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February 25th, 2009

word art

I've been thinking of doing inspiration cards like this for awhile and the word theme this month got me moving on it. I cut up pretty paper and art-print mishaps and wrote words on each strip. I like the idea of pulling a random word each day to serve as a guide.

I went to a spontaneous dance class once where the teacher had us each pull a card like this to help us set an intention for the class. The word I chose always seemed to resonate with me so perfectly. She used some kind of "angel card" set for this, but I figured I could easily make up my own and add words as they occur to me. For now, I've chosen words like flow, leap, stretch, stillness, gratitude, receive, love, and trust. What words would you add if you were creating your own stack of cards?

More wordy fun:

* I'm loving the beautiful combinations of art and words from Vineeta, an artist from Mumbai, whose work was featured on Jess Gonacha's beautiful new site, Pecanoot.

* In the comments on my graffiti art post, nniiccoollee left a comment with a link to Written on the City, an awesome site filled with images of graffiti art/written messages from all over the world.

Word goodness from CED participants:

* I loved Kathryn's post this week about how she consults her inner guides. Be sure to check out the end of the post where she has offered up a gorgeous gift, an affirmation poster you can download and print for free!

* Rebecca has written a beautiful poem in response to a photo from Christine at Abbey of the Arts, who is hosting a Poetry Party. Christine has invited anyone to respond to her photograph with a poem by Friday, when a winner will be chosen to win a free copy of her newest zine, Illuminating Mystery: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice (which will have some of my art in it!)

* Hanna is doing a year-long project, this one is daily poetry!

* Check eautiful calligraphy work from Gunner Girl in the CED Flickr group.

* See Shannan's work with words and art in an art journal page from at Original Bliss.

Lots of beauty to inspire you, now go play!

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I come by way of twitter~
I’ve become really fond of the word extraordinary of late. I feel like when I’m looking for the extraordinary in everything, I find it far more often then I realized it was around~
You have a beautiful site here and I look forward to returning for another visit~

Great idea, those cards! Might have to try it for myself. I would add Joy. Serenity. Grace. Permission. Thank you for sharing!

Funny you should mention the angel cards – those years that I’ve picked a word for the year its been those cards that have led me to my word!

So I just did a quick search and found a web version:

Are these the same ones?

They are from Findhorn’s Transformation Game – maybe its time I played it again….

I think, in a way, with the prompting of your theme of WORDS and Jess’ Pecannoot, I have finally made my way around to this concept of inspiration cards in my latest incarnation of Flying Girl. I didn’t set out to do it, but I think it’s been in the back of my head for a long while. They aren’t quite oracle cards, but they are inspiration pieces.

They make me happy.

thanks for another mention, dear Leah! Goodness, I’m lucky! And those cards are WONDERFUL– I have a set of angel cards, and whenever I choose one it’s always perfect, too. The universe knows, doesn’t it? :)

I posted my latest CED on my blog last night. I am so glad you are doing this and helping me to find inspiration.

Hmmm? I checked the list and didn’t see me listed and you came by and visited and left me a message..

I love stopping by here, I can spend forever following your links…so informative…

Thanks for great links and linking to me. I love words, it’s a theme I will always keep! :-)

I’m catching up on your posts – how fun to see that you linked to me! Yo-hoo.

Did you get a lot of snow? We sure did. It was a great opportunity for a little fluffy magic. Swing by for some giraffe tea and a story.

Leah, Thanx so much for the mention & I came cause Christina left a comment on my blog about coming through you & Pecannoot. But I’m so HOOKED by your work & words. You are doing so many things that I want to do! I must come here regularly for inspiration!

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