Weekend Update and Some Final Word Links

February 28th, 2009

I've had such a fun weekend! The hubster and I went to the MGM Casino, where we had a complementary room. The hubster played in a poker tournament while I went to their fancy, shmancy gym to do a workout. They asked for my shoe size in the locker room and gave me a locker with a spa sandals in my size and a soft bathrobe (the gym is connected to a spa) and the shower had a heated towel rack. I had the hot tub entirely to myself (and I was totally giggling in there because it all felt so luxurious.) After the gym, I headed back to our room where I ordered room service and watched a movie (Vicky Christina Barcelona.) I felt totally pampered and exhausted by the end of the night. The hubster won big that night too (I'm not a gambler, but he enjoys poker and blackjack.) In the morning we got breakfast, took a long walk, played a little roulette, and did some window shopping before having a lovely drive home.

Today is the last day of February. I know it's only a couple days shorter, but this month is has just flown by. Swoosh!

Theme Transition:

I enjoyed the words theme and I know a lot of CED participants had fun with it as well. As we move into the Creative Every Day Challenge's (totally optional) dreams theme for March, you certainly don't need to abandon the themes of the previous months. Play can be incoporated into everything (in my humble opinion.) And there are endless ways to play with words.

Here are some more ways to have fun with and get inspired by words:

* Write for your life: Productivity tips for writers.

* Amano Books: Bridgette Guerzon Mills makes gorgeous journals and she now has a blog focusing on art journaling tips too.

* Beautiful book sculptures from artist, Georgia Russell.

* Awesome typographical assemblage from Lou Dorfsman.

* Listen to classic poetry out loud.

* Journal writing prompts.

* Read Write Poem: for those who love poetry

* Tomorrow, Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio Blogtalk Radio program will be interviewing Elena Rego at 12 pm EST. Elena creates absolutely stunning journey manuscripts.

Thank you for playing along with me this month, I look forward to all the wonderful creativity we'll share in March!

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What an amazing getaway!I can totally relate to you giggling in the spa. I totally would have too. :) I loved the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona! Wasn’t is an absolutely stunning movie?

I am excited with this months theme. Dreams. Delicious, wonderful, inspiring dreams! YAY!

Heeeeyyy…that’s the movie I watched last night too!
Sounds like a nice day/night. :o )

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