Two if By Sea

November 4th, 2008

Another spontaneous, intuition-directed piece tonight.  I prepped a few wood panels with gesso last night and today I pulled some materials for collage. I arranged different pieces together including some scraps from experiments on paper and a drawing I did last week. I brought some acrylic paint into it and some ink and here it is. I wrote on the left side, "One if by land" and I'm calling this painting, "Two if By Sea." It's 6"x6" on a cradled wooden panel. I think it's super sweet.

Hope you're all enjoying the evening! I am! :-)

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You are great with mixed media. Every time I try mixed media, it looks stupid! I love the little sailboats on the branches!

Awesome! I really like the way you organized the different scraps of paper in the background.
It looks really great!
Go Obama!!! I’m so excited!

I love your intuition. :) Like Autumn, I feel my mixed-media efforts lack the seamlessness yours have.

I am absolutely elated tonight with the presidential election results. I feel hope for the first time in 8 years.

It sounds political to me! It’s a winning piece on a winning night for winning change in this proud country of ours.

I love how this mixed media piece of your just works so well. The colors, the collage the tree with little ships. Love it! Something I aspire to one day. Baby steps.

this is magnificent and befits the outcome of the elections as it is hoeful and bright, go obama go!

This is absolutely stunning. I just love your painting and your colour combinations are just so flowing on the eye. Warm regards from sunny South Africa

am off to work, so I shall post my AEM 5 here since I don’t see the widget up yet:

I am so enjoying browing the contributors – thanks, Leah, for this wonderful way to quickly meet other artists. You’re the best!

Love the collage. We are all so elated by the election results last evening, it is hard to concentrate on anything else.

I, too, will add by link to my AEDM post here:

Leah, this is so cool. Love it. I have a thing for trees. :)

You inspire me to try intuitive art. Your images are always so refreshing and ORIGINAL…wow. Love it..

Great tree – trees are hard for me. What sweet lil boats!


Excellent work! I love the little boats hanging from the tree.

Love this new piece! And I’d really like to join the challenge… May I play too???? Thank :0)

I love this Leah – the colors are fantastic.

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