Writing on the Wall

February 24th, 2009


CED participant, Tammy Vitale, took a picture of the graffiti above and shared it on her blog earlier in the month. It totally cracked me up, the way it joins the first two themes for the Creative Every Day Challenge this year, play and words. Perfection!

If you've ever been to Manhattan or any big city, you've surely seen some gorgeous graffiti art on walls, doors, trains, and dumpsters. I saw the image below in Montreal a few years ago.


Explore graffiti art:

*Lots of inspiring graffiti art can be seen here.
*You can create your own graffiti online at this awesome site.
*Do you look for words while you're out and about in the world? Kelly Rae Roberts has a great post about seeing words in the world and the way they inspire her.
*I love the idea of writing words in chalk on sidewalks for people to find.
*Here's a great article from Keri Smith about how to be a guerilla artist.

Write on your own walls:

I also love the idea of words on interior walls. Bohemian Single Mom, posted a picture of her wall all painted up with a quote, which I thought was just fabulous.

*Make your own chalkboard paint to paint on your wall.
*I love these Typography Walls, painted and/or assemblage-style typography displays, from Whip Up.
*Another great way to decorate your walls with words is through using letter decals or one of these fabulous chalkboard decals from Velocity (the alligator ones crack me up!)

So many ways to play with words. I sometimes want to write quotes and poems that have inspired me on the walls in tall letters or scribble them on my clothes. Do you ever feel that way?

I've never been tempted to write on bathroom stalls, but that's another place you often see words scratched and scribbled.  Usually fairly dull statements, but sometimes filled with humor. Quick look into the wild world of google led me to The Writing on the Stall, a website dedicated to these stall scribblings. Too funny. Ever seen anything funny or inspirational written in a bathroom stall?

Well, I'd say that's enough writing on this wall for one day.

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I am becoming such a fan of street art and graffiti art! Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you for the links! I have always loved graffiti which a lot of people confuse with tagging. Graffiti is art. I wish more freedom of expression would be allowed especially on ugly run-down walls. :) I made some digital graffiti art. Maybe one of the CED can be graffiti! :)

Back when I was in college I loved using the bathroom in the student union where every wrote and drew in the stall. It was quite entertaining. I’ve often though that public bathrooms should be equipped with chalk boards! (I’d say white boards, but the markers would always be dead LOL)

Hooray for street art, guerrilla art, transient art, graffiti, or whatever else you call it!

Check out this site too: http://www.writtenonthecity.com

Wonderful blog by the way! I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks and the site just keeps getting better.

Thanks for the inspiration!

I had to go back a 2nd time for this – I wouldn’t have paid any attention to it except for the timing of seeing it! Thanks for all the great links!

Ahhh!! I totally LOVE the shout-out on your blog! Thanks…you rock!

And I LOVE that NYC graffiti….I’m always photographing art like that when I go to Toronto. I think it’s the greatest!

oops…I mean Montreal, not NYC…duh!

lots of fun ideas here! :-D

http://www.yrwall.com takes this to a whole new level – by the way love the blog!

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