Foliovision and the New Design at Creative Every Day

February 18th, 2009

I've been getting some amazing feedback on the new look here and I have to agree, I absolutely adore the new design at Creative Every Day! I'd been wanting to transfer the blog from Typepad to Wordpress for awhile now, but was anxious about trying to figure it all out by myself. In my research on how to do this, I found that it wasn't going to be a simple process if I wanted to keep my permalinks and comments attached, and my head was pounding just thinking about figuring it all out.

Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon Foliovision, a web design company that offers Typepad to Wordpress conversion as a service. As I'd much rather be spending my time working on the Creative Every Day Challenge and doing my own art, it was an easy decision to hire them to do the transfer for me. I worked with Foliovision's Creative Director, Alec Kinnear throughout the process and he was incredibly helpful, creative, and easy to communicate with.

Alec also worked with me to develop the gorgeous new look here at Creative Every Day using one my paintings, At Sea, as the background. I couldn't be more thrilled with the way it turned out.

I highly recommend Foliovision for Typepad to Wordpress conversion and custom design.

Special Bonus!

Alec has been kind enough to offer a $200 discount on custom design services to anyone who mentions Creative Every Day. Foliovision can also help you with custom programming and/or weblog rescue and repair. You can contact them here.

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It’s great. You might want to make your rss feed a but more noticeable though. It took me ages to find it.

Thanks, Rhomany. I’ll work on that!

OOooooo . . . I hadn’t popped by in a while – This IS really lovely . . . I’ve been worrying over the conversion, too, and I have to say this is great information!


It was great working with Leah. Originally Leah sought us out after we published our Typepad to Wordpress article. As many of you do, I find Leah’s art absolutely compelling. It was a wonderful challenge to realise a web equivalent of her artwork.

Like Leah, I had been trapped in Typepad myself and very frustrated with its limitations. It had been really, really hard to break out without doing irrevocable harm to my own dance weblog there. At Foliovision, we often build really high powered commercial sites with all kinds of tracking and custom applications so making run was relatively easy for us.

But we loved the creative work. I would still like to see us animate the signs in the upper left as if they blew a little in the wind when the mouse passes over them. I’m sure we’ll get there.

What was especially exciting about the process is that I had a project which needed illustration. We’d been seeking the right illustrator for months. We were able to commission Leah for that project and she did a brilliant job. Her artwork brought the story to life as I’d originally imagined it and our client is delighted.

The whole tale is wonderful reminder that sometimes serendipity happens. It’s fabulous. Make sure to go with the flow when it comes.

Cordial regards,

Alec Kinnear
Creative Director

I love the new look. They did a great job. I am going to have a new website done this year for a new start up business, I will keep them in mind.

Ohhh this is so pretty and I thought the background looked familiar. I’m so glad I stopped by. Blessings sweetie!!!

how cool….as I said before, I love your new design and it’s neat you had some business from it as well….and having those tags blow in the breeze is such a neat idea!


I have been meaning to compliment you on you new site! I also love your painting as the back ground.

Leah, this is great information and there are some things that frustrate me a bit on Typepad…do I need a conversion…that is the question. If there is a $200 discount then I imagine the price for the service is a bit beyond justification of converting a blog for personal use. I am going to bookmark all this good info though it is definitely something to ponder, especially with trying to move forward in the art world and away from the pharmacy world.

It’s gorgeous! They did an awesome job! I’ll be redesigning my website in the future, so thanks for the tip.

Absolutely gorgeous Leah! I like Alec’s testimonial for you as well. It was always fun to visit before, but now it is absolutely breathtaking.
Enjoy the day!

I really like the new look: the blue is delightfully soothing. I am very happy with the way my current blog looks, but some of the reader/comment issues on my current platform are not so great. I would love to transfer to another platform and retain my current look.

Very nice, Leah.

The blue is very soothing and I like the overall look with the torn paper look on your sideline.

oh what a fabulous new design, so peaceful and at the same time so inspiring.

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