Moon Walk

November 28th, 2008


I painted this today after a nice, long nap. We spent the night at my mom's and I didn't sleep well, so when we got home I was so pooped that changed into jammies and went straight to bed. Heh. When I woke up, I went straight to my studio and painted this. I started by putting down some directly on the paper and then responding to it, bit by bit. And this is what came out, a girl taking the moon for a walk. I'm calling it "Moon Walk." And it's about 9"x12". Last night before I went to bed, I drew loads of ideas I had for art involving the moon. This one above wasn't one of the ideas, but I see a theme coming on! As a Cancer, I am a moon girl after all.

I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a lovely holiday and aren't feeling too stuffed!

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I am feeling more sad than stuffed…and your moon girl is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders in my eye’s view. Absolutely not what you thought you were painting I am sure but I am filled with the sadness of the news coming out of India just now and this is what I see. (sorry). Its a lovely painting.

Moons…mmmm so evocative. Everywhere with your work lately. Lovely!

You do such beautiful intuitive work…it’s amazing you can sit down without knowing exactly where you going and when its all said and done, your compositions look so well put together.

I love the feeling of the moon on a string, like a balloon! Beautiful

I so love this one Leah – so dreamy – it is beautiful!!!

I really like the free flowing movement of this one and it does stir the soul. Really beautiful.

Another beautiful piece of work.

Leah!! OMG.. she is beautiful. She does look a little lonely or sad.. but I can’t deny the pull I feel to this piece. All of your ladies with the re-occuring moon spark something in me. Truly beauty-licious. xo

this is gorgeous, moon girl! I love it, just lover-ly :)

love it!

What I absolutely love about this painting Leah is that you allow us, the viewers a glimpse into your imaginative mind. Who would have ever thought you could take the moon for a walk. You did!! Love it! :o )

Loving your moon lovelies.

And are you doing this one for Illustration Friday or is it a coincidence that it matches the prompt of “balloon?”

Another wonderful painting. I absolutely love the color of the sky.

What wonderful release, to just let go and let the painting come as it may. Good for you! I myself am really drawn to her dress…it is beautiful, with wonderful texture and colours.

BEAUTIFUL!!! I am in awe of your work, Leah!

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