Happy New Year and The Creativity Log!

January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year, you Creative Wonders! I've been working on a series of pages for a "Creativity Log," a way to keep track of your daily creativity. You can fill in the dates, so you can start anywhere and write something like, "1/1/09: Got creative in the kitchen, tried some new spices in a chicken dish" or "1/3/09: doodled in my sketchbook" or "3/5/09: Finished tree painting." There may be days that what we've worked on isn't something that can be captured in a picture and sometimes you may not have time to blog about it. But it is fun to look back and remember all the ways in which you were creative.


As my New Year's gift to you, you can save the image above, which is a .jpg, or click on the download link below to download the image as a pdf. You can then print it out and use it as you wish! I've got it divided up for 7 days, so you could theoretically print out one for each week to record a year's worth of creativity! Or you could use this as a model to create your own creativity log. I started out last year keeping track of my daily creativity and then let it slide as the year went on. Well, I do believe that what you focus on expands, so I think a log is a great way to further focus my attention and intention on daily creativity. Feel free to use or ignore on your own creative journey!
Download Creativitylog

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thank you for the log! and thanx for letting me joing in!

What a nice idea, Leah! I agree that having this log could make it easier to focus in on exactly what we did each day that was creative. I enjoyed Creative Every Day 2008, but this year would like to get even more out of it. So thank you, thank you, and Happy New Year! Love, O

What a good idea. I love keeping logs. I wonder if I could fit this daily creativity log into my “working” notebook. Or maybe some sort of subdivision between art/writing/free creativity… I always find ways to complicate my logs, but then time simplifies them to what is really important.

Great idea Leah. Thanks

I also used your ‘intention’ hint from the previous post. I love that idea and will definitely use it.


Thank you for the creativity log … it will be a great help! And, thanks for letting me play this year!!!

What a wonderful idea! Often I am more creative each day than I realize and by writing it down I can feel good about it and stay focused. Thank you!!

how generous of you! What a wonderful idea to put up this log! I am sure it will be helpful to many people :) .

It´s the first time ever I´ve been called a “Creative Wonder” and I quite like it! *grin*
Paula goes away humming and playing with the idea of making her own Creative Wonder sign. :)

hi leah!
oh this is wonderful!
thank you so much!

wow leah this is a great gift. tyou. many blessings. happy new year. ananda

I just created my own creative log … it was my way of being creative today. Thank you for the idea! And, I got to “play” on my computer!! :)

I Love the idea of the Creativity Log! I am printing it out for sure! I also got a bit creative with my blog today and worked on the pictures I posted. I am heading to the table now to finish up my 2009 Planner, which I think I will keep the Creativity Log in!
Thanks Again!
Happy New Year and Artful Blessings to you and all the bloggers out there!

Thank you, Leah. This is a great idea. Just hope I really use it!

Happy New Year to all of us!

My creativity has been painting my hallways. Tried a nice caramel color, but it looked too dark, and the No VOC formula paint was not going on evenly. So, I went and got store credit for the not so great paint, and got another color to faux finish over it, so now I have the caramel color I liked, with a nice faux finish over it so it looks great instead of just being all blotchy unintentionally. ;^)

Happy, happy!

Hi Leah! Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a great year filled with lots of creative mojo! yeah! You continue to be a great inspiration to me and to many, many others. I’m so grateful for you!! xoxoxo lia

I love making lists so this log is right up my alley. I may just design one myself. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for the creativity log. I make lists about everything so this is right up my alley!! :)

Thanks Leah! I like the idea of keeping a log. I have a pocket calendar that I was planning to do it on since I will carry it with me. I would love to see how the year progresses creatively. Now…if I could only remember where I put it! Enjoy the day!
Erin Prais-Hintz

What a beautiful idea!

Thank U for the log. Great until I’ve got my new journal were I’m gonna put everything in ;)

Leah…thank you so much for creating such a great creative log for us to use and get ourselves organized for the new year! I’m actually sitting down for the next couple of days to re-focus, write my goals out, read and take a break in the studio. Which I so need…creative block…arrrggghhhhh.. See you next week refreshed and ready to burn up creative forces with you all! Cheers!

It is a wonderful design. I use my blog for this purpose. Today I wrote on my blog about my children. The were playing with clay. As a mother you have to be so creative to keep them busy in holidays :-) . I think creative parents are in advance…

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for this. Happy New Year to you, Leah!

Happy New Year, beautiful lady! :)

A xx

What a wonderful idea, Leah, and thank you for the download! I have been busy taking daily photos and am also preparing my studio for lots of creativity to flow forth. Your blog is so inspiring….thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a great idea, just printed one out, love this idea and I can fold it to put into my journal, or make a seperate journal just by folding these sheets into signatures or cil bind or whatever!

This is a GREAT idea!!!! Thank you!! :)

What a fun idea!

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