Creative Every Day Challenge 2009

December 6th, 2008

Here is the brand spankin' new button for the Creative Every Day Challenge for 2009! I had a lot of fun making the button by playing with photoshop brushes that I downloaded from BittBox. Feel free to grab the logo for your blog. And if you're interested in joining in the fun, check out all the details about the challenge here, and then let me know you want to join in by emailing me or commenting on this post.

Be sure to let me know what blog you'd like me to list you with in the list of participants that will be kept in the sidebar. Or if you don't have a blog, (it's not required to have one to participate) let me know how you'd like to be listed. As an alternative, I can link to your flickr account, website, or simply list your name without a link.

The challenge is meant to be low-key and a means of creating community and encouraging daily creativity throughout the year. As a new touch for 2009, I will be adding optional monthly themes (optional meaning, you can use the theme as inspiration for your own creating or ignore it) and interviews with creatives. I'm super excited about 2009!

p.s. Since there a lot of comments on this post, there is more than one page of comments below. So, if you don't see your comment, just scroll down to the bottom and click the little arrow to go to the next page. Sometimes hitting the back button after commenting makes a comment appear twice. If this happens to you, don't worry! I can always delete the extras later. If you have any trouble leaving a comment here, just pop me an email (a link to my email is in the top left corner of this blog). As I get to them, I'm putting the list of participants up in the right sidebar under the CED 2008 participants. On January first, I'll remove the 2008 list and the 2009 list will be right under the CED button.

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Hi Leah! Count me in at I like the monthly theme idea – can’t wait!!


I may not have been the most prolific poster but I had a great time with AEDM – so sign me up! 2009 is going to be a crazy year I definitely need something to gently encourage me!

I’m excited to stay on board for 2009! I appreciate all you do to inspire, motivate, inform & entertain us.

I’m in, thanks for the opportunity.

This is so great! I am definitely in!

Hoping to make time for creativity more consistently after the rush of the holidays.

I’m in. Please link to I’m looking forward to it – and to the new things you are adding to the mix.

Oh, yes! I´m still on the creative train and willing to take it a step further. :D

My blog is:

Going to update my blinkies.

I’d love to join in, and I’d love to have both my blogs listed, please. I’m putting the logo on both and plan on using both in the challenge. They are:

Thanks for bringing us together like this and for your inspiration. Looking forward to staying creative every day and sharing with others. :)

I’m in! Here are my details:

Kathryn – Collage Diva

Here’s to a creative 2009!

I’m in! The url is for A Mindful Life at

I’m excited and curious as to what this will inspire next year. :)

Oops. Drop the period for the correct link:

Leah, firstly thank you for the BittBox link! Lots of goodies there.

I would like to join the 2009 adventure!

Thank you for organizing this! :)

I am so into creating everyday in 2008, this step into 2009 is just natural. Count me in too. Thanks for doing this.

OH YAY!!! yyiipppppeeee!!! i’m soooo in for ced 2009!!! thanks leah for hosting this awesome challenge, it’s such a fabulous way of connecting with other great artists!!!

and thank you for the link for bittbox… i can’t wait to explore it more and experiment!!!

hope your having a wonderful weekend!!!

YEAH! Leah, I’m so looking forward to a second year of Creative Every Day. It sounds like you some terrific plans in mind.

Here I am – same place as this year. Although I’m planning to get creative and change the look for the new year.


Yay–I’m excited for a new year of challenges! Please link me:

I was previously involved and my link is still along the side… this is me renewing my commitment to try to do something creative every day! I will be very busy with moving the next couple weeks, but i will try to keep it up. Today, my creativity was a beautiful pile of wrapped presents.

I set up a blog and wondered how to begin. I started searching blogs and WOW! what a creative community there is in the world of blogs. In the flood of blogs over the last two weeks I kept coming back here.

I haven’t even made my first post yet, but I would love to join the Creative Every Day Challenge for 2009.


