Creative Every Day: January 1st – January 4th, 2009

January 1st, 2009

Ced2009 Welcome, Creative Every Day 2009 participants! First of all, Happy New Year!! I wish you all a beautiful and creative New Year in 2009!

Normally, I have these CED posts every Monday, but since the New Year is starting on a Thursday, I've created this post to run you through til the first Monday of the month.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the widget below to link to a post (or posts) about your creative activities during the days of 1/1/08 - 1/4/09.

To find out more about Creative Every Day 2009, check out the details here and then if you want to sign up, leave a comment on this post or email me to let me know (a link to my email is in the upper left sidebar.)

The totally optional theme for January is Play! I'll be posting about this theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the theme here.

Happy Creating!!

Conditions for creativity are: to be puzzled; to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self. --Erich Fromm

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Happy New Year, Leah! Here’s to a creative 2009!

I’m really looking forward to participating. I have already done my first creative thing – check it out on my blog (and it was before I knew the theme for this month was “play”.

Happy New Year to all! I got a bit of a head start on Jan. and posted a couple of new things – a spiral quilt block and an EQ6 quilt design. I am very much looking forward to participating in this and seeing what everyone else is working on through the year.

The day before New Years–I kicked it into high gear by having an Art Play night with some local creative pals, check out my link :)

I have several creative goals for the new year, and look forward to learning new things, meeting new friends, and creating every day. I’m in!

I would like to participate – One goal already is to draw 15 minutes everyday – bought a sketchbook yesterday…

Happy New Year Leah!

I created this New Year’s card from one of my pug paintings and a little work in photoshop. :)

Happy New Year everyone!


Hi! I would love to join! This is a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to see what everyone does!

Happy New Year Leah!

This is such a wonderful idea. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to the inspiration from this challenge!

Good Morning Leah! I’m glad I found you on Twitter yesterday! This morning I’m thinking about what direction to start in. So, I’m happy that the theme this month is Play. I’ve started a daily journal to keep track of what I am actually doing each day, then next month I can start figuring out a creative work plan. You can find me on Twitter at

Hi Leah.
I would like to be a part of CED 2009. I decided that my word for 2009 is exploration!

I’m all ready to go. I also chose a word for the year – curiosity. Last year my word was freedom. I’ve posted about both on my blog and am looking forward to the challenge ahead.

My first creative act was to list possibilities for creative acts during 2009!

*happy new year!!!*

i wish for you leah a year full of magic and inspiration!!! yay yay yay!!!


Leah I thank you for giving me and others the opportunity to join in. At my blog I wrote about this challenge and about what ‘being creative’ means.

Thank U for doing this!

I am totally excited about joining in Creative everyday this year! count me in!

Happy New Year, all. Here we go.

I posted some work I did today, AND a painting that needs to be visible to the group for me to get it done, I think…

happy happy new year!

Hi Leah – happy first day! I love the little fill in the box widget thingy you have for this. It makes it all so easy. You’re and angel! If play it is, then there’s going to be a lot of crayons in my life this month. =]

Happy new year! Thanks so much for hosting this great project again. I’m a little last minute but have chosen to participate again this year. Can you add me to the list? The creative log is great and I might go pick up a weekly calendar while they’re still on sale.

whee! if anyone uses one of these tablet things and has any sage advice i’d love to hear it! glad to join you all :)

Happy New Year, Leah.

My first page is very much about working, but I have never felt that work and play are mutually exclusive anyway.

Happy New Year All. I am excited to participate in this year long challenge of inspiration and creativity. Today I posted a blog about my wisdom thoughts for my 2009 creative process. Visit

Very much enjoying this challenge already. :)

Phew! It was a bundle of a day, all crammed into one and a half hours. Great! Very inspired! And nice to see so many of us on the ball.

Hi Leah and All…
I’m looking forward to being a part of Creative Every Day! :)

happy new year! here’s to playing
here is my link to my Creative everyday 2009 I am very excited to particpate

Happy Creative New Year!

Oh, yes, I want to play

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Hi! i’d love to participate, this is just what I need to get my creative juices flowing again!

I just uploaded one of my videos to youtube. Check it out if you get a chance.

Leah…I am new to the blog world. I look forward to participating and sharing creations!


I’m playing with buttons, beads and fabric. It’s great fun.

I love this idea and look forward to participating. Thank you!

This is my second post and comment here. I think this is the right thing to do.

I so appreciate you and your incentive plan.


I’m participating and I have put needle and thread to fabric; aida to be exact! Right now I am doing cross stitch and documenting it on my blog…gotta get the picture off my frame because I have another one that I am so looking forward to do. What I really like about this challenge is being creative everyday because I really need to balance my life outside of work! I like my job but I am tired of giving my WHOLE life to it. I want to spend time outside of work on me!

I love reading everyone’s blogs and I hope that I will get to comment on everyone’s blog at some point during the year! That would be creative too!….Goals, goals, goals…if we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be creative!

Thanks for this….I’m looking forward to our journey together!

