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February 22nd, 2009


This month, I participated in Amy Souza's Art from Writing: Writing from Art project, where artists and writers were paired up to share a piece of writing or art, with the theme of "hope," as the jumping point to inspire a new creation. I was paired up with a writer, Melian, who sent me a poem to work from, and I sent her a picture of my painting, Lighthouse which speaks to the idea of hope to me. 

I often get inspiration from the written word, so I was excited to dive in. I did get a bit frustrated when I got stuck about mid-way through the process. I was fighting the direction the piece was going and things never go well when I push against the flow. But after letting it sit overnight, I was able to come back to it with new perspective. I made some adjustments, cut some parts away, went with the flow, and found the finished piece. I'm calling it "Albatross" and it's about 12"x12" with collage, ink, and acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

I think the word "often" that showed up in the bird's belly has to do with seeing signs, little winks from the Universe, and the feeling I get that I'm headed in the right direction when I start to see a lot of them in a short span of time.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about the Creative Every Day Challenge's (totally optional) theme for March and I'm so excited to share this one with you! It's one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

I hope your weekend was a wonderfully creative one!

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This is awesome!

I haven’t been here since you jazzed things up with your beautiful design – wow! Your blog looks gorgeous! I love “Albatross.” I always enjoy the symbols and messages you embed in your work. I can really relate to what you wrote about pushing against the flow. When I’m struggling like that, I find that I have to just force myself to step away and let the painting sit – even if it’s for a whole week! The answer always comes:) In fact, I have a new painting that’s getting a “time out” right now…

The blog looks awesome, and I really like this piece of art. I love the colors and the letters in the background. Very interesting work. Sounds like you had fun in the challenge this week.

Gorgeous. Feels so contemplative. Nice!!

Oh…I do love this Leah. Birds, trees, flowers – my favorites, and you’ve captured them all. I love how the flowers are blowing mid-air in the breeze..and the bird is catching the breeze..and the tree stands strongly rooted as a witness…as she leans against the tree contemplating it all. What a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

lovely drawing/painting…nice concept to share with another artist/writer…look forward to more.

I really love the blog design and also your “Albatross” painting. Especially the letters in the background and the flowers that seems to be blowing away. Wonderful job!

This sounds like a really fun project. I write poetry and stories and I do art, but I rarely combine them.

I love the piece you made, it is very moody and a bit melancholy in a good way.

I’d never get tired of looking at this. You’ve put so much of interest in it. Love the movement, textures, mood. It feels to me like the Albatross is the girl’s spirit (emotions/mindset) taking flight. Spectacular!

I have noticed myself doing this stepping away from my work when I don’t know where it’s going, or I am frustrated with it.

Sometimes all I need is 15 minutes and I can see it again. Sometimes I need to come back the next day, and change everything up. I never know. But I do know it really adds to the complexity when you return with a new mindset.

So in love with the right side of this painting (well of course I love it all though).

I love the movement in this one! The albatross is so well placed and the painting almost seems to continue his flight. Beautiful piece. Great tree.

another great one!

Hi Sweetie, been wanting to get here for days to say how wonderful this turned out. You really inspire me to get to something with more blue tones. This really is comforting to look at and knowing how it began makes it all the more special.

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