I LOVE this idea and look forward to a very merry Creative 2009!! My blog is The Empty Nest at
Sandi :)

I am inspired by challenges and I very much will enjoy participating in this creative everyday challenge.

I would like to be more open in finding different ways to channel my creativity.
To stop thinking of creative as traditional artwork, and learn to enjoy the many other options open to creative expression.
Be it cooking, gardening…what have you.

Knowing these are creative anvenues doesn’t mean i stop and acknowledge fully they are.

For me, this challenge I hope will open my mind more and let me further outside that box.

thank you for the inspiration!

Hi Leah,
Even though I wasn’t the greatest at participating, or I should say posting that I participated, but I’d love to give it another shot for this coming year. Just knowing this site was here, combined with some other exercises (of the mind-lol) that I’ve been doing, has made me more aware, making sure that I do something cretive everyday, and celebrate the fact that I’ve done just that. For 2009 I want to step it up a bit and be more accountable, to myself, and this will help. Thanks for doing it again!

woo hoo! let’s start 2009 in creative mode! thanks leah for this great opportunity, count me in!

I’m so in!

Hope you are feeling better, too! Missing those daily paintings that make me shake my head and say “How does she find the TIME to do such beautiful work every dang day?”

I have been watching this challenge and the art every day challenge and would like to join this year. Please link to

I would love to join. My blog is at This should be fun!

Hi, Leah,
Making creativity a part of my every day life (instead of a special event) has been a major goal of mine so I’m in! I’ll be posting about it at Desperately Seeking Perspective (

Love the idea of themes … Woohoo! bring it on!

Count the honeybee in too! Thanks Leah. Huggles!


I like the changes you’re putting in for 2009. I’m especially interested in the interviews. I’m sure that will be inspiring. Reading about someone’s process is so stimulating! I’m in for 2009. Thanks, Leah :)

Dear all,
Please may I join you in in the 2009 Challenge?
Sorry I do not have a blog myself. But love crafts and making good friends. I live in a tiny isolated fishing cove in UK.
Very best wishes

I’m so glad you’ll all be joining in! I’ll have the list of participants up soon in the sidebar. Just testing out this new commenting system…

Of course I’m soooo in! Woohoo!

I definitely want to join CED for 2009 again. Love the new badge!! :)

Me me me! Very excited to get creative every day with you all in 2009.


I really enjoyed AEDM and would love to sign up to be part of CED 2009. I love the community effect and am very excited to see the new ideas you have in store for 2009. I’m sure they will be wonderful! Great button BTW! Thanks again!!


please list me as Carin @ Caliope’s Eye

Ooops… Sorry… I meant you can list me as just “Caliope’s Eye”

I followed along in 2008 – you know – I created but didn’t share, read but didn’t post. I am still feeling – that feeling all artists feel. *smile* Only this year I want to participate. My blog needs some life, and my art needs to be shared. Please include me

I am looking forward to the themes. I enjoy the challenge and the direction themes offer!

Happy Creating!

Love to join in and get back to being creative — blog is Changing Places, http://www/

– Donna

hi leah!
i just found your blog through my friend Mim.
I would love to join in on the fun too!

what a great blog you have and i love your art! very inspiring!


Count me in! (And thank you for hosting this project again.)

I would like to join in for 2009

I would love to join this year too! My old blog was www. but have a new blog to go with my new name and would like to use this one –

Count me in. I sent an e-mail to you privately, but didn’t see the comments option when I linked for Kathryn Petro Harper’s blog.

I was told about this project by Redondowriter, and would like to play

Yup, yup yup, count me in please!


Hi Leah
Yes Yes Yes I want to particpate in CED 2009!!! Thanks dear for hosting this wonderful challenge!!!


Hi Leah
Yes Yes Yes I want to particpate in CED 2009!!! Thanks dear for hosting this wonderful challenge!!!


I’m Misha, and I found this link today. Whoo. Count me in. I need something like this, like whoa.

My creative blog for 2009 will be: via

I would love to participate! I am Erin.