Happy New Year!

It is great to see so many people starting 2009 with the focus on being so creative! I’ll have a hard time keeping up with everyone but I will have fun visiting some folks here and there.

Hi Leah – Well, now that I’ve read the description of CED, I most certainly want to participate. Although I don’t produce a tangible product every day, my days are full of creative endeavors that come in all forms. Eventually they lead to a painting or some kind of art. And the January “Play” theme is a great way to start loosening up and just going with the flow! Since I’ve chosen “Reach” as one of my words (I couldn’t just pick one word, so I picked two – you can read why here:, this is one wonderful way for me to reach out and reach beyond! Thanks, dear, for your beautiful inspiration:) xox – Carla

Happy New Year – I’m so glad I joined your “venture” it makes me more aware of actually doing something instead of just making plans for it. I have already played with my camera, painted a picture, and made it through day 3 in my art journal…

I’m taking the plunge into CED2009! Yipee! Please link as that will be where I post my art. I’m so excited…

Started and stopped this last year so going to have another attempt this year I am planning to atke a photgraph every day and have soemother things I want to do so hopefully I will be able to do something creative every day

Since launch day I’ve happily tidied my art space, revised my artist’s statement, journalled on my resolution revolution word and begun to feel like doing something creative everyday is going to happen

That’s been a great theme to work with Leah. Having lots of fun!

me again!!! hee hee!!! i posted last evening another challenge that i am participating in – 101 things in 1001 days!!! i am sooooo excited to be starting this journey!!! so much creative energy is emanating from this list, sooooo much fun fun fun!!!

hope your had a fabulous new year leah!!!
peace and love

Hello all fellow EVERY DAYers!!
Cool to be told of this network today.

For the 50th Anniversary year of the birth of Butoh Dance in Japan —I committed to make at least one butoh dance performance each day of 2009 and post it on the YouTube channel called YearOfButoh.
It can be seen daily at

I also am the founder of an international network of butoh enthusiasts at

Let me know how I can continue to connect and post through/with this great network. Thank you Leah for keeping all these creative juices flowing!!
Be well and Dance Freely and Daily, MoMo

Hi! I would like to try into this creativity-challenge. Thanks!

I haven’t done anything with the February theme yet, but I did post some Valentine postcards that I made on my blog. I also got a puppy so haven’t had a chance to do much creating since he arrived a week ago! I’m sure I will be incorporating him into some art in the near future!

I’m so excited to find you and find this blog! Thank you for hosting this challenge – can’t wait to check out everyone’s work!

Hi all, this is my first entry for CED… I am very excited to join the fun and this is my “Word” entry for this month. . just a few words that mean a great deal to me. Blessings to everyone!

I am a little late into the year, but I am really looking forward to joining this challenge. I try to be creative every day, hopefully this will motivate me even more.

Hi Leah, I found this via @havi on Twitter and although i never sign up for something like this (because typically it feels like just one more thing to do) your post on creating from your dreams resonated, as did your art, as well as Havi being a fan – well it just all makes sense. And it’s a great way to share, inspire, and keep creating. Seems timely since today I’m taking down an art show that ran for a month (posted on flickr: ) and am ready for much more! Thank you.

I’m late, but I’m in.

Hi, Leah


You’ve really started something :)

Ever since joining CED I’m like a slave discovering the underground railroad.
Maybe that sounds like an odd analogy ? Here’s the thing :
PEACE has alluded me for too long.
Finding the FREEDOM to create art hasn’t been very successful-Always something ‘ better ‘ to do….like cleaning the house :( …..running errands….etc;
Finding YOU, and then all of the other artists, has given new meaning and purpose to my life.
Now I know it’s possible to be FREE from , ” you should be doing this or that, but not the art because that’s not ‘ real ‘ work.
When I’m working on an art project f/ the CED challenge I’m feeling peaceful and FREE .

Hello, I just signed on here and looking forward to joining in the fun. Sometimes I get stuck with artist block so when that happens I try to find inspiration. I happened upon this blog and thought what a wonderful idea. So here I am and looking forward to seeing all the great creativity and sharing my work.

Thanks for having me and happy creating to all.

Barbara ~

I’m thrilled to participate in CED. I have been a dancer and writer my whole life. I’m now a breast cancer warrior and find that my need for the creative blending of writing and dancing is monumental in my thriving and dancing through this latest adventure in my life. In my blog I regularly encourage my readers to engage their creative side to help cope with the ravages of incurable cancer. I’ll be checking in again. Peace and hugs, donna

Hi, its great to be joining the CED challenge. What a wonderful incentive to be creative. Elizabeth xx

I’m participating : )

I’m joining pretty late, but I’m so happy this challenge exists either way! :)

I too am joining late, but what a wonderful idea.

I am joining late too. Hope this is ok. Great idea. The blog listed is my second blog and this is the one I’ll use.

My other blog:


Looking forward to pushing my own creativity to inspire my students! Thanks for the challenge!

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