View from the Moon

November 30th, 2008


"View from the Moon" is about 9"x12" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. I had drawn the basic idea for it in my sketchbook over the weekend, but the castle sort of appeared in the paint and I brought it out. I'm having fun with the moon images. I loved that the "Moon Visit" painting came intuitively on the night of the new moon and it looks like the new moon is in the window while the full moon visits the girl in her room. And I like that I did "Moon Walk" piece which makes the moon look like a balloon and I hadn't realized that the Illustration Friday theme this week was balloon. Fun synchronicities always make me smile.

Had such a busy weekend with family that by this afternoon I was spent and took a nap with my kitty Emma snuggled up under the covers.

I'm amazed at how quickly AEDM flew by! I've loved meeting so many new and wonderfully creative people in the process. I hope that if you participated, in whatever way you participated, that you found yourself more aware of creativity in your life. And I hope you'll be able to carry that forward through every month of the year. Thank you for creating with me!

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thanks again for organizing such a great month! although i wish i could have participated more, I am grateful for the constant infusion of creativity I felt this month.

I absolutely love your latest drawings. I am fascinated by the moon and love how you depict it in such a feminine way in your art. i will definitely be back soon to check out your latest.


I have truly enjoyed your art this past month – just inspiring!!
I have also truly enjoyed creating everyday – I have really grown from the experience – thanks for the challenge – it was wonderful!!

Oh, this is just gorgeous, as always! The texure of the moon is my absolute favourite part!

This is gorgeous. Very dramatic feel to it.

Another lovely painting. Love these blues.

I love this series of moon paintings, they are inspiring.

Your paintings are so inspiring. I want to skip work to paint! A paycheck is good isn’t it!

I’m taking up the challenge for this next month. It will be my sanity during the hectic Christmas season.

OH, so beautiful! You are amazing, Leah!

What a beautiful piece! I absolutely love it.

Thanks so much for participating in Soul Coaching, especially with AEDM on the go! It was a real joy to hang out with you, as always :)

Leah, I love your moon series… all of them. I wanted to thanks you for hosting AEDM… while I didn’t post every day I was pretty darn creative every day. It definitley pushed me and helped to develop a creative habit. It’s wonderful to be part of something and feed off each other’s creativity. You are a gem!

Thank you Leah for sharing this space with all of us creative peeps! You are a gracious hostess and a very talented one too. I am in the loving bubble of your moon pieces. She so often lends herself to the creative flow.

~Moon Magick~

Your Moon art is magnificient and magical. Your creations are an inspiration!

This is a haunting image, darling! I love it’s depth and the colors you picked for it!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!


Thank you for hosting us. Great and challenging project that is both excruciatingly difficult and really easy.

I’m still wondering how long I can keep up the daily thing. Half of September, October, November…hmm

May we all continue to allow the moon’s intuitive energy guide us in our creative expression.

Leah–If you have never seen the artwork of surrealist artist REMEDIOS VARO—you should check her out–she has a couple of great paintings with moons in them–I love her work
here is one with a moon..
I hope this link works–but anyway if you google her –you do get some great images of her work
I was lucky to see an exhibit of her paintings about 8 years ago in Wash DC @ the National Museum of Women in the Arts

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