Count me in!! Thanks Leah for such a wonderful idea!

Hi Leah!
The weather here in CT is AWFUL! So, I took the day off and had a wonderful time making Valentines for my 2 sisters and my college age son. His Valentine includes a picture of a heart shaped papier mache box he made in kindergarten….and that led me to putting together a little package for his kindergarten teacher…hope she likes. Can’t post the photos of the cards yet….the recipients would see them!

Hello could you please add me to the list of participants for the challenge.

I’m glad I found this site as I need a boot up the bum to get me to finish things so this could be it.


I’d like to participate!!

Perfect! Just what I need to get motivated! I promised myself this is the year I take my art seriously & get it out there. Please add my name to the list of participants as MoonWillow Art Studio (even though my blogspot addy is just MoonWillow Studio. Thanks!)

I am excited about this. Just launched a blog focused on creativity with art/crafts and writing.

Hi Leah, please count me in – no blog, will be posting on flickr! looking forward to it, Dave.

Count me in!

hi leah,
wonderful blog you have.
Its inspiring to see many creative people’s blogs through the challenge.
I would love to join the creative journey

Hi, Leah,

I like the idea of your creative challenge for 2009.

I am going to try to participate, or at least visit for inspiration!

Thank you!

-The Great Blogbina

Please count me in! I started my blog
to document all of the ways I am creative in my life.
It so nice to have company on the journey and to be inspired by others.
Thank you for bringing creative lives together!

Join me up – please!!

I just found out about this wonderful blog! I just started my blog last month-new year’s resolution… I already challenged myself to do something creative everyday but doing one art tag
per day but this group sounds like even more fun! Is it too late to join?

Hello Leah,
What a fantastic blog. Just what I need. Can I please
Join up. I have a blog above and a website….


I would very much like to join in!

*followed Rose here* What a brilliant idea! And just what I need in these dismal wintery days…count me in!

Thought I’d add on our family blog too!!

This is awesome! I’m so inspired. I’m still learning my way around the wonderful world of social networking, so I’m not sure exactly about posting and/or how to participate! I do hope to have a blog soon! Thanks again!!

Hi, Leah. I’ve just found your blog and I love this initiative. I’ve been reading some of your posts and I’m totally inpired by your ideas. So, I’d like to participate too. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do all the challenges, but I’ll try.

Please, I prefer you put my name in the list, with a link to my blog, which are:

Renata Pacheco –

Blessings from Brazil!

Hi, Leah. I want to join in on the challenge for 2009! What a fabulous idea to promote daily creativity and fun! I just found you on Twitter and I am so glad I checked out your profile and blog. This will be amazing. Even if I don’t manage to create every single day, it will certainly help to keep art and creativity in the forefront of my awareness, which is just what I need.

Looking forward to becoming part of this.

I’m in! Thanks for the inspiration!

I’ve been in a very creative mood, lately. So, I’d like to give it a try and join in!

I want in too! I’m excited about “words” being the creative bend for the month of February. I’m getting creatively curious about in between kinds of places. You know, waiting kinds of places. Places of no longer X, but not yet Y. Betwixt and between places (love that piece of yours!).

thanks for the invitation to explore this!


Count me in :-)

Please add me and the blog to your list—I look at creativity in such broad terms that it will be interesting to zero in on what I consider *creative*. I think this is an excellent challenge and did a small post about it today. Hopefully some of the other followers will join as I know for a fact they are REALLY creative every day!

I’m sorry I discovered your blog a month late. I would love to participate. Low pressure… yeah!!! It’s been a resolution of mine to try to create everyday.

Hello, I would love to try this. I am still figuring it out tho. I joined on flickr. I am ketogah on there. Peace, Nancy

This is such a fabulous idea! (Wish I had seen it earlier), But I’d love to be involved.

I so want to play!

I’ve been doing the CED since January and am now finally getting around to posting a comment and telling you! :-) I started a blog for the poetry I’ve been writing – CED has been a very fun process so far!

