De-clutter and Dance

November 7th, 2008

I finished up "Walking in Circles" today. It's about 9"x11" with acrylic paint, ink, gel medium, and a bit of collage on watercolor paper.

It was rather gray out today, but I didn't mind one bit as I spent the day doing some more de-cluttering. Boy oh boy, was I overdo for some clutter clearing! I'm not going to beat myself up about it because, well, I'm making progress, bit by bit. I focused on my desk today, filing my to-be-filed pile and sweeping away the build up of dust around my desk chair. One little corner at a time. Progress feels slow, but excellent. Soul Coaching focused a bit more on de-cluttering today along with a look at how you relax and have fun. I often feel lazy, but I have a lot of trouble doing nothing. Something to look at. I put another ipod session to good use while folding laundry today. Good, loud music can make chores so much more enjoyable! What do you like to listen to when you're cleaning? Do you listen to anything while you create?

I sometimes do and sometimes don't. In the last few months, I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audio versions of the Harry Potter series read by Jim Dale (who is simply awesome.) I loved the books and never really thought about listening to books until recently. I was introduced to the wonders of audio books when a post at Christine Kane's blog convinced me to check out the audio version of Martha Beck's Steering by Starlight (Beck reads her books for the audio versions and she's so funny!) and then branched into the Harry Potter series on the recommendation of Jim Doran, which has been great fun. I find these audio books great company when doing my least favorite chores (like dishes), when I need some convincing to go on a walk, and sometimes when I'm painting and want to shut out the world. I laugh out loud while I listen. :-)

As for music... well, for cleaning purposes I generally want music that's upbeat and fun, sometimes funny and always great to dance to (dancing while you clean is highly recommended.) Today's listening included Weird Al's "Trash Day" (very appropriate), George Michael's "Freedom 90," Supertramp's "Dreamer," Beck's "E-Pro," Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath," Scissor Sisters' "Music is the Victim," and Prince's "Kiss." Other good ones for shakin' your tush: Missy Elliot's "Work It," Liz Phair's "Whip Smart," Cake's "The Distance," and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." Well, that gave me an's a little treat for you. I put together a mix-tape of the songs I just mentioned. Feel free to use while you make art, clean up the house, or dance around in your underwear. Enjoy!

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The painting is beautiful. I love it.
The music…!

I so love the walking in circles – so sweet and innocent looking! I am like you – taking one corner at a time with soul coaching and getting rid of clutter one corner at a time!!!
Thanks for sharing it all – I love your choices of music – I love any kind of music that gets my big butt moving – LOL….
have a great weekend!

What a beautiful painting!

hi leah! ooohhhh i absolutely love your newest piece here “walking in circles”, the light values are stunning and she has such a peaceful-ness to her. thank you so much for sharing!

i’m in a bit of a rut today, but managed to get a whole bunch of doodles on paper. gotta keep creating! have a beautiful weekend!!!

I really like the way “Walking in Circles” turned out. The two leaves on the back of the dress really put a nice finish on the whole piece.
Oh, and your de-clutter mix rocks!

Thanks for sharing the mix – what a nice gift.

I have been blasting the Replacements as I scrub everything clean – they give me alot of energy!

Wow, sharing the mix tape is awesome!! And no wonder that gets you up and moving. Great tunes :)

You read my mind Leah… I was going to ask about what music you de-clutter to. Thanks! ~Sara

I love this effect on watercolor paper. So much texture and flow! Beautiful.

Beautiful painting! I like the movement created by the three circle shapes!

Thanks for the music!

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This is gorgeous Leah. Her face and curve of hair and body position is so beautifully positioned. Great job. Will play your music when I hit the hive in a little bit!

Just love the new painting, Leah…the shape of her hair, shadows, butterfly and circles. The watercolor medium makes for such a soft touch.

Yes, love listening to audio books. Sooo relaxing and like you say makes annoying activities more fun and productive.

Beautiful piece Leah!

Music when I’m cleaning is a must. Music when I’m arting is mostly a must, but sometimes I just get so involved with what I’m doing that the cd stops and I don’t notice for a very long time. I also like the idea of listening to books on tape. I once rented “Conversations with God” from the library. I enjoyed it. It’s lonely at the house all day sometimes, so hearing a voice is comforting. I really gotta get a library card. I’ve lived here over a year and have only been there once!

Thanks for the mix. I’ll check it out tomorrow when I’m cleaning. Today is shopping day! :)

~Purdy Paint Drips~

Leah, I am always happily amazed at the number of creating beings who have already wandered by to say hello! It’s barely 9AM here in very foggy California…

I adore your painting, the movement is so curving and feminine…representing the feminine divine with the rounded shapes and circles. I love it! I am going to paint acrylic on watercolor paper today because I do feel it is softer than the canvas, which I find I prefer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful painting. :)

As the ABBA girls said: Thank you for the music! *grin*

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