Soul Coaching Art

November 22nd, 2008


Today's Soul Coaching exercises were so up my alley! I only had time to do the first level of exercises, which involved doing 3 drawings. For the first drawing, author, Denise Linn asks that you close your eyes, get a sense of the what you are feeling in that moment, reach for the color or colors that express that emotion, and then draw it out. I used caran d'ache, water soluble crayons to do these drawings. And the drawing above is what came out. I was feeling mainly soft blue mellowness with bits of a light green anxiety. The images developed as I drew. For the second drawing, we were asked to close our eyes, imagine the way we'd like to be feeling, and then draw that. What came from that is below. I was wishing for a bit more fire as perhaps you can gather. I'd like a bit more energy that's rooted in that blues I have much of already. But perhaps the it's like that expression, the grass is always greener. I just don't seem to be the high energy type and I am o.k. with that. I think I'm capable of more energy though and I'd like to work on that.


Then in the last drawing, we closed our eyes again, asked if our soul had a message for us, and then drew that. For this image, I saw in my mind a purple lotus flower and what I drew is below. I got the sense that my soul was saying, be still, be at peace. Everything is o.k. And it is! :-)


It was fun to do these drawings and just play intuitively. I think I'll do the other exercises another time. I've done something very similar to the other exercises Denise Linn shares, such as drawing with the non-dominant hand and drawing with both hands at once, last year during a class at Artfest. I loved the drawings that came from those experiences and highly recommend trying it out. You can read more about my experiences in that class and see what I drew here.

I went to a craft fair with my bff today and got totally wiped out. It was fun and inspirational (so much color! so many ideas!), but I tend to get overwhelmed in spaces like that and didn't buy anything. My bff bought the cutest hat for her lil girl and a couple other gifts.

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend and staying warm (it's freezing cold here in New England!)

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looks like fun drawings!! I always love everything you do:)
I have a new blog now, just thought I would let you know-just started it today-fresh start on a new blog and the 3 week challenge starts tomorrow (are you signed up for it?) well, take care and have a great rest of the weekend!

the drawings are beautiful – I really like them – especially the whale and the roots in blue – how very interesting!!! you did a lot more then me!!!

Intuitive painting/drawing seems like a cool exercise; I must try it!

Love all the colors in your doodling! I too want to feel more fiery in terms of my energy level and creativity…
Thanks for sharing your process…

Oh! Gorgeous vibrant colors. I love that all three have the same image of a fanned flower in them. Evolution of flame. :)
Adorable hat! :)

Leah – these are lovely, and I enjoyed hearing how they came about. But I am in awe of the images you created in the Theo Ellsworth class. Wow. I have to try some drawing with the non-dominant hand, and I would like to do more intuitive drawing – that’s what I’m after, in part. My moleskine and lunch hours strike me as a good opportunity to try that…

I didn’t get a chance to do these exercises but so enjoyed reading about your experience and seeing what you created. May peace find you :)

What fun exercises! I love creative assignments. :)

I really love it when our souls tell us things are all okay, and we are okay just the way we are.

Because we are.

We don’t have to be something we aren’t, we just have to be.

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