November 10th, 2008

Today, I decided to play on a piece of watercolor paper. I had cut out a few silhouettes of people from magazines that I thought I might use as stencils, but then the back of one figure had these neat green swirls (I think part of a landscape) on it, so I decided to glue it to the paper, back-side up. I put down some texture with gel medium, let it dry and then came back into it with some fluid acrylic paint and an image started to suggest itself. A bird-like shape was over the woman. The silhouette I had cut out was only a torso and head, so I added black and some gold-green to it to make a dress. I ended up trimming away part of the paper to make this long shape, which I'm liking. The image seemed to be a sort of transformation, as if the woman was becoming a bird. I also saw butterflies in some of the brush strokes, so I'm calling it, "Transform." It's about 6"x11.5" on watercolor paper.

For Soul Coaching today, the exercises involved some cleansing, so I cleaned some areas of my apartment. I especially loved the effect of wiping down our coffee table with some wood cleaner and a rag. Oddly satisfying. And then I took a shower, concentrating on washing away the negative and making room for the positive in my life. The next exercise was about choosing the meaning you give to difficult moments in your life. I feel like I've done a lot of that over the last 10 years, it's what's helped me most when it comes to living a happier life. Not that I don't ever complain or wish certain things hadn't happened in my life. But I understand now, that those difficulties, such as the experience of being molested or the trauma I experienced receiving medical testing for a disease I had as a child or the tendency towards depression, all these things made me who I am today. They brought me to where I am. They made me a stronger and better person. They've made me a kinder, gentler person with more compassion and understanding towards the difficulties others face. They've given me a certain depth of character and perhaps a certain depth to my artwork that other people can relate to. I used to think, "why me?" a lot. But now, not so much. I'm grateful for all the experiences which led me to where I am today and that includes the difficult ones.

Sometimes it seems easier to do this with the most difficult experiences and it's certainly easier with things that have long since passed. For me, it can be harder to do with the smaller things, like not taking someone's actions or words personally or in dealing with a rejection. I might obsess for a day over a harsh word or cool glance before I can let it go. But I do try and see all those little things as part of my path, and not turn them negative. And I try to remember that it's not about me all the time. :-)

And now, I'm off to relax a bit. Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the week!

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There are so many wonderful layers to your artwork. Yes, the depth comes shining through. Thank you for giving me hope, that one day I can have perspective on all the things that used to enslave me in pain! :)

Interesting post–I can relate to having a harder time dealing with the small rejections or harsh words dribbled from thoughtless lips. I do the same thing-obsess over the small things but I rise above in the really difficult situations. Odd,isn’t it?

Love your new piece, it truly speaks transformation!

I love the combination of your beautiful art and your Soul Coaching journey. Today the layers and transformative images of your creation combined with your thoughts on how the ability to shift meaning is easier from a greater distance in time than when the moment is up close has got me thinking. Thank you for all that you share.

Incredible process. You are making me want to get into the Soul Coaching journey.

wow. i love this. the magazine swirl is a nice touch.

I can definitely relate to not letting go a harsh word or a glance or such so easily – sometimes I know I can hang on to it for too long – that bothers me!
thanks for sharing it all- of course your art is stunning – I love it all!

Leah, this has so much energy and color….it does speak to the term “transform” when I look at it. I am really enjoying your art and hearing how it matches to the path that you are on with your soul coaching. I love the tall dark figure of a woman in your painting as well.


leah — the colors and energy of this piece are fabulous. i always loved how physically cleaning our surroundings was so intertwined with cleaning our minds and souls — as represented by the ring of blue around the female figure in your piece. i’m heading over to my closet now to pull some things to take to good will! thanks for sharing! ~christy

I just wanted to say that I am inspired by the name of your blog – creative everyday – helps give me more permission to be creative, well, everyday!

Hi Leah. Another gorgeously creative and expressive piece of art. Your colour hues just wakens my senses. And you are so right … its not always about us! Warm regards

Yet another beautiful piece. I find the creative, playful, colorful energy of your art to be great inspiration!

Hi Leah !

Day Ten already ! This month seems to be extremely rich for you in terms of creative growth. It is wonderful to witness !Thank you, as alwys, for sharing the steps along the journey.

I am working on getting over that “why me ?” phase of accepting and giving meaning to difficult things that happen to us. Everyone has their “story”, as I like to call it, and what we do with the events that mark us makes us who we are, not the events themselves. I have had some pretty negative experiences with the medical profession in the past, and while I (with the great doctor I have finally found !!) work at over-coming fears, taking back my own power, and letting go of past events, I also see that I am meant to be a teacher for the medical professionals I come in contact with. I remind them that their procedures may seen important but that they mean nothing if you don’t make the human being in front of you your primary concern ! It still amazes me that they need to be reminded of this but I think its still happens with someone every time I visit !

My mom/guru always says that things are neither bad or good, things just are, and we chose what role they will have in our life in every moment. I like to think this way (whenever I can remember to!) because it means I have a new chance to get it right every moment, every day.

Cheers !

Love your post! Both the image and the words. You really have a knack for inspiring people. Thank you for sharing part of yourself.

What a powerful image Leah, with a perfect title! From darkness comes light! Thank you for sharing & inspiring :o )

I really appreciate the honesty of this post. I like the way you express yourself, there is clarity in your words and I can feel the emotion behind your words.
Beautiful picture I see the bird as her soul rising up to meet the world.

Amazing painting.

I have to say that I think we probably have a similar world view.

My recent “lesson” in life is in how to make a difficult time in life into transformation WHILE I am experiencing it.

It is challenging, but at the same time, it is so much easier to deal with what may be the second most difficult time in my life. I’m getting a lot out of it while I am in the midst of it.

I was unable to see what I was getting the last time my life was so upside down.

Girl, I really love this artwork that you created here. It is my favorite thus far. And that Soul Coaching Month thing sounds so inspiring…when will that occur again?

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