Intuitive Play

January 24th, 2009

Over at the amazingly talented Tammy Vitale's blog, I saw a link to Susan Cornelis's gorgeous artwork. Susan has an incredible video about "contemplative sketchbooking" that connects so well to the theme of play, that I had to share it with you here.

Very cool.

This kind of play takes a certain amount of courage. There's risk-taking involved. There are lots of unknowns. This is the land of happy accidents, exploration, and! There is a great sense of fun if we can let go enough to enjoy the process. Try playing with your chosen medium today, let one thing lead to the next. Turn off that over-thinking mind and see where your intuition leads you!

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Wow!! That was powerful.

Peace & Love.

What fun – just the sort of play I like!

I needed to see this. I don’t know if I’ll carve out the time to play like this, but remembering it can just flow is good enough.

Thanks Leah!

That was great…I guess thanks go to Tammy Vitale and ultimately to Susan Cornelis as well…the interconnected web of creative wanderings…

I really love watching the process…whether in a video of photos…it is so inspiring!

Sometimes I just need to see something that illustrates for me – once again – that just playing can have beautiful results. I play like this and then I just put them aside afraid to call it “art”. I need to think again…and again…and again

thanks for sharing. it always amazes me that someone can explain their process so clearly and still be intuitive and let it flow.

thank you for posting the video!!

Thanks for spreading the news about Susan’s work (and the shout out for me. =])!

oh leah!
that was beautiful! what a wonderful way to start my day! thank you for sharing it!
:) melissa

Thanks for posting this one Leah, love when she closes the book saying “and the soul has spoken”… :-)

When I find something inspirational on youtube I’m so glad I have my youtube account so that I can subscribe there too.

This was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the video with us. I’m so inspired…

Thank you for sharing.


Leah-I have a blog award for you (it’s on my blog:)

What an amazing video – thank you for sharing it. It’s so fascinating to see an artist’s process, so fascinating to see such play.

Thanks for this inspiring link, Leah ! Gotta go play, my soul is calling…!
Happy MOnday !

This was a joy to watch. Beautifully put together. Thanks for sharing it!

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