Full Snow Moon

February 9th, 2009

full snow moon
full snow moon

I have this funny habit of painting the moon right around the time of the full moon (without realizing the timing of it until after the fact.) Something in me seems to be quite tuned in to the moon's cycles.

When I sat down to paint this image late last night, I wasn't intending it to have the moon in it, but it came out anyways. Today, I read that tonight is the Full Snow Moon. Something about the name just tickles me. It sounds soft and romantic and makes me think of rabbits hopping across icy moonlit fields.

What I'd sat down to paint originally was the tree-like formations within the lungs of a woman with a bird nesting in them. I'd had this image come to mind while I was lying in savasana one afternoon last week. I'd like to paint this image in a few different formats.

In another bit of synchronicity, it turns out that today is the Jewish holiday, Tu B'Shvat, also known as the Birthday of the Trees, which falls on the fifteenth full moon of the Jewish month of Shvat. What a cool holiday! I just learned about Tu B'Shvat last year when I was going to a gym that was part of a Jewish recreational center. They had signs up about the holiday, but I also took a Nia class that day and the teacher talked it and had us moving like trees in the wind. I was just thrilled knowing that trees have their own special celebration.

It's interesting what will bubble up from our subconscious mind when we allow it to create. I love that my subconscious brought up the trees and moon images today.

Jamie Ridler hosts a Dreamboard challenge on her blog at every full moon. The dreamboards are a collection of images and words of something you want to manifest in your life. What a lovely practice to have around the full moon and a wonderful way to play with words!

The image above was made with acrylic and ink on a 6"x6" Aquaboard (clayboard with a texture similar to watercolor paper) and I'm calling it "Full Snow Moon."

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Very magical and I love the timing and the tree day!

Beautiful colours and I love the idea of the trees as lungs.

Beautiful, Leah. Kind of dreamy. :)

Wow – it is so cool how these things come together down out of sight and then get out on the page so everyone else can see them.

Strange images, (trees and birds inside lungs) – until you think about how much the inside of our lungs are like trees, in negative…

I saw the almost full moon last night and wondered alloud what it was called. You must have heard my question. So thanks for answering.

I love this painting you’ve done, and I was planning on trying for a tree painting tonight. Let’s see what happens.

A LOVELY piece! Great moon tonight!

How magnificent both your painting and the many connections. I love that there is a special holiday for trees.

Your art is so magical Leah. Of this earth and otherworldy at the same time.

May the full moon shine her lovely raise on you and give you an eternity of inspiration. :)

I, too, love trees and am delighted to learn they have their own month – who knew? Your reference to trees and roots and limbs in so much of your artwork is probably one of the things that really hooks me…like your Feb art piece in your calendar: Awesome! And your links, as always, continue to enchant.

Hi first time visting. I love your art- very calming and peaceful! Have a golden day.

I never got to comment at Pictures, Poetry & Prose. (On the Key to Winter) Now you have Full Snow Moon. Still the first line fits
as magicial moon mandalas disguised as snowflakes fell from the sky…

Oh the beauty. Oh the messages:)

Your artistic spirit is magical…I love the whole serendipitous feel of this! Ahhhh!

as a moonchild, i also watch the moon and often bathe my face in the light some nights especially when full. your painting is wonderful, full of symbols and wonder! Sonja

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