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March 10th, 2009

Hello, lovely, creative readers. I've just returned from a refreshing and inspiring retreat with Christine Kane. I'm still processing a bit and trying to re-ground myself after the shuffling process that happens when I travel, but I'm sure I'll share more about the retreat soon.

One of the things we did during the weekend was to create a Vision Board. I create Vision Boards every so often, so the process wasn't new to me, but each time I create one, I get a little more insight into what it is that I want in my life. And for all you visual people out there, this is a great way to see your visions brought to life. Christine has a great ebook on Vision Boards which you can get for free (see her sidebar for the info) by signing up for her newsletter.

It's funny that in this month of the dream theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge, I've already created 3 different Dream Boards (I call them dream or vision boards interchangeably.)

There are lots of different ways to approach the process of creating a Dream Board. I've created some with a particular theme, but usually I just tear through magazines, letting my intuition guide me to rip out images that are calling to me in the moment. When I've got a pile of images to work with, I lay them all out on a big piece of paper or posterboard, re-arrange the imagery til the board is filled with images that resonate strongly with me, and then glue them down.

unfold life vision 1

Jennifer Lee, has a wonderfully creative and unique way of creating a vision board that I tried out recently. She calls it the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit, which you can learn more about and order here. The kit comes with a visualization on cd, the materials needed to create a portable vision board, and an instruction manual. You can see the folded up version of the one I created above. And the open version in all it's origami-type-coolness is below. I love how you can pop this vision board in your purse and pull it out whenever you need a hit of inspiration.

unfold life vision 3

Today is the Full Worm Moon and on each full moon, the lovely, Jamie hosts a dreamboard challenge. What a lovely process to renew your Vision Board with each full moon!

Have you created a Vision Board before? Many people who do them experience the imagery they include on their Vision Boards coming true with great speed. And even if that seems a bit woo-woo or farfetched to you, it's still a fun process to explore and get creative with.

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Wow, that is amazing.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out Dream BiggeR… The page before was collaged as well and says, Reality is but a Dream… so it segued.

I LOVE the dream board idea! Thank you for this post!

OMG! Soooo cool to see your creation! Thanks for posting about the kit. Also, I can’t wait to hear about the retreat. Sounds like it was yummy.

I love the way that folded dream board looks. Awesome! I think that I will have to try to create my own dream board. Thanks for the idea!!

What deliciousness! It’s amazing to see the different ways our dreams can take shape. You’re inspiring me to start playing with my copy of Jenn’s brilliant Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit. I love the idea of carrying around my vision wherever I go.

I’ll look forward to hearing more about the retreat. It sounds wonderful!

And thanks so much for sharing the Full Moon Dreamboards :)

Hi Leah – thanks for stopping on by! Yes, that’s a heck of a lot in my handbag, I know! But I can’t help myself!! I’m just a bit worried that the day might come when that bag is also inadequate and I need to move onto a bigger one, lol!!

Love your gorgeous site and your interests and your ideas – very inspiring!

That sounds awesome! I bought a kit from Jennifer at the end of the year. A friend and I started it together. It was fun! I have to get mine out and add to it. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy the day!

I tried one of these tonight, the kind where you don’t know what the purpose/vision is going in but choose images that resonate and figure it out after.

Well, I’m not sure I know what it’s about yet, but that’s okay. I like art like that.

What a very cool idea!

Vision boards are something I am very much into! When I move my rooms around and finally have an office/studio space, I will make a vision wall :) YAY!

I love the idea of making one portable. If you are out and get side-tracked from your vision, you can pull it out and look at it. The book is a grounding tool. Great for business trips or vacationing.

Aaahhhh, Christine’s March retreat…I did that several years back. Awesome. What a great gift to give yourself! I keep thinking I should do it again – I have a cousin in Asheville, which I love. Did you get a chance to wander around there? That place is nothing but art spaces!

Its amazing how everyone has started doing vision boards isn’t it – brilliant!

We got our house here in 1996 by drawing what we wanted… and although I’ve wanted to move since we’ve never found a house we actually like enough to move to!

I’ve just bought a magnetic board to put our dreams on – one thing I have learnt is that if my plans include Jim its only going to work if he’s dreaming the same things too so this board is in our dining room (which might be more correctly called our living room since its where we spend the most time… with the kitchen very handily just off it…)

Oh and I have been having some very odd dreams in the last few nights… your themes are very effective even for people like me who haven’t officially signed up!

I would like to do a dream board. I’ve been so occupied lately, though, that I’ve had no time to really focus… or clear my mind, for that matter.

It’s interesting how this Dream theme is manifesting. I am not remembering my dreams lately, as often happens when I have to start my day right off, without any time for thought or reflection. It’s as if my waking day is too big to leave room for my sleeping day. That’s okay.

I have lots of old dreams to pull on, and Flying Girl is very dream like and always has been. And I’m working on manifesting my dreams for real… so there is that.

Leah – What a beautiful vision board/book! I did a poster version several years ago and now that I think about it, believe it has all come true! Must be time to do a new one! Your blog and your work are lovely… I’ll be back soon to visit.

Fantