Bird 17

November 26th, 2008


I had fun with this one. I decided to do something a little different today, simply playing with layers. I put down collage first (although it is completely painted over now, it started a nice base for me. And then I layered and let dry many layers of paint, building until I had this image. I started another small one (because I sometimes would get impatient waiting for things to dry before I pulled out a hot air gun to speed things along), but that one isn't done yet. This one, which I'm calling "Bird 17" is 6"x6" on wood panel.

So, I apologize for not posting about the calendars today. I was totally bummed out about them. The proof was o.k., but not up to the standards I would want to sell (the colors were good, but the paper was too thin for my taste), so I'm working on another and I'll let you know when it's ready to go!

I've been off in art land all day, sending out some artwork at the post office, but other than that, I've mainly been arting away while listening to the final Harry Potter audio book. I'm going to go do the level one exercise in Soul Coaching and visualize myself in nature for 15 minutes. I think it'll be relaxing.

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OMG I can’t wait for this calendar!
The more days you can be off in art land, the better it is for the world! You are so good it hurts my heart. I wish I was an artist!

I especially like the unexpected ring perch and the bird to make the “1.” That’s magic.

What a drag that the paper wasn’t what you wanted. But yay you for sticking with your standards. I know the calendar will be beautiful!

I’m really enjoying the colours of Bird 17!

I very much like the look of this collage bird 17!
It’s interesting how the under layers sometimes disappear…but I bet the upper layer someone knows where the missing layers lay and are painted on accordingly.

I love this color scheme. If you saw what I’ve been playing with at my art table, you would be surprised at the many similarities that are happening. I’ve got a canvas with many layers of paint (that were lovely, but not speaking to me), so I’ve covered them with many pieces of rice paper that I’ve stained with walnut ink. The blocks of color on your piece remind me of the way I’ve got the paper collaged on my canvas. Well, I guess I should work on it & post to my own blog. Happy Thanksgiving. xox

So pretty. Always love your color schemes. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

love the layers.

It’s really cool how you managed to create such depth in this!! Like the bird and everything black is so much in the foreground, love it!

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what a cool illo. let me know wabout the calendar too please.

Love this one Leah, you’ve got such good eye for colors that look good together! I wanted to download the soul mp3-files you linked too but they didn’t work on the site or at itunes for me. :-( I’m so curious about that! take care!

I bet it was fun. Trying something new is freeing.

these colors are so my daughter! I thought of her immediately when I saw it! Am sorry about the calendar – but am willing to patiently wait for however long it takes to get one in my hands. something wonderful to look forward to!

What I see in your amazing painting Leah is the inside front front of “ABC Pet Store” at 17 Main Street, and little Peetie Bird strutting his stuff on his pirch hoping to be adopted by a passerby. “Happy Thanksgiving” :o )

Enjoy art land. :)

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