2009 – The Year to Leap

December 30th, 2008


For the past couple years, I've used Christine Kane's fabulous idea of selecting a theme word for the year. I've spent some time pondering and have chosen the word, "Leap" for 2009. I love this word! I noticed as I wrote it that if I turned the "p" upside down, I'd almost have my name there! But I didn't chose my word for that reason. I chose "leap" because in 2009, I want to be be courageous, I want to take risks and launch into my dreams. I want to leap into the unknown, to go for it! Leap as a word means many things to me, including taking action, movement, daring, and it is also playful and fun. There is an element of trust to it and the feeling of dancing with life.

Christine Kane's "Resolution Revolution" is a fabulous way to start your year with intention. Instead of listing off the regular resolutions that we try at (and often fail at) each year, we can choose a word to inspire and lead us through the year. During the month of December, Christine has been sharing stories of people, like artist, Lisa Call, who wrote about her word of the year, Courage. Be sure to check out the blog for some instant inspiration.

Earlier this year, I created a piece of art (below) with the title "Leap" and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. Prints of this piece are available here.


I drew the word "leap" last night in my sketchbook and today I played with it in Photoshop to make the image above. Here's the original (below), which I'll be putting up in my studio to remind me to keep leaping.


Have you chosen a word for 2009? I'd love to hear it. I don't usually make a list of resolutions at the New Year as I prefer to make goals as I go throughout the year. However, I do like to do some reflection around this time of year, to think back over the past 365 days, what I've accomplished and where I've struggled. I like this set of reflective questions from the "More in You" Life Leadership blog and plan to spend some time journaling on them before the year ends.

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How fun that you’re ending this leap year with 366 days to go on to another year with a big leap! I adore that word too. I was thinking “writing” would be my lead word, but that’s maybe more of my theme for the year. I need a courageous word too…

Great post with great links, thanks Leah! Thank you for everything this year!

Happy New Creative Year!

hi leah!
oh i love your word and your artwork to go with it! the word that popped into my head for me is to ENJOY!

i think i like to accomplish things and work towards goals. although i have fun, i do not know if i let myself have the experience of truly enjoying the journey. that is what i want to learn in 2009. :)

You know what else I noticed about you word – If you rotate the p 360 degrees clockwise, you get the word Lead.

That, too, is pretty cool.

In case I’m not on your list for 2009 CED, please add me.


Hi Leah!

I hope you have been enjoying the holidays. I have been using the time for some reflection and decided on my word for 2009 about a week ago. It is HEALTHY. I want everything I do to be good for my body, mind and/or soul. As someone who suffers from depression, I want this year to be the one that I break that cycle. I have already joined Leo Babauta’s (Zen Habits) The Power of Less Challenge forum. The challenge is to “create a new habit in 30 days”. My habit for January is to walk every day.

Here’s to all of us and all of our aspirations!


enjoy would be a really cool word for 2009 …

We used to do this with my coven (O how I miss my marvelous coven!) where we’d pick a word for the next year around Yule. One year I was “misbehavior” if I’m remembering correctly. Don’t actually remember how much trouble I got in that year, though. ;)

I think this year I want to get down through all the expectations and “shoulds” I’ve built up around me, and just get down to the core of things. But in a way that is the opposite of pressure and allows the sediment to settle out so the water can clear. So slowly and gently, I guess, with calmness and no sense of “having to” do anything.

I think “permission” is the word I want.

Thank you lean (and Christine) for reminding me of this tradition.

Wow I sure did mangle your name Leah; I’m sorry!

Also, your “leap” painting kind of reminds me of my Ataxia drawing, though the message is probably the exact opposite:


Thanks for the welcome, Leah!

I think I am going to pick the word CONTENT.
I looked it up…and I love all the different meanings!

A few:
~the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
~something selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation
~the state of being contented with your situation in life


Wow, what a coincidence! I also decided to forgo the regular resolutions and went with a theme for the year. I chose the theme: Live, Laugh, and Love. In whatever I do I want those three things incorporated in it.

Btw, I enjoyed the Creative Every Day and Art Every Day Month challenges! I’m so glad to be a part of them.

I LOVE words! There are too many great words for me to choose just one. So….when I make my art (my photos into postcards, my paintings on canvas, my wooden signs, my garden treasures, ALL of it has a word or words or a small story attached. My art expresses what is inside and the words just back it all up! I love your word LEAP! What a great way to start 2009!

I love the idea of one word and now I need to do some fast thinking about it. Thanks.

what a great prompt! thanks, Leah, for this…

I chose the word HARMONY. I want to be able to balance, harmonize my actions with my values. That way I’ll KNOW I’m doing what is best for me.

Hi Leah!

Thank you for all the insightful links, some I’ve never seen before so I can’t wait to look through when I have a bit more time. I had resolved a couple of weeks ago that with my theme for 2009 is going to be “Discover”..or ‘Discovery’.

I’m still finding my artistic way and I really want to discover more about myself, my strengths, my talents, my opportunities and just really push my limits in new and different ways, try new things, step outside of my comfort zone and just discover myself and the world more fully :)


Hi Leah, Your LEAP painting makes me smile, too. It’s such a cheerful piece. Thanks for sharing these links! I’ve bookmarked “More in You” and Christine Kane’s blog. I really like the idea of picking a word to guide us through the coming year. Out of the list on Christine’s blog, I’ve chosen four words that are making have good feelings internally right now as I think of them: RELEASE, HEAL, CLARITY and LISTEN. I’ll have to feel them out throughout the day tomorrow and see which one to narrow it down to.

Wishing you a beautiful, happy, peaceful New Year! And may your path be strewn with springboards to LEAP from which launch you soaring into the direction of your dreams!

Hi Leah!

I was reading Christine Kane’s blog lately as well and after reading your post, decided to start the same ritual beginning this coming year.

My word for the year is RELEASE! You can read more at my new blog (incidently, after doing the Create Everyday Month, I decided to start a new blog dedicated to my art endeavors outside Authentic Contemporary Art, so thanks for the inspiration)

Check out my new blog and Word for the Year at this link:


Peace and Blessings for the New Year and Let’s Shine in 09!!!


Hi Leah,

I love your word choice, and the artwork. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me :-)

My word for the year is “Story” – whatever happens tell it like it is…

Happy Hogmanay!

I can put my calendar up (okay I cheated, it’s been up for a week). Happy New Year to my favorite artist!

Cool theme, cool art to go with it! FUN!

What a brilliant suggestion. I already Twittered three of the usual resolutions I make every year and completely forget about. I shall think hard about my word for 2009 and then try to create a piece of art to post on my wall and in other places to remind me. Maybe even a poem too!

I wish you a year of leaping to wherever your soul wishes to take you.

Happy New Year!! I think for 2009 my word is going to be DARE!!! DARE to dream, DARE to pursue those dreams and most of all DARE to be creative!!

I’ve been camping on the word “HOPE” and had planned to start a Hope Journal, but it wouldn’t wait & started on Christmas Eve.
I think our words are sisters – you need Hope to take a Leap!
And I hope to take some leaps of my own.

Happy New Year Leah!
I really like the idea of a single word as a resolution. I’ve been thinking about a couple, but haven’t decided on anything yet. I hope you had a great Christmas!

Hi Leah,

It’s Laura from the “More In You” Life Leadership Blog. I just found your blog and link to my blog from someone who commented on my “10 questions” post. I’m so glad you’re sharing them farther and wider…thank you! I hope your readers get a lot from the reflection and insight they offer.

I’m cheating and have three words for 2009: E X P A N S I V E, S P A C I O U S, and ABUNDANT! (I have an abundance of words! Haha! Already started on that one!) :)

So glad to have found you. Happy new year!

Hi Leah…I just happened to chance upon your blog and Creative Everyday 2009 link. I, too, decided to take this challenge. My word is RELEASE…grant freedom to; to let go. If you read my blog, you’d see why this word has a tremendous amount of meaning for me.

To a wonderful 2009!

I love your word of the year and I love your painting so much it inspired me in my own. You know I can’t resist a girl in striped socks flying above the skyline.


And my word? Abundance… although I’ve been thinking of adding a verb. I do love the imperative.

Oh, can you add me to CED 2009 participants, also?

Love the girl in Leap. I wonder what her face looks like? If she’s excited without any hesitation, or if she’s biting her lip in anticipation with a shadow of nervousness…it’s almost as if she is being snatched up from above! Anyway, happy new year, Leah!

That’s a great word and one that has special meaning for you because of your painting. My word is “growth” and I feel good about it. I’m ready to grow and expand in my art.

Thanks for doing CED again this year. It helps me focus on being creative even though I usually slip up and miss a lot of days.

I seen this on a Message Board and like the idea.
The word that had popped in my head was Faith. I
went to Lani’s blog and seen Creativity and Faith.
So I thought that is the word for me.

My Mom had a stroke December 12th. They said she had
7 to 10 days. She is still here. And with my Son still
going through treatment for Cancer I am thinking Faith
is a Good Word for Me.

Faith that all will work out for our good, even if it
doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life and Health!!!

For the last 7 years it has been Patience….it has been a long journey but I am reaping the benifits and am glad to have put so much time and effort into learning how to be patient!
I am ready to move on…I am a bit obsessive and one track minded. So I think balance is the theme for this year! I woner how long I’ll have to work at this one! :o )
Glad I found your site! I look forward to interacting with ya’ll!

Actually if you turn the ‘P’ upside down you can also get “lead” which is what you are doing….leading us through a great 2009!

Check out my blog on the 4th…..I have my word for 2009….”DO”.

I love your world, “Leap”. Leaps and bounds. Yes, that’s you.
Hmmm, my word for the year? Gonna have to go with “Spin”.
Happy New year friend!!

This is a great idea!

It’s not very much fun nor is it very exciting, but I think my word for 2009 must be DISCIPLINE. I will not improve my skills if I do not practice as often as possible!

I love the idea of a word of the year. I think mine will be ‘adventure’.

Hi, I just found your blog and I am truly enjoying it.
My word for this year is Confident.

Have A Great Weekend!

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