I am all in for a creative year! Please list my name linked to my blog! thank you very much.

Have a most creatively wonderful day!
Rose Ann in oHIo

Hi – have joined the february one and love the March theme. Just one quetsion – where do we post the pictures – I would love to see what everyone does on the theme and I don’t know where to look.

What wonderful idea! And your blog is simply beautiful!

Hi Leah! I’d love to join in again in 2009. Can you please list my blog ~
Thanks so much! =]

Hi Leah, Thank you for running this encouragement program. Please include me in the list. :)

Hi Leah – I am a bit late but count me in! My very new blog is at


If it is not too late, I’m in, thanks!

I was just thinking about challenging myself in this way, and then I found you. It is a sign! Please count me in. Thanks.

I’d like to join please.

A friend brought this blog to my attention. If it isn’t too late, I would like to participate.

I have just found your site and I would like to participate too, if it is not too late. Thanks.

Just found your site too and would love to join.


I’m glad I found you. I remember this from last year. I’d love to participate. I need a little inspirational push right now.

I’m not certain if you received my other comment.
I think my computer may be acting up, drats…

Count me in on Creative Every Day. Thanks for hosting!

Would lik to Join creative every day 2009 thank you Martha

I would love to participate and be part of this community. Please link me as I linked Creative Everyday to my blog as well along with the button.

Looking forward to being part of this group.

I just found your site and my blog is new and I need inspiration. I would love to join. Katelen

I have started a blog to display children’s artwork and I would love to join.

Thanks you so much for being creative and coming up with this site

I am eager to become a part of the Creativer Every Day challenges. I have had my blog for less that a month and would like to challenge myself to do more.
Thanks Leah.

Hi leah,
i would be happy to join the challenge
thank you

Hi Leah,

Love to join the challenge and thanks for building such wonderful creative community for sharing and support. :)

hi leah
i would be happy to participate

Count me in! Thank you for this lovely forum and opportunity to create;-)

Peace Love & Joy~


i love this idea!

Hi there, i like this site very much and i’m happy to be a drop in the creative sea…..

Sweet greetz from Holland, Momo Luna

I would love to join in this adventure. My creativity seems to have dried up, and I’m having a serious “creativity block” that I don’t know how to snap out of. This is highly unusual for me since I consider myself pretty creative.

Count me in..I am so looking forward to this.


I would love to join in!

Hi, fab idea and creativity. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ve started my first blog for the exploration of my own creative tendencies. Please enroll me in the CEDC.


Hello! I just found you recently and would love to join up for the rest of the year. My blog is Thanks for the great inspiration!!

Beautiful site! I just found you and I would love to take part in the Creative Everyday Challenge!!

Hi – a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but I’d like to join in please! You can read all about my activities on my blog…

I would love to join in and hope I’m not to late!!!!! I stitch and do so almost everday so this challenge will inspire me !!! Great idea!!!! Thanks!

I’d love to participate – it sounds like so much fun!

Going to give this a try…

Name: House Hesson

i’d love to give this a go. count me in :)

I’m so excited to get started on the monthly challenge. i need a little extra inspiration lately! thanks!

HI Leah (great name btw!;)
Its now day 3 (so far so good) and I’m officially signing up.Yay!
Thank you for all you wonderful creative goodness!!

i would love to give this a shot!

Just started my first artblog, “The Adventous Art Teacher”
I’m looking forward to the monthly challenge.

I would like to join in the ced nature challenge. How would one submit photos? Or do they have to look at my blog.

Hello! Would love to join in the fun – sign me up please!

Hi Leah:

What an inspiring idea and wonderful blog you have.
I’m on need of inspiration after a block I got when I sold my business.
I love to make jewelry and taking pictures.
Please would you add me to your challenge?


Yippeeeeee! I’m so excited about this project!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone’s doing!

Thanks for doing this!


I would love to join in !! I like this idea as there is definately more creative motivation in the group !!

Better late than never!

