Creative Every Day Challenge Check-In: March 9th – March 15st, 2009

March 9th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

This weekly post is a place for CED participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The totally optional theme for March is dreams. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the theme here.

Happy Creating!!

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. ~Virginia Woolf

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I am super charged with creative energy! I made massive progress on a portrait and knitted 5 softies!
The last two posts on my blog show some stuff and I posted some softies in the Flickr pool.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

i’m dreaming that i’ll have time to make art again some time……. :)

Did a couple of pages in a Moleskine Round Robin on the theme. Been fun and interesting.

My post is not at the No Polar site but at my half formed site, in part because I hope to redo the artwork and the poem.

The poem is from two-back to back dreams and the art is an illo for the poem.

what a wonderful find…I love creating each and every day!!

I often dream of Paris…so here is a piece I did that is all about dreaming…..

Hi Leah! I’ve posted part of the doodles I’ve done this week. I’ve done at least one every day. Other than that, not too much went on creatively this week. I played on Facebook too much. Have a wonderful week! :)

I’m still stuck on last month’s theme, Words. But many of the words I receive come through dreams, so I suppose that counts, eh?

still just doing my drawing a day but have been writing down a dream a day..not something I am drawing from or posting or using for art..not yet. hope it inspires me to make some upward movement. I am just thrilled to be writing down a dream a day…

My painting this week took a new direction and I really like it, although I think it’s making me scared to do another painting in case I don’t like it as much or go backwards.

In other big news, I FINALLY opened my etsy shop where I will slowly be listing a lot of my work from CED and AEDM!

Oh, hey. I just wanted to add that my shop is sort of playing with the march theme of dream… since I’ve been dreaming of this for a year and a half.

I’ve done some fun little acrylic paintings and some sharpie doodle atc’s. I’ve also finished a portrait oil painting, but don’t have any pictures up yet. Am hoping to do that tonight!

I had 2 paintings in a beautiful mansion for an exhibit. That was like a dream! I’ve been playing with some acrylic mixtures, some of which I had been dreaming about.

Put up new video with some new art journal pages last week. It’s been lots of fun!!

Just having fun painting…my “dream” job!

Great, now I get to share with some really nice and creative people-dreams are good portals leading to many adventures…

My “Creative Eeryday” included teaching 2 vintage optical lens necklace workshops this past Saturday and Sunday. Stop by my blog to see the student’s creations. I am always so delighted to see how each and every one turns out so different in such a small space of glass! :)

Awesome – I love this idea! Adding the widget…NOW!

I have been enjoying a great creative spurt lately….the thing is when I do that I tend to forget to do things like post over here! ;) But I guess that’s the point…to be inspired. I’ve posted a drawing/painting that took me a painfully long amount of time for some reason…I am very happy with the results.

The link above is to a weird dream I had earlier this morning. It was kind of surreal to me.

Anyway, I also wrote some haiku/senryu (every day) as well! :)

I really have been creating, but I just have been remiss about posting! I just added some photos to the Flickr group. I found a creative challenge at Art Bead Scene blog to make a jewelry piece inspired by a Master’s work. March is Matisse. His paintings have a dissonant color scheme that is very akin to vivid dreams. Check it out. I also just submitted a blog post all about it to blogging community. Should be up soon. And I have decided that this challenge will be my inspiration for a gallery exhibit I am putting on in April. Each piece will be based on a Master’s work. Brilliant! Would love to hear what anyone thinks!
Enjoy the day!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just recently started a Gargoyle Sketch (which I’ve just posted on my Dreamspace Blog ( ) and you can also find my art on Flickr – as well as on the Flickr Creative Every Day Group!

Please feel free to leave comments, I love feedback! :)

Still trying to squeeze in some time here and there but just posted a drawing I did this week.

I want to join in again this month – I am actively working on my DREAM of a successful art career. I just posted on my blog about having some creative challenges, and what I am doing about it. I haven’t taken any photos of what I have been working on yet, which are lots and lots of sketches of angels. Perhaps in the next day or so, I’ll feel adventurous enough to share some of my sketches. If so, I will post them on my blog.

I might even get brave and start painting again! Actually, lately I have been waking up with images that I dreamed about. I will start keeping a sketch book by my bed so I can capture them before they float away in the morning light.

Just posted a link that is my reflection of dreams/visions (part I). It’s a freewrite really, but I’m going to expand more on it because I see everyone carry them all the time! :D

Anyway, Leah, I’m going to post my reflection about what I think the dream about the car chase meant to me. I’m trying to find the right words to describe how I felt and what it meant, etc. Stay tuned! I shall post it up when I get the chance.

I just posted my link, at the moment though my ‘dreams’ are mostly Daydreams….so there a couple of beads inspired by daydreams. The night time dreams are eluding my recall when I wake up. *mumblegrumble* ;o)

Hello All, I have just posted some pictures of a fox that was in our back yard yesterday evening. The last one was very blurred, so I worked on it and made it kind of dream like. I liked it.

Not getting a lot done creatively these days. Hubby has retired. :) I have managed to draw one doodle a day though, even if they don’t get colored. Hope I can keep that habit.

Been working on a new series of ACEO cards made with origami paper. The paper is so beautiful, I’m really excited about finding ways to use it.

I’ve been creating a lot of collages and experimenting with different treatments using gesso, neocolors etc. Example:

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