. I do believe I can manage the time these next two days to pass it along. I appreciate your thinking of me!

I’ve had painting moments like that too, Leah. I’m thinking, in your case, that the cute little elephant had been wanting to come out and play the whole time so deliberately interfered with what you were trying to do. I too, was thinking 6″x6″ for my art yesterday. lol

I think ‘fear of rejection’ seems to be a commonality among many of us. It’s certainly not easy to put yourself out there.

love, light and peace,

that color scheme is wonderful! it feels so rich and intense. :)


thank you so much for the award!
what kind words. you rock.


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