This sounds like fun! I’m a bit overbooked, but would like to see if I can fit it in. I also quilt, create lots of small art, and have done many paintings in the past. I also love to draw, and combine stamping with drawing.

great idea!!

I just came across this challenge through blog catalog. I would love to participate.
Thanks for inspiring us to continue on our creative journey.

I adore this idea and am already doing it, so yes, please sign me up asap. I’ll put the icon on my blog, the fragrant muse!

Your site is beautiful. I am loving spending time here. Please sign me up for the challenge. Thank you!

Oh yeah, I’m late but in. Thanks!

Please sign me up for this challenge! I so need a creative kick in the rear!! ;-)

I would love to join this challenge! I think this will keep me more focused with a theme to do during the month. Thank you Dayna Collins for pointing me in this direction!

Hello Lovely Leah!

I’d love to be listed on the rightside of your blog on the drop-down menu! That is very wonderful of you!

Could I be listed as ‘Life Breathing’ with a link to the blog.

THANK YOU! You are fabulous and inspiring. Your blog was the inspiration for all the work I’ve been up to the last 6 months!


I read about your website in a magazine yesterday (Artful Blogging, I want to say.) Anyway, I am definitely going to try and do this one. I feel as if I’ve been sitting stagnant for much too long.

Hi Leah,

I just came across your blog and find this an amazing site. I would like to be added to the challenge.

Thanks so much,

Hi Leah,

I found you through Arlene at Spirit Essence Art Blog. This will suit me to a tee! Thank you very much for creating this challenge.

I’ve been so busy building my website, I’ve neglected my favorite hobby (pencil drawing). This challenge will give me a nudge in all the right directions. Thanks Leah.

I keep a daily journal so it’s going to be fun to note what my daily creative indulgence was. I’ll keep you posted!


Hi…how fun ..put me on the list!!

Hello Leah,
I’m going to sign up to do the piece on the theme of sound.. let me know what you’d like me to do. I’d love to be involved in all of this whenever I can! :)

Lots of Love,
your favorite Phoenix

I would really love to join in!

I am so excited to join in the fun. I’m up for the challenges.

Wonderful idea! I’m adding your button. I’m not so much a visual artist, but I am a writer and musician, so I’d love to join in from that perspective. Thanks! :)

I’ve added your button to my blog, I’m a writer and singer living in Mexico.

count me in!

I am soooooooooooooooo in. Love your site. I too am trying to inspire and encourage us all to live the Kre8ive Life- the life we were meant to live…Can wait to be apart of it

Being creative everyday is a way of life, isn’t it? I think I’ll join the fun.

Hello Leah,
have been absent from art and creating of late but am totally inspired by your art prompt, self portraits! Used some music for inspiration since I missed the sound prompt last month, was too ill and miserable, but in hind sight think I should of at least used music to infuse some muse juice, hehehe, but feeling much better and at the ready!

I want to try! Thanks for all the work you do here to encourage and inspire!

I am so in! I absolutely love this idea. I’m taking art classes right now, 5 days a week from 8-2. I’m also a musician. :D

I write major part of the year .. almost thrice a week ! and thrice a year i might draw and sketch too .. It might be too late considering its July… But can i join for 2009 ?

I’m up & running (or I should say collaging) for the challenge!
Count me in!

I am so glad to have found you. I really need this, I am going to try to at least participate and make something three times a week so that I don’t feel overwhelmed at first. Off to put the logo badge on my blog. Glenda

I’m new to the blogging world and would love to be a part of the challenge! :)

oh i so need this! i’ll probably be posting mostly on flickr:
thank you for this!!!


Dear Leah,
Thanks for your great monthly theme. I created digitally again in my blog. Like I wrote before it’s hard for me to create physically in 3D – hence the digitally created graphics. Hope that qualifies for CED :0)
Thank you for viewing!


I don’t have a blog yet, and I’m coming in a little late in the year, but I’m really looking forward to participating. It will encourage me to get a blog going, which in and of itself is a worthy creative endeavor…
PS I’ll post back once the blog and my site are up and running!

