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February 6th, 2009

lighthouse large

I love the many ways there are out there on the internet for collaborating between art and writing! Nancy, of Every Photo Tells a Story, contacted me recently to see if I'd be interested in submitting my art for her site. Another instance of perfect timing, considering the (totally optional) theme of words this month for the Creative Every Day Challenge!

The purpose of Every Photo Tells a Story is to provide photography or artwork as a prompt for writing (or other creative explorations.) You could use it to inspire a bit of fiction, poetry, or even another piece of artwork! The piece on Nancy chose for her site today is "Lighthouse" (one of my favorites), and while the original has sold, there are still prints available here.

book fly

I use a lot of material with words on it in my mixed-media artwork. Sometimes it's my own hand-writing, like I did in parts of Memory Cycles and sometimes printed material. Sometimes it has meaning related to the piece I'm working on and sometimes I'm just using it because I like the texture.

I love the way simple drawings look on an antique book page. Altering an old book is a great way to play with words. You could pick out words from the page that stand out to you, circle them, and paint out the rest. You could make your own pop-up book within the pages, cut windows into one page that leads to the next, cut out individual words from the pages to use in art (like my friend Jes does in some of her jewelry pieces), or paint a thin glaze over the page so that the words show through just slightly. Flea markets are a great place to hunt for old books that are just crying out for new life. Or you could re-purpose something like an old calendar like Rosa did!

p.s. I've been experiencing loads of synchronicity in the last 24 hours. I love it when that happens!

And I've got a link for you! The lovely Jennifer Lee is hosting a giveaway of the book, The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life on her blog! All you have to do is leave a comment sharing "What do you love about you?" It looks like a great book. I know I'll be entering the giveaway!

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Thank you, Leah, for your nice mention of my blog. It’s my pleasure to feature your beautiful artwork. I didn’t realize you had such a “creative” blog and will have to take a look around. Be well!

I usually don’t do this but I saw your artwork on Every Photo’s blog and it is just amazing work. The colors, the patterns, and the detail to the sky! You worked it:)

I need to borrow your creative mojo.

hi leah, you always have the most fabulous ideas and links!! I always end up spending longer than I should just perusing what I have missed out on since my last visit…I also love Lighthouse…it is your style that makes it so compelling…I adore this woman and her many guises and walks…are these self-portraits? perhaps all art is self-portraits of the maker, hmm….

blessings, leah…

oh leah, I meant to ask you, if you don’t mind me doing so, how do you make the prints of your original artwork? I am thinking of making some of mine because dearhubbie doesn’t want me to sell the originals…yet…and am shocked at the prices and realize most must have another way but I don’t have a clue what it is…I thought I would ask you, you seem to always have new pieces and so probably have vast knowledge on this subject….you can email if you’d rather at…thanks leah! ;)

Thanks Leah, for your comment on my blog. Have you ever read “Art and Fear”? That’s the book I read over and over whenever I feel stuck in my art.

I would also like to know how you do your prints. i love this Lighthouse one too.


HI Leah, Just wanted to say thanks for your your lovely comments on my blog. Yes I do love creating things. Thanks for all the links I to spend more time then I should looking at everything.
Have posted some of my word art and am working on some more 3D things. With the tempature not expecting to drop until next weekend I think lots more craft ideas will be on my agenda.
Tahnks Again

Hi Sweetie-Pie! Thanks so much for the mention!

I have like half a letter penned to you and Tammie that I started right after Christmas. I guess it’s a little out of date at this point! LOL!

I miss you two, and can’t wait for another hook-up!!!! It’s been much too long!


Hi Leah, just wanted you to know that you were that your challenge this month of words played a strong influence in my Bead Journal piece for January…
You can see why here…

oh! oh! what a great idea! using a book that way…I know for my first art every day with you I started remaking an old how to book – never did get far with that. Perhaps I need to revisit for February. with this new angle: cutting holes to the next page. how fun!

Oh Leah, this piece is just too lovely, I think i have stared at it now for about 15 minutes… the depth, the colours, the way you blended and brought everything together, just so touchingly beautiful… and the February word challenge, awesome, hopefully I will have more time this month to actually participate!

Tx for the promo for Jen’s giveaway of THE VISION BOARD — you can peek at 20 pages for free @ js

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