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December 19th, 2008

It can make you crazy, inspire you, and overwhelm you at times. It can connect you with wonderful people from all over the world. It can give you energy. And it can suck you in for hours. It can help you run your business. It can give you that spark you needed to keep going. It can help you find that perfect gift. It can teach you things. It can help you procrastinate. It can make you laugh out loud. It can make you cry. Every day it seems I'm inspired by some new story of wonder that the internet has helped create. Shayla sent me a link to this youtube video and I just had to share. It exemplifies just the sort of wild and wondrous ways that the online world can bring people together. You can find out more about the artist on her blog, here.

I'm looking forward to sharing a wonderful year of creating together online in 2009!

I've been totally absorbed by a painting the past few days, but I think it's finished and I'll be able to share this weekend. I enjoyed painting today while the snow came down. Even though I started this painting about a week ago, it has a snow/winter theme to it. So it felt so fun and timely to be finishing it up today in the midst of a New England snowstorm. The snow is rather pretty while I'm here inside. Not looking forward to driving in it, but for now, that's not a concern. The cozy kitties, hubster, and I are enjoying a quiet evening. I hope you are all safe and warm and that you have a wonderfully creative weekend!

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I so share your sentiments about our beloved internet…sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my life away with my dedication to putting myself out there through it, and other times, I think the connections I have made are some of the best things that have happened to me in quite a few years.

The good out weighs the bad though, so far ! I have definitely made more connections to more souls through my words than I have in person in a long time. My goal for 2009 is to translate some of those connections into the “physical” reality of my life ! That and to get moving away from this screen more – my butt and back need a better workout than sitting on a chair for a couple of hours a day!!!

The storm was lovely to watch from behind windows in my cozy house yesterday too ! My paint brush was the tube of decorative icing and my canvas, little gingerbread men and women !

Stay cozy in this Winter season and may the holidays be full of moments that make your Soul hum !
Love Kim

Just watched the video about amy and her 18 things. I had seen it before, a few months back. I watched the whole thing with tears streaming down my fast at how very, very lovely we can be…

Then I thought about how blessed I am to be part of a world where we can share such beauty every single day (and I do !)! Ah, internet, thou are’t truly lovely !

Thank you for sharing this lovely video. The snow is flying this morning and I’m cozy in my little tree house sipping coffee. I am so touched by this video and inspired to continue creating and connecting. I look forward to seeing your latest painting.

Thank you for sharing the film…Amy is truly an inspiration for bringing peace and happiness to people in such a creative way!

Your wonderful, beautiful calendar arrived and I love it! Thank you!!! And thank you also for the special addition on my birthday!!! It is a very beautiful calendar…my favorite in years!

We seem to have missed this storm that is so widespread…we got our dump of 35cms a little over a week ago…and maybe more tomorrow…I love the snow, but worry about people out driving at the same time…

I got a kick out of your combined holiday wishes card too!
Hope you have a wonderous and peaceful holiday time with friends and family…

Thsi video made me tear with glee. Thank you Leah :) May you, your “hubster” and your furry friends have a restful and safe holiday :)

I absolutely loved this video! Thanks so much for sharing. It made me wish I could have been there for 08/08/08.

So what are you submitting for the feature film??

cool. Love the combination of energy when people join together.

Some good observations there. It’s true, the internet is not just time wasting. Glad you liked the video :)

I hadn’t seen this before. As I watched it, I found I was crying. Streaming tears sort of crying. Why? Not sure. I guess because one person could have a wacky vague idea and so many others, strangers, would be willing to show up and play along. I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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