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January 7th, 2009

A few people have asked me about the calendars of my artwork that I put up for sale last month. I only printed a limited amount and they sold out fairly quickly. I wasn't planning to print another run, but if there are enough people interested, I will print another small batch. Check out details about the calendar here and if you're interested in purchasing one, email me at leah0776 at gmail dot com.

Front of calendar snapshot

And I've got some other fun news to share!

Looking for some help:

  • In the future, I'd love to transfer my blog (which is run on Typepad) to Wordpress, mainly because I love the wonderful templates out there and also because I'd like the flexibility to expand this site in new ways. If anyone has any experience with this process, I'd love to hear your tips/suggestions and I'd also be open to any help with the process. Thank you in advance!

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It just so happens that Wordpress is one of my specialties. =) (I’m a web designer/developer by day.)

lovely calendar Leah…

Get a calendar everyone… i did and it is gorgeous!

I saw your name in the line up for the Jamie’s book group and said, “hey, I know her.” I can’t wait to hear your interview!

I’m looking forward to your interview:)


I plan to doe Creative every day again this year so please ad me to your list. Thanks for doing this again.


Hi Leah,

I transferred my blog from a Blogspot to a self-hosted Wordpress blog recently. I’m no expert on Wordpress, but feel free to ask!


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