Found you in Artful Blogging.I’ve never participated in any thing like this before,sounds like fun.
My blog is:
It’s about me and my dog Bailey on our walks together. Recently I have been adding some of my projects.I create jewelry but am finding new interests.I just want to create.



I would love to join the creative challenge! Like Tammy, I learned about you in Artful Blogging and am a newbie. I am pretty technically unsavvy and it took me a couple weeks to put a blog together. The URL is Thanks so much!

I would love to join the fun and I am excited about the theme for August…Move.

Marisa at:

Can I join so late in the game? Leah, I love your site and your artwork. Your work in Artful Blogging caught my eye so I bought the copy and read the article which led me to your blog which in turn led me to Jamie Ridler’s TNC. At the time CED seemed a little daunting but wrecking a journal seemed plausible. Now after all the wrecking I feel a little more up to the challenge. I will be travelling a great deal in August which is when I always seem to fall of my creative path so this is very timely for me! Thanks!

Hi! I would love to join in!

I would love to join this project. I recently began keeping an art journal. My goal is to create in this journal everyday. I would love to have the opportunity to join you.

Love to join you for this months’theme MOVEMENT, am in the mood to get going, to move, to energise the body, thank you for the prompt, such a lovely idea. Angie ox:)

Love to join you too. I want to be creative person who can share the creativity with another. Thanks

I’d love to join you …my blog is

Is it too late? I just found your site (Linked from Fiber Artysta)

Count me in- I love the idea of monthly themes – it will help with my motivation

Please let me play!!

Please add me in. Found you through a magazine and happy to have found you.

Love it! I do love a challenge. Looking forward to the ideas for September. Sign me up!

Oops, the url should have read:


I found your site from Elizabeth Harper’s Website “Gifts Of The Journey”. I would like to be creative on a regular basis, mainly writing. I want to take up the challenge, knowing that it is low pressure, one for creative inspiration rather than “hurry up and compete”. Thanks! Judy

I’m enjoying the them of “move” this month, it’s got me into action. I’ve just posted a pic of the painting I did for the recent August New Moon. It’s very simple and the idea was to release our house for sale to a new owner in line with New Moon energies. We already have an offer which is close to our asking price, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

I’m also going to make you all drool with envy (well, maybe, depending on your tastes) as I’m travelling to Melbourne tomorrow to see the Salvador Dali art exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. I’ve loved Dali’s work since I saw it either at the National or Tate galleries when I worked in London in the early ’70s. So I was thrilled when it was announced that the Dali exhibition was going ahead this winter.

Leah, thank you for creating . . . and for giving us a forum to create!

Hey Leah! Please add me to this group.

Hey there Leah!

I was sent to ur page just recently and hope ya can still count me in!!! I doodle and post aaalmost daily and def would like to share with everyone else on here!

Thanks and take care!

Hi Leah, count me in for the September’s Inspiration challenge pls. My sources for inspiration are extensive… formations, books, other artists work, my garden, thunder storms, the baby skunk who visits to steal the feral cats food, colour combinations. However, getting all these ideas onto canvas or fabric becomes difficult, because I get so overloaded I can’t decide where to start. So my Inspiration challenge goal is to practice focusing on just one inspiration at a time and dealing with it in some way. Wish me luck!!

Thanks, I’m in!

What a wonderful idea! Please add me to the list of participants!

I would LOVE to be a part of this fabulous project. I linked you!

I hope I’m not too late – I NEED to be part of this project!

Beginning this month (September) I want to take part in this- I found you through Amanda Jolley’s blog. And I am very glad I did. VERy cool! I have been in a funk, exaustion, depression, really and put away my supplies except for digital work. Last week I dragged them all back out again and bought some new watercolors. So I am charged up to find this challenge and your blog!!!

