A Long Rambling Post about Interviews, Play, Money and Being Carded

January 27th, 2009

Today, the lovely Sarah J. Bray of S.Joy Studios has interviewed me for her fabulous new blog, MaTweeps, where she features cool people (tweeps) who use Twitter! I jumped into the Twitter fray fairly recently and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. You can see my MaTweeps interview with Sarah here and if you use Twitter, feel free to follow me where I go by @leah_art.

In her interview, Sarah called me an artist and creativity consultant, which totally tickled me. Now there's a label I can have some fun with! :-)

It just so happens that this is a week full of interviews! On Friday my 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women interview with Jamie will be up and Sunday at 11 am EST I'll be on blogtalk radio with the ever so sweet, Connie of Dirty Footprints!

Here's what I've been up to creatively:

This is the latest stage of my work-in-progress painting, which I'm calling "Listening" at the moment. More layers of paint, some waves at the bottom. It's coming along, slowly. I've been playing with a self-leveling gel which is fun, but a bit hard to capture in a photograph. I'm not sure where the next step is in this piece, so I'm going to continue to play with it and see what comes.


I've also been playing with my ideas of money. (So much to play with!! Seriously, I think I could spend the whole year with play as my focus!) I'm currently taking a class with the amazing Havi Brooks. I was on a call a couple days ago where the focus was on shifting your perception of money. It was suggested that we think of how we define money, the good and bad ways, and then try to find an idea or image that combines the two.

I wrote out some of my feelings about money: how it's something I want to hold on to, how it can be used for wonderful things, how it's scary, how it represents growth, how it's an energetic exchange. But an image wasn't coming to mind. Actually, the only image that came to mind was that of a sort of "money monster," but that wasn't quite right. So, I decided to sit down, write out some of the words, and then just start to draw to see what might come up. First I drew the scarier image on the left hand page. It ended up being a sort of "money monster tree" with tentacles that attached all octopus-like in my hair. And it was over me like a heavy, huge burden.


Then as I imagined how my more positive associations with money might tie into this tree image, I drew a different sort of tree, one that is light, resilient, growing, and energetically positive. It's fun to play with beliefs and perceptions through art and I highly recommend it to anyone feeling called to do so!

And since I'm rambling on and on, here's a funny story to close out this post. This morning, I heard a knock at the door. There was a delivery man with a package for the hubster that needed to be signed for. I told him the delivery was for my husband and I could sign for it. I put my hand out to sign, but he didn't move. He was giving me the strangest look, like he didn't believe me. I thought maybe he was thinking I wasn't married to my husband, like maybe I was a sneaky roommate trying to sign for his stuff, so I went in to get an id (and realized that I couldn't find my license anywhere. Doh!) I grabbed a bank card that had my married name on it, showed it to him, and then he finally hit me with his real concern,

"Are you over 21? Because you don't look it."

Oh! So, I laughed and told him that I was definitely over 21 (I'm 32) and then he let me sign for the package. Of course, I love being mistaken for 21 at this point. The only time I hated it was as a teenager when everyone thought my younger siblings were older than me. The most humiliating experience was when my parents took me out to celebrate the fact that I was going off to college that week and everyone (including my younger brother) was given an adult menu and they asked if I wanted a kid's menu. Ouch. Heh. I can laugh about it now! :-) And I found my license this evening too. Phew! So all is well. Next time I get carded, I'll be prepared.

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Wow. What an interesting, chock full post. I am going to have to think about this one. I think I need to do that exercise. Enough with the money issues already, you know?

I have to chuckle at your story about always looking younger than you are… People always thought my younger sister looked older than me… and they still do… not good for her but good for me…

What a great money exercise and great sketches and painting! I haven’t been carded for a good few years, which is a good thing as I never carry any ID!

um i wish i was still carded… although i’m never in a situation to get carded anymore really, but that would be nice! i love your work-in-progress. tress are my favorite thing to paint, almost all of my paintings and drawing last year had trees in them. :) i wish i could listen to your blog talk radio interview, but i can’t get it to work where i live. :(
i am now inspired to play with with beliefs through my art though… :)

It has been a long time since I have been “carded” …but then again I don’t doing anything where I would need to be…yawn!

Anyway, I am finally ready after catching up from holidays and travel to get going on Creative Every Day 2009 and will go to your other post about it now!

This painting is another “Leah” for sure. You sure do have a knack for originality!

I really love “Listening”! I delight in the colors and the little details like the musical notes and umbrellas! It’s fascinating seeing it develop!

Carded huh? I remember that :) I look younger than my age. But carded days are long past. Which is okay. I can breeze through while others hunt for ID! :)

“It’s fun to play with beliefs and perceptions through art and I highly recommend it to anyone feeling called to do so!” Perfect! Will have to play with this one, definitely.

Playing with the money theme or any topic that we struggle with is a great idea. I’m finally at a point with money that I don’t feel badly about it. I guess it is because I’m now debt free. It took some discipline and a commitment but I reached that goal. Now I’m looking that the next phase of the money thang. I feel healthier as a result. I think I’ll reflect more on this topic. It is a great one for the art journal.

I look forward to all of your interviews!

You don’t need to be married to sign for a package. You need to be in the house it is addressed to. And then they have your name so if the person whose package it is reports that they didn’t receive it they can go “Jane Smith signed for it on this date.” and it is not their concern. The person it was addressed to has to find Jane Smith and figure out where she put the package. But yeah, it has to be an adult. V. funny.

“Creativity Consultant” that is the perfect description for you!!! (along with uber talented artist, ofcourse!)

That’s a cool painting! I just noticed the figure in the center underneath the big tree. Hope you’ll tell us more about the concept in this piece when it’s done.

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Funny story! I always get the opposite. People always tell me I act older than I look.

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