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January 18th, 2009

WipcanvascollageCreatively, I've had my hands in lots of different pots this week. I've been writing an article to be published later this year (yay!), doodling, sketching, painting, playing, and generally having loads of creative fun.

I don't have anything finished to show, but I'm happy to be sharing some works in progress with you. This painting is developing slowly. First as a collaged canvas (above) and then painting the scene that I originally doodled in a sketchbook. Of course the image continues to change and develop as I paint it. It leads me and grows as I go.


I imagine this woman is listening to the earth, listening to the quiet growings that happen beneath the surface. I suppose it's a metaphor for listening to that still small voice within you. I hope to do some more work on it today.

I've also been playing a bit in an art journal I have. I don't do a lot of art journaling, but every so often, I'm inspired to work in this way. Here's a work in progress (below.) Recently, I surprised myself with being drawn to images of Africa (elephants have been on my joy list for quite a while, but now I'm being drawn to giraffes and African landscapes.) I clipped the giraffe image from a travel brochure that came in the mail. I was especially tickled by it because of the two other regular symbols of mine that show up in it:


A tree and loads of lanterns (check out my business name, Blue Tree Studios, for the trees and the banner of this blog for the lantern!) The rest of the journal spread was created with some paint and playfulness and a hand-carved stamp. The only words so far are, "It's possible," but I plan to do some writing on these pages as well.

SketchbookwomanwindowAnd while I'm on a work-in-progress-roll, here's a peek into my regular sketchbook (as opposed to my bed-side sketchbook or purse sketchbook or impromptu sketchbook made from scraps within reach.)

We got whopped with another snowstorm today. It's been a very snowy winter in my estimation. Today, I am definitely staying indoors. In fact, it may be an all-day-pajama-fest here. The cats have all snored their agreement. Excellent.

I hope your day (pajamas or no) is a wonderfully creative one!

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These are gorgeous little glimpses of your work.

Oh! I love to see works in progress. It’s like I’m sitting in your studio in my pajamas, sipping a cup of lovely tea and gazing at your process. It’s delicious! Thank you :)

Wonderful, I love all the little glimpses into your work and progress.

I’m coming across lots of mother nature imagery lately:

Must mean spring is coming…

I have a dryad image I did a few years ago — will have to post it…

BTW, having a great deal of trouble posting comments to your blog for some reason… typepad is sucking again…

Leah, just returning the visit to your site after you stopped by mine – absolutely divine. Such beautiful artwork :) I must come back and poke around some more!

Thanks for this fascinating glimpse into your works in progress!

I’d love to see where your woman by the window will go. I’ve had the snippets of an idea with a table by a window floating in my mind for a couple years now, but not really knowing how to proceed with it.
I suppose I should play with sketches. I’ve been doing a lot of intentional art journaling the past few weeks and I think it has been beneficial in several ways. It’s freeing me up from the pressure of “serious” art which shouldn’t ever be that serious, but you know how that happens. It has also been helping to fend off SAD. I noticed that I’ve been feeling more positive when I play with art every day. And instead of running out of ideas, I seem to be getting more and feeling free-er to express them. I even dreamed about that.

Oh, yes. Kitties are great at soothing guilt regarding napping, relaxing and pyjama wearing after lunch.

These are great wip’s. I like the way the painting is divided into three and the line of the girl’s skirt in your sketchbook. Looks like swaying.

By the way, am currently in my pajamas with full kitty approval.

Cool pix! Such nice work. And SNOW! Stay warm and dry! Unless yr doing snow sculpture, of course!

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