Fall Forest Muses

November 3rd, 2008

I'm so pumped up by all the wonderful creative energy around AEDM! Perhaps some of that is coming through in today's spontaneous piece of artwork. I used some paint, a bottle of sprayed water, a little container of water with a few drops of paint that had a tip (like a cake frosting tip) on it, and a bit of sparkly fabric paint while playing today on a piece of watercolor paper. I didn't have a plan in mind, just wanted to play and this is what came out. I believe I was also inspired by this podcast from Lori-Lyn in which she shares a meditation about meeting your muse. In my visualization, my muse was totally blue, go figure, so that's partly where these figures came from. I'm calling them the "Fall Forest Muses" and they seem to be having a fantabulous time. :-)

I've just updated the Art Every Day Month info page, to hopefully make the workings of the challenge more clear. It's tricky sometimes to make it super clear, when I want the challenge to be open to interpretation by anyone wanting to join in, but hopefully, the info page lays out the way it works as clearly as possible. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I think the widget (that little box below, where you can enter the url of your postings) is working well, so I'm planning to post a new one each day available for you to share your creations. It's not required, but it is fun and it's great for others to have an easy way to find your latest post!

As I've mentioned, I'm also doing the Soul Coaching group and today's work was around determining your values, examining what you've been putting off, and looking at your commitments. The author, Denise Linn, challenges the reader to commit to something for the next month, and well, that's quite simple since I've committed to making art for AEDM! I thought about adding something to that and then realized I might go bonkers trying to do too much, so I'm going to keep it at that. Committing to the book and the artwork and running this challenge is more than enough to keep me busy. For the part about values, I wrote out my values on a couple pieces of paper, cut them out and arranged them.

I wrote out values that came to mind, borrowing a bit from the author's list of suggestions and from Jenn's fabulous list that I've seen through her awesome value card creations that she's done for AEDM! Speaking of Jenn, you must check out her appearance on television talking about balance and her unique vision boards!! She talks about them in the context of being a busy mom, but this could easily apply to anyone. It was great making this list of my own values. Writing them out and making them into a visual statement gave me a better sense of where I'm living my values and where I could use some extra oomph.

Lastly, I looked at what I've been putting off. Oh so many things. I'm a big-time procrastinator I'm afraid. So I made a list and tackled one of them. I backed up my computer! Woohoo! It does feel good to do the things you've been putting off. I've got a whole lot more to tackle and hopefully, I'll be able to tick them off or at least get started on them all over the next month.

I'm getting very excited for the election tomorrow. I had to stop watching the coverage for awhile because I realized it was making me an anxious mess and that wasn't helping anything or anyone. I've avoided talking about politics directly on my blog as I want this space to be about creativity. But I want to encourage everyone (if you live in the U.S. or are a U.S. citizen) to vote tomorrow.

I am voting for Barack Obama. I think this post from Lori-Lyn describes much of my feelings behind the election. She says it in eloquent words that I haven't been able to find. I don't expect or want everyone who visits or participates in challenges here to agree with me or vote the same as I do. I want this space to be open to anyone without judgement. I mention that I'm voting for Obama because I'm proud to say that I am and I'm feeling oh so hopeful. O.k., now that I got that off my chest, I hope you all have a wonderfully creative evening. Sweet dreams!

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I support you in your commitments and your values and in your choice of candidate. As a neighbour to the north, I look forward to the best results! :)

Your painting makes me want to be swept away by the leaves. I would fly so far into the sky with the autumn leaves…. I am excited too about the elections. Like you I am voting for Barack.

I will have to listen to that podcast – i really do not know what my muse might look like!!
beautiful painting as always – dreamy looking!!

i am hopeful too…
i tear up everytime i hear him speak. no politician has ever affected me that way!
let’s hold onto our hope

Thanks for the link to the meditation on meeting your muse…I really want to check that out! Love your muses…they seem full of air and movement like our theme this week. Let’s hope that tomorrow we will be celebrating PRESIDENT Obama!!! See you tomorrow!

oh leah! thank you so much for sharing your work from soul coaching! you’ve totally peaked my interest and so i ordered the book. i so look forward to working with it.

oh i’ll be posting my postcard making tutorial on wednesday evening, thanks so much for your interest!

Leah, once again I find deep symbolism in your creation. Did you know that blue is an exceptionally healing color, especially in Tibetan traditions? Hence the “Medicine Buddha” being portrayed as blue (also known as “Blue Buddha”). This is what I found in a quick search on it right now:

“If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical and mental illness and suffering.” —Lama Tashi Namgyal

This piece of yours today speaks to me of a deep healing of the inner-child. I love it, as all of the pieces I’ve seen of yours so far!

Lovely painting…love what looks like flames coming out the hands…fire and excitement, yes, celebration, I do pray tomorrow will find us celebrating and being joyous like no other campaign before! O BA MA, O BA MA, O BA MA!!!!

Love seeing your values. Hmmm, no wonder we get along – we share a lot of the same values :) !!! Heehee!

Wow your painting is just a gorgeous spontaneous creation. Love the colour combo. It has loads of movement and is pleasing on the eye. Warm regards from sunny South Africa

what an imaginative piece of art. i would love to join AEDM please. Usually draw or paint every day and managed to do the BIg Draw last month every single day. So I am keen to join you too. Yippeeee, a new challenge. I will e mail you too.

Somehow I totally missed your collection of words there – I think I like this soul thing you are doing (and wish I had more time to commit to such right now)….and hey – Go Obama! (and I too have been an anxious mess but glued to MSNBC…as I will be tonite, Tues – here’s to a grand celebration Wed) – don’t forget: Starbucks is giving free talls to those who vote!

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog!
That is a beautiful painting. There is so much light in it.
Best of luck for the election!

I love your Fall Forest Muses, Leah. I think it’s one of your best pieces!

Wow, another great painting by you. Very creative and your technique sounds so interesting. I need to pull out my watercolors..

I read on Politico.com that one of Obama’s staffers described their mood as “cautiously nauseous,” which says it all. I think that’s how everyone I know is feeling!
I love your values collage–a great idea; I may do one myself and keep it where I can see it!

I love your Fall Forest Muses. Very inspiring. I’ve got to listen to that podcast too – thanks for sharing! Today I also managed to pick up a copy of Soul Coaching. It looks very interesting and I can’t wait to read it and keep up with everyone’s progress.

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