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February 11th, 2009

Hello All,

I'm working on a magazine article and I need your help! I need some feedback or testimonials about your experience with the Creative Every Day Challenge (either this year or last year). Any details about what the project has meant to you, what you've been working on, what you've learned, etc...

Of course, I'd love to hear any feedback you have any time, but for this project, I need the info as soon as possible! You can leave a comment on this post or email me at leah0776 at gmail dot com.

Thank you in advance!!

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The creative every day challenge has given me the kick in the butt I needed to commit to setting aside for myself every day (or nearly every day) the time to be creative. I have also found many wonderful artists’ blogs to which I have subscribed from following the links left on Mr. Linky.

The feedback I have received from you and from many others who participate has given me more confidence to try new things and not be afraid to post my attempts as I practice and grow as an artist.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the sense of empowerment this experience has given me and continues to give me.


Hi, Leah!

In fact, I discovered your blog a month ago. But I’m reading all your inspirational posts daily since then. Your inspiration pushes me to begin my first art journal. I made only two pages until now, but I’m in love with this art.
I did a post on my blog yesterday, telling about your blog and your initiative. It’s in Portuguese, but you can read it with the Google Tradutor, which is in the top of my sidebar, here:
I don’t know were you are, but your art has arrived to Brazil too.
Thank you!


Inspiration comes when surrounded by kindred spirits and that is what I find when I come here. You have such a dedication to bring out creativity in others as well as yourself which is also an inspiration. I can’t help “not” to participate when there is such a loving environment and interesting ideas all wrapped up in one spot. Thank you for your effortless energy you put into making this space work. I have discovered some wonderful artists through you as well as very helpful links. It was your link last year on “how to draw a face” that gave me more confidence in and focus on my drawing. Whatever I can to to help, I am more than happy to! xo!

I found your blog last year, and the creative everyday project. It scared the bejeezers out of me even though I was attempting to “live the creative life.” I think it scared me because I was trying to be creative everyday. It seemed impossible to me when I first stumbled upon it. It seemed like too much pressure– I couldn’t possibly be creative everyday, it was too hard.

But I kept coming back and looking, without committing or declaring myself, and not long after, I started trying to incorporate creativity into everything. Food, raising kids, journals, painting.

And then, all of a sudden, I set my own challenge to create a painting a day for a month. And I was doing it.

I joined AEDM, and Nanowrimo, (two things I had thought were incompatible) and this year CED. And here I am, FULLY creative every day, even if I miss a painting here or there.

Something I thought was impossible and scary last year has become the most productive period of my life. You were a big part of that. Just by being there, by being the center of a community of creative people, by encouraging and being part of the dialog. By putting the challenge forth without the pressure of deadlines or strict rules.

Hey, thanks for that.

Just seeing the The Creative Every Day Challenge button on my blog everyday has kept me going for actually BEING creative every day! With a “day job” and trying to raise a 17-year old manchild on my own, it I didn’t have a creative outlet . . . oh my, I would probably lose my mind! HA

I so appreciate the constant reminder to keep doing something creative – no matter WHAT it is!

PS Thank you for having this site to refer to xoxo


The Challenge introduced me to a lot of great artwork and artists I might not have encountered otherwise. It helped to be reminded that a lot of the activities that seemed mundane or uncreative were actually quite important for ‘filling the well’ and were necessary to finding inspiration. I wasn’t very consistent at posting new creative activities – I have been trying to get consistent for a few years, and I had hoped that the challenge would help, but I guess I am not the type to be inspired by committment or challenge. I ususally just ended up reading your wonderful blog and enjoying reading about your own artistic journey.

Through this project I found a place where I was myself. Not my husband´s wife, or my kids mom or my mother´s daughter (situations in which I lost my name and identity in the name of the relationship)

This is me. (Do I sound like the Lovato girl now? ;) )

I belong here. And I have some art to show for it as a bonus. :D

You have helped me to try to be creative all the time, in every aspect of my life and not just in my journal. I have learned that I can be creative while cooking, doing laundry, staring out a window, etc. Basically whenever I feel the need to be so thank you!!

Initially being Creative Every Day seemed a good challenge for myself–but I found that the connectedness with other artists and crafts people was what I liked best about belonging to the group. You have managed to create a creative artistic community which provides me with daily inspiration!


The challenge has meant so very much to me! I look forward to having quiet time to connect with the world and the Creator on a daily basis. It is such a gift to be able to connect with other people around the world who are also interested in inviting creative space into their everyday lives.



Visiting this blog and clicking on the links is one of the highlights of my day. The biggest benefit to me is the wide variety of creative pursuits. It’s opened my eyes to new ways of being creative. Up to know, I have mostly drawn and sketched with watercolor. Now I am inspired to try combining drawings and words, and to use some collage. I also want to try drawing or painting on pages from old books. (As a librarian this may be an extra challenge for me!) I have seen some wonderfully creative and inspiring work here, work that I may not have otherwise run into. Thank you for bringing all these talented people together. So many ways to be creative – so little time!

I tried to comment yesterday, but something was preventing it from posting…
Dear Leah,
I’ve been so grateful for the community that has developed around your challenge. I found it shortly after I started blogging, so this is my 2nd year. I never would have guessed that blogging would influence me so much. This community of artists to encourage, inspire and commune with has made my life so much richer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leah, what I’ve loved about the Creative Everyday Challenge is that it’s not about guilt but respect. It feels like you know that the participants are creative everyday even if they don’t report in. You’ll often remind people of little ways that they’re creative that they may have discounted. It’s very much a motivational community that assumes the best of people.
The themes are fabulous, because they’re monthly. I work in inspirational cycles. What goes in, doesn’t pop out in a week. With a whole month to think about the theme, I’ve been able to explore it properly.
Your artwork is a big part of the challenge and it has also meant a lot to me. I learn about trusting my intuition and how to explain my own work when you talk about what’s going on in yours. Your writing and work is often a spiritual journey, minus self-righteousness. There’s that respect again. So very refreshing. Keep up the great work!!

I am brand new this year to Creative Every Day–what a grand idea, and how fun! There are lots of things to think about and try and it’s a great way to share with other creative people and explore new avenues of creativity. So far, the themes of play and words have fit right in with who I am and who I want to be. It’s a delight to work with these themes in new and exciting ways. Sometimes I get SO CREATIVE that I have no time leftover for posting, so one of the things I appreciate is that I can be creative every day without posting every day. It gives me a feeling of freedom to just be me and have fun.


I believe what makes people creative is the willingness to show up for work. We make ourselves available for the project at hand, for whatever will seize us and work through us. To hear this inspiration, most of us need solitude and quiet. This means working alone. And the problem with working alone is accountability. Who knows if you don’t show up? Who knows if you decide to read a book or clean the house instead? Creative Every Day allows us to still work alone, where we can hear our muses, but it encourages us to show up and be part of the community of creative people. And the encouragement and ideas that come through the comments provides an audience and a support for the human side of the creative partnership. Alone and together.

Thanks for providing this place, this connection.

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