If the Moon Came to Dinner

December 2nd, 2008


I had the idea for this one when I saw the Inspire Me Thursday theme for this week, "table." I started it yesterday by using fluid acrylics on watercolor paper that was wet. I painted over it with acrylics and a bit of ink. It makes me smile. I'm calling it, "If the Moon Came to Dinner." and it's about 9"x12".

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about AEDM and CED! After I read a bunch of your comments last night, I sat down with my sketchbook and started writing and sketching ideas for the coming year. I'm very excited about using a monthly theme and doing interviews with creative people. If you have any ideas of people you'd like to see interviewed about their relationship with creativity, let me know!

My calendar is nearly ready to go! I got a preview copy today and I'm loving it! I'll post more about them and how to purchase one tomorrow.

I've got a cold, blah! It's time for some soup!

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did i mention i want a calendar? i’m not off work until 9pm. i may just fall into bed. but please save me a calendar until i come up for air this weekend. pretty please with sugar on top!

I really LOVE that sky! Beautiful

Oh Leah, this just called to me! It is so creative and so beautiful!!!

I like the idea of a monthly theme and look forward to what you come up with.

What a really nice watercolor. Love it and the title you gave it, too. Very comforting to look at. Sincerely, Connie

Lovely piece! I like this whole series VERY much. I’m looking at the moon differently lately, as a result. Like a person or a pet…

Leah! It’s beautiful. And your calendar is amazing! xo

I love the sky in this photo Leah. I wish we all made some time in the evenings to look up at the sky and experience its vastness!

wow. oh wow. oh wow. absolutely lovely. i’m inspired…ready to get going again tomorrow! thanks!

What a wonderful painting – and your calendar is fantastic, what a great idea. Looking forward to hearing more about CED for 2009.

this piece is BEAUTIFUL! i am a huge fan of the moon as a subject and this is one of my all time favs. it’s been a while since i’ve worked with old moon and you have inspired me to get start something new. great job.

I love all the moon paintings you’ve been doing lately!

I really like the juxtaposition of your hard edged diner against the more ethereal sky. Beautiful.

your moon series is incredible. i love the thought of the moon coming to dinner. i would make her a lovely spicy pot of curried couscous with apples, raisins, onions, mushrooms, lots of garlic.

I really enjoy reading your blog and have been led to other wonderful places through your links. Today I realized how much I appreciate your describing the process and media that you use in your work/play – it opens my eyes to the possibilities and answers questions of “how do you use this stuff?” when I’m browsing in the art supply store. So, thanks.

Leah, this is beautiful! I love the idea and the colors. Very creative!

I love these moon paintings. They are fabulous and inspiring. hope you are feeling better. I am looking forward to participating in more of your challenges.

oh wow wow wow!!! i am sooooooo loving this one, such a beautiful intimate relationship with the moon. beautiful work!!! i am super loving your moon series, so very magical!

i’ve got a cold too and it ain’t going away!!! blargh!!!

this is so lovely, leah…the sky is wonderful, as others have said and your imagination seems to have no bounds!

blessings to you and be well!

Beautiful, evocative, inspiriting. YAY! I like this.

If the moon came to dinner, I would serve her fresh cream.
I would decorate the table with some stars, and a dream.
We would drink up the darkness, we would laugh until dawn,
I would wear her lovely shawl of clouds, after she was gone.

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