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February 17th, 2009

More ways to get playful with words!

* I just got an email from Clive of Pixton.com, a site where you can make your own comics without having to draw! It looks like fun! Check out the site here and there's a trailer here that shows some of the features. I like how you can easily translate the comics into different languages.

* I absolutely love the theme of the new blog, Pecannoot, from the ever-so-talented, Jessica Gonacha. The idea behind the blog is to turn our focus on abundance through art! And this site fits so perfectly with the word theme for CED because the art on this blog combines messages of abundance with beautiful imagery. Jess is looking for creative people to submit their own abundant artwork, so check out her description of the project here, the new blog here, and send in your work!

* I enjoyed this post from Felicia Day about how she started writing. It's chock-full of delicious links to help get your writing cap spinning.

* Patti Digh has a video about the literary and artist barnraising of her incredible book, "Life is a Verb" on her blog here. (the "Bust Your Toast Rules" art in the video is from me!)

 I've been painting away this weekend and will have some art to share soon. Hope your weekend was a wonderfully creative one!

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There are some great links here, Leah ! Thanks ! Ialready love the pencannoot blog after reading the intro. Anything that promotes the postive stuff in life in the midst of all the crazy is very good in my book !

Wanted to say how impressed I am with your new format. It is a perfect mix of beauty and practical design !

Happy Wordy Tuesday !

wow – different look! had to check and make sure I was on the right blog (but of course – there’s your art, who could miss it?!) Went over to pecannoot (how could I not with a name like that)…what a lovely spot. Thanks so much for once again leading me to a delightful morning spot.

oh my gaaawwd, Leah, reading back and visiting the links in your past 9 posts… and now I had to come look at your new design – it SO rocks! I’m dead jealous! you rock my boat with this design.

Leah, THANK YOU so much for linking to my new blog!! I’m so glad people are enjoying it so far. :) Can’t wait until you hopefully submit something!

Love Jess’ idea for pecannoot. I already did a painting inspired by it. And it’s got words, too! And it was inspired by Thursday Sweet Treats theme of “color.” I’m going to try to post it today.

I love when I can do triple duty.

thanks for the heads up for the Pecanoot blog! LOVE IT! did you know I also have artwork in Patti’s book (LIFE IS A VERB)?? –I have e one mixed meda piece and one I created from my own photo in Photoshop…on pages 22 & 49. I recognized your illustration in the book as soon as I saw it ;-) I think I originally found out about 37 days from your blog —so double thanks! I love her blog…

Great links, thank you for sharing them.

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