Hi, Add me in. I love this idea and this past month I’ve been living up to the concept by holding a Full Moon painting session for my friends to let go of stuff they no longer need and an art project of my own to coincide with Pluto leaving its retrograde position and turning direct. This site really inspires me to recognise creativity in all its forms every day, even if I’m feeling stonkered by fibromyalgia. It lifts me spirits and I’m truly thankful.

Love your artwork and this inspiring blog. I too have been pondering about the topic of inspiration and so fitting it is the theme for September! Please add my blog:


Sign me up! This is a great idea – thank you for coming up with this. It is always a treat to meet and see other creative people inspiring other creatives! :)

Please sign me up! I used your theme of October, “Connect” to do my first ever art journal page.
I was looking at different blogs, wondering where to start, and “Connect” was the right thing to begin with. I hope to develop my art-journaling skills by doing challenges like this.

Hi Leah,

Amazing what I run into just going from blog to blog. My focus these days is the growing conviction that creativity is the cure to compulsive eating.

Count me in on the Challenge!!


I would love to consciously add more creativity into my life. I guess I’m joining this kind of late but I’m so glad you had this idea and it seems the right month (inspiration) for me to join!


This is my new URL and Blog Name *Magical Expression.* I USED to have the blog *Morning Pages* in which is now gone.

This is my NEW URL


¿Nadie habla español por aquí?

Well, please, excuse my English (Shakespeare, forgive me! …)

I think it’s a very interesting initiative: trying to be creative every day… And in September: “Inspiration” (1% fantasy and 99% perspiration, no?).

Well, my first “inspiration” has been adapted a bit of a my comic of … 25 years ago! (yes, I am a bit old, yes … only 49,857 years old)


Hello Leah, I’ve been “lurking” for a while but would like to participate occasionally……sign me up! I have a goal of just being in touch with something creative that takes the everyday pressure off some, and I have many interests! Right now, I do not have a personal blog but well, there’s another goal. :) Have a wonderful month everyone!

Count me in this month as well. First post up already.

Hi Leah, I try again, i would like to joint with you in CED Challenge.




I left my post in the wrong spot, sorry!

I’d love to join!!!

I’m going to join in on Art Every Day Month too :)


Not sure how this works, but I love creating, from jewelry to mixed-media art… so please let me join in : )

Hi Leah! I’d love to join! It is perfect timing for me. Next week I’m installing an installation, PIECES PUT TOGETHER blogged & social networked. Here’s more info
This will add another dimension to the exhibit!

Hi, Leah! i’ve been to your blog a few times….and am ready to play along in the challenge….please count me in?

Thank you!

I’m a clay artist and have appreciated so much your CED posts to keep me on track. Loved the photos…your wedding looked magical and the really original cake was “fabu-lishes.” The theme “connect” seems to fit what my current passion and obsession is with my creations. I am drawn to words and love passing along a message with my pottery by inscribing one word or a quote to inspire someone else. I’ve been keeping up with Goddess Leonie and her soul inspiring gift for words and would love to win the meditation gift you are offering.

Hi! I’m psyched to join this growing group of daily artists. Thanks for what you do! –Sarah

I would like to join but hope i can keep up!!!

Sign me up! lol this is great fun!

I’m so into this idea. Please add me!

I know we discussed it via email, but I just wanted to confirm that I am officially in this year. :-)

My muse definitely needs some help. Please sign me up. Thanks so much.

Oh count me in! Better late than never right? Perhaps this is gonn abe a good way to get me motivated and keep me there!! Thanks for doing this!

Count me in too please…..thanks so much

I would love to join you Leah, please count me in! You work so hard to make this possible but im sure you get a huge kick when you see all the response you get…I love love loved reading your blog and seeing soooo many fantastic projects. Keep up the good work!
Best regards

Better late than never…I’d love to be included! I love the premise and will continue it in to the new year! Love your blog!

I would love to be apart of create every day. Thanks!

hello leah
is it ok to be part for december, i would love it, it is veru helpfull your proposal
i like your idears

Hey Leah – I may have already signed up …. but if not, please sign me up now! Loved aedm! Thanks for all your inspiration!

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