Celebrate Every Advance!

November 6th, 2008

Ah, my migraine left and today felt productive. I did some serious de-cluttering as part of my work with Soul Coaching, choosing a corner of my bedroom that has been bugging me for ages. I put my favorite cleaning mix on my ipod, blasted it loud and got to work, sweeping up the cobwebs and dust, separating out the trash, putting things away, and cleaning the surfaces. It kind of amazed me how much time and energy it took to do this one corner and it was overwhelming if I thought about doing the whole room. But I didn't think about the whole room. Baby steps, baby steps!!! As author Denise Linn suggests, "Celebrate every advance!" Woohoo! I'm celebrating my clean bedroom corner! While cleaning, there were a few funny little synchronicities in the things I came upon, including a list of values I'd written out over a year ago. I need to check that list against the one I wrote this week and see how they match up!

I had fun with some art-making time this evening. I did a small piece on a 4"x4" canvas in acrylics based on a sketch from my sketchbook. I don't always bring my sketches to fruition, so it's nice when a little push gets them done. I'm calling it, "By the Light of the Silvery Moon."

This piece was all play and experimentation. It's not quite done, but I'm liking it. I put two leaves on the image at the end, but they're not attached. I really love the way it's come together. I'm calling it, "Walking in Circles."

In need of some inspiration? Check out Design for Mankind's latest zine! This month, the theme is the handmade market. You can view it for free online or purchase a print copy. If you're looking for something to listen to while you create, check out the latest Craftcast podcast which features an interview with Daniel Vosovic (from season 2 of Project Runway!) who has a new book out called, Fashion Inside Out: Daniel V's Guide to How Style Happens from Inspiration to Runway and Beyond. It sounds like a great read with lots of discussion about the creative process. And I'm sure it's visually inspiring too!

p.s. I love Ugly Betty!

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OH YES – I believe in those baby steps – CONGRATS on clearing out that corner – that is awesome!!! Of course – you know that I think your artwork is beyond awesome – always makes me happy to see it!!!
thanks for sharing it!

The painting makes me think Owl and the Pussycat meet the Goddess – I just know that couple is on the little boat floating through her divine blue hair.

Glad you are taking baby steps Leah. I love your luna moon woman. How I adore the moon. I have been reading about the moon tarot card this week. Emotional, intuitive, water…. All of that comes to mind when I see your moon woman.

That second piece is really, really beautiful! I love the soft, mutedness of it, her white hair (like the moon) and the circles theme. Yeah, congratulations on cleaning that corner. I’ve also found that I can’t think of the big picture, when doing major cleaning, otherwise it’s just way too overwhelming to even want to begin.

I’m glad you’re feeling better! “Celebrate every advance”…I need to think of things in those terms. And I love love love that last painting. You do mixed media/paint so well; it never looks overworked or forced.

Congratulations on your advance! What a great idea to have a cleaning mix!

Ahhh, thank you Leah!

Your talent leaves me speechless sometimes, Leah. I think “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” is an incredible painting. Just beautiful. I agree with you on the possibility of being overwhelmed. Let’s just focus on the achievements and not the next step – it is such a good feeling! :)

Leah, beautiful art as always!!! And OMG you totally inspired me — I never even thought about decluttering being extended to my iPod!! Some new inspiration, a new mix, and lift to the tunes — fabulous idea :)

Nothing so good for the soul as doing a little bit of spring cleaning. Your art work is just stunning. So like your style. Every piece is just a little master piece on its own. Warm regards

Absolutely gorgeous art! Celebrating every advance is pure wisdom! Thank you! :)

Ooooooh, I Love “Walking in Circles!” I have somthing like that rummaging around in my own head, but it uses spirals not circles. Have been thinking about using some of my clay stamps for something this month – AEM always gets my creative juices flowing, even if I don’t manage to make it through every day. As always, thanks for this lovely community!

I like the small square canvas. Very dreamy!

love it!!! amazing stuff you do!!!

I love both these pieces, although are so different stylistically.

Decluttering is great. My brain feels cluttered, sometimes, and I don’t know quite how to clear that out.

Leah – OK, this is gonna sound strange, but here goes: I was doing my morning pages this morning, and I was hit so strong with a feeling that you’re doing a book or e-book or something, and it has something to do with color! Like, how colors work together, how to use color, something like that. It came outta nowhere! Just wanted to pass that on – if you’re thinking of doing something like that, I think this would be a sign! LOL

Both of those are beautiful ! I love your style. I always wonder how people come up with their ideas. I need to expand my creativity and try different methods and styles.

And glad your migraine went away. Another busy day, but I reposted an older one.

well done on your decluttering efforts, leah!

i love your art pieces today, particularly ‘walking in circles’……beautiful work!

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