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December 3rd, 2008

Ugh. I haven't had a nasty cold in so long and oh boy, it sure does make you appreciate your health and general well-being when you feel like mud!

I'm currently in bed, but I just sent out my art website monthly newsletter to announce my calendar (see yesterday's post) and I've also added the calendar to my website here, so I feel like I did some good work today.

And I've got a build up of cool links to share, so here we go!

O.k., that'll do for now. Hope you are all well!

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Hope you feel better. Thanks for the inspiring links.

Feel better, sweet girl. You definitely accomplished a lot while feeling yucky. xo

Your calendar is beautiful! Feel better soon :)

Get well soon! Thanks for the links – I look forward to exploring them.

Get Well soon…Thanks for everything this year!

I hope you feel better soon :( Thanks for all the fun links in your blog, lots of new stuff to look through! Beautiful calender, too, you should very proud of yourself!

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