Pictures, Poetry, and Prose

February 2nd, 2009

Write and you are a writer. - Laura Jayne

I came upon a fabulous site last month and immediately wrote to the blog owner, Laura Jayne, to tell her I'd love to feature her inspirational blog in February, when the Creative Every Day Challenge's (totally optional) theme is words. What a perfect fit!

Pictures, Poetry, and Prose is a blog that features a daily photo or piece of artwork as a writing prompt. Laura encourages leaving your written response to the artwork in the comments section. After a week, she selects one of the writing samples to feature beneath the artwork.

I love the way Laura encourages people to use the prompts in any way that is meaningful to them. She even has a neat little timer on the side of the blog which you can use to time your written response to just 5 minutes (only if you want to!) I like the idea of the timer because it limits the amount of time you spend on it and also breaks it down into a doable chunk of writing time. I've used time limits for writing exercises before and somehow it was helpful knowing there was an end and beginning to the free-form writing.

Today, Laura is featuring one of my pieces (thank you, Laura!) and I'd love to see what kind of written response it inspires in you!

Images are a great jumping off point for creative writing. Try the Pictures, Poetry and Prose challenge or if you'd rather do something more private, paste a picture into your journal and use it as a prompt for a bit of poetry, fictional, or autobiographical prose.

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Thanks Leah,

Pictures, Poetry and Prose is a great site. I’ve subscribed.

I love the pix and prompts. Maybe this will get my creative writing juices flowing.


Go Leah! I’m going over there right now to read your words!


I was so excited when you first emailed me and even more so now that this has come together in a way that is inspiring such beautifuly creativity.

Also, to all your artists, I am always seeking images to inspire (365 is a lot of days to fill up) and if any are interested in offering their art to inspire writing just read the submission guidelines ( and send me an email.

Laura Jayne

I am so thrilled that you found Laura Jayne’s blog. I am a frequent visitor there and she was one of my Check It Outs awhile back. Her blog has inspired some amazing writing and I have been blessed to be “chosen” as the writer of the day. I love the way she combines the art and the words. I have also made some meaningful connections to other bloggers through her site, so it has been a real blessing all around. I will head over there to check out your artwork! Enjoy the day! Erin

[...] Every Day – Key to Winter Today is the first prompt for the month of February at Creative Every Day. This is a bonus day, because Leah (of CED) is sharing her artwork at Pictures, Poetry and Prose to [...]

Thank you Leah. I just wrote a response and I really enjoyed responding to your artwork. I’m wondering what you thought when you created it?? hmmmm…

What a wonderful blog link this is, Leah. A few days ago I posted my collage Pink Victorian Child and today I posted a photo of my mannequin Sophia who I dress differently each month depending on the season., Sacred Ordinary. What fun this all is!

All your imagery is very fitting for story telling Leah, I think they remind me of Grimm illustrations – a bit dark and very imagnative. You’re very generous to lend your images to anyone to write about. :-)

Also check out CreativePortal’s project on images + words;


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