Soul Coaching Day 3

November 4th, 2008

Suddenly I'm a bundle of emotions. My neck hurts, my head hurts, and my eyes are teary. My day, up til this point was fabulous. I took a long walk to the polls, cast my vote, walked to the post office, and then ate my lunch outside. The weather was simply gorgeous. I picked up some leaves on my way home, I breathed in the air, and relished this lovely November day. I got home and did my homework for the Soul Coaching group which involved doing some de-cluttering. I de-cluttered the bathroom hung up a new shower curtain liner while I was at it. It felt good to this. It did seem to bring a certain clarity to both the physical and mental space I hold. I felt myself releasing some of that mental clutter into the trash as I carried my clutter out of my home. Sometimes sweeping away mental clutter also releases emotions that have been building too. And I made a big realization today, I said something out loud that surprised me a bit, but also felt absolutely true. I realized that I am letting go of the identity I've had of myself as being a "depressed person." I'm not saying that I haven't been depressed. I most certainly have. But someone said to me today that there's a difference between having the symptoms of depression and being a depressed person. Just like having a broken arm doesn't make you a broken arm. It's subtle (to me), but profound to grasp that difference. And I'm slowly getting that.

I'm also feeling quite emotional about the election. All this anticipation and building up. I read this post earlier and got all teary. I've held off from watching the news as it's too early to know anything, but I'll turn it on soon I'm sure. Got to remember to breathe. O.k. I'm off to rest for a bit before making some dinner. Art for the day will be posted later tonight. Toodaloo for now!

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wow. it sounds like you have had a profound revelation today about something hugely personal. it’s so true what you say: “sometimes sweeping away mental clutter also releases emotions that have been building too.”
i hope this release has settled positively for you, as i hope your country’s election result will also be! sharing your anticipation and excitement from across the pond!

It’s awe-inspiring how our emotions can stay buried inside us, until we move out of the way and it releases! Sounds like you are also doing some emotional de-cluttering. Sounds like a momentous day! Blessings to you on your journey!

I need to reduce some clutter around here as well, it’s almost as it’s caging me in, in some crazy way and screams at me when I walk around the house. Where at one time, I associated being surrounded by many things as a signal that I was doing okay-now I’m feeling like I’m hiding behind the things I have in an effort to feel okay. If that makes sense….but truly, I need to free myself of the physical clutter so my mind can open up and breathe again in a fresh new way. I can definitely appreciate what you are saying!

Wow! That was an amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

Cleaning my house is very cleansing for my head as well. It gives that boost that I need.

What a profound realization. It’s amazing how a shift like that can change your life. Sending you love, Jamie.

Hey that’s pretty weird! I just bought that book this weekend.. and now I learn there’s a group?! wow. Not sure I can add one more thing to my plate, but I’ve bookmarked it and may just try to play along…
I checked out that link too. Very touching, although I did get a bit nervous there in the beginning… The TV is off! I cannot bare to hear all that dribble while waiting. Art instead!

Brilliant distinction! What a profound and powerful way to hold yourself. Awesome!

i think this election was humming beneath a lot of things. I cried all day myself – tears of anxiety and then sobs of joy. Yes we can!

Thank you for sharing that post. POWER~FULL stuff.


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