Moon Visit

November 27th, 2008


My art for today. I had an image of the moon coming through the window for a visit. "Moon visit" is 6"x6" with acrylic on canvas. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I really like this one!!

What a way to say thank you. The moon gives us so much. It reminds us of the feminine energy, intuition, creativity, etc.Happy Thanksgiving!

how lovely and feminine…love it!


So beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Enchanting and delightful! It’s the new moon today (where I am) so this is a lovely coincidence.

love it-it’s magical:)

ooohhhh just beautiful! you really captured the magic of the moon here! i love love love it!!!

gobble gobble

Beautiful as always! I feel that she is unsure and vulnerable. The moon’s light is gentle. Maybe that’s the only light she’s not afraid of.

I love the look of the fabrics in this painting.

Beautiful! The curtains make the whole thing work – they make it obvious that the window is open, and they seem to lead directly to the moon, and make it seem like the moon has just come in.

absolutely delectable!

So very sweet! It makes me think of my 2 1/2 yr old grandson a few months ago. He can be very serious – when asked “where’s the moon,” if he couldn’t see it, he’d respond “Moon Hiding”

I glanced at this post yesterday evening before I headed out to art class. I think I had this image in mind when I put the windows into the paintings I made there. They started out as interior scenes are morphed into exterior scenes over the course of the class. Funny how that happens…

I am soaking in your beautiful textures and the cool breeze that is coming through the window. Blue moon! Lovely painting Leah! :o )

I love her face, off in the corner of the painting. Something about it draws me in.

I love the idea of the moon coming to visit. Enchanting!

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