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January 31st, 2009

So, in the last interview of this week of interviews, tomorrow I'll be chatting with Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio on her brand-spankin-new blogtalk radio program. We'll be on at 11 am EST and you can listen in live, chat during the call, call in with questions, or listen to it later right here! Connie has a wonderful spirit and I'm really looking forward to our chat tomorrow. We may even talk about our mutual love for silly socks! And as a special bonus, you'll get to hear the radio lady with the British accent say, "Blogtalk radio." Heh.

I'm about to dive into some painting and play, but before I do, I want to share some linkaroos with yous:

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I just set the “reminder clock” so I can hear you. How fun! I may just have to call in!!!!

Oh my God, Remedios Varo, I LOVE her stuff. “Spiral Transit” is I think one of my favorite paintings ever. That and “Bacchanalian Scene” by Richard Dadd.

Thanks for being so inspiring and lovely! And for visiting my blog and posting a comment!

Good morning!

Recently I discovered this CED-challenge and I would very much like to participate, I like the initiative very much.
How does is work, do I get a kind of confirmation?
Hope to receive your reaction soon,

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Regina, St. Maarten DWI

BRAVO! GREAT INTERVIEW! Loved the “Crazy socks” comment you just made!!!

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