Creative Every Day: December 15th – December 21st, 2008

December 15th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the widget below to link to a post (or posts) about your creative activities during the week of 12/15/08 - 12/21/08.

To find out more about the Creative Every Day 2008 project, click here. To sign up for Creative Every Day 2009, check out the details here and then leave a comment on this post or email me to let me know.

Happy creating!

Paint what you love, and the ideas will never stop coming. -Brian Knowles

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Hi Leah! I am so on it! I will have fun doing this with you and all your crazy talented cyber friends! Thanks for inviting me!

This week I am closing down my time here in Paris, so am taking last photos of the city where I can. The latest photos are on my photostream at Flickr:

Then back to the States for Christmas.

I finished my first ever commissioned painting.I really like it. I hope the client does. I just have to make peace with the fact that my style is not hyper realism, even when doing a portrait.
Otherwise, I am proud of the soft doll I am making my daughter for christmas, even though my fingers are sore from sewing by hand. Hopefully I’ll finish that tonight.

Posted a couple new ATC’s last week. My painting fix for the week since energy is low & time is limited.

Seasons greetings and salutations! =)

I’ve been watching this blog for a while, and I love this project concept, so awesome!

This is my first of the hopeful many posts to come, I’m looking forward to being a participant for 2009 enjoy the cute and colorful vector designs.

Hi Leah, count me in. I have the blog IMAGIK where I pot my art and a poetry blog, but I liked to my No Polar Coordinates, my master blog, from which I will try to write about my creativity and link to where it is located if not there. I do post art there regularly (and also on FLICKR.) Mary

Great work yr doing here. :-D

ai-yi-yi–I can’t type worth beans.

I POST my artwork and I LINKED to No Polar. Sorry

Hi leah

i posted about your 2009 creative everyday challenge today. i am so excited. :)

have a wonderful day!

I just posted the link for yesterday. Are we supposed to post ONCE a week? I’m still a little confused how this works.

And now a link for today. I’ve still missed some I think. I am confused about how this works. Should we put everything in ONE post for the whole week or what?

There has been too much medical trouble at my house for much art… But that seems to be improving… I love your later Christmas Card post! Fun to see what you look like, and your husband and cats (particularly your yarmulke wearer). Maybe we should do something light hearted and goofier with our card/letter this year…

Leah, thank you so much for continually hosting CED! Love the new use of Mister Linky for sharing! :) Miracles, k-

Shoveling snow and creative cooking. Phew, tired!

i’m having sooooooo much much much fun this week with my bowls and pots of glittery gems!!! hee hee!!!

i don’t enjoy the holiday-crazies so i recluse myself in my studio.

oh and here is the link for this week’s mantra monday!!!

thank you thank you leah for continuing with this beautiful daily creative challenge in the new year!!! i have so many new ideas for upcoming fun fun fun things!!! hee hee!!!

peace out

Making cards today. (Also ornaments, but haven’t photographed or scanned them yet.)

I posted one of my ornaments. It is a acrylic and ink painting of a partridge in a pear tree on a star. Note that I am psoting them to a different blog, Half-formed, because they are gifts for people who might otherwise see them on No Polar. So you have to click on the link above to see them.

Hello!! I want to join the 2009 CED challenge!! Thank you!! Suzan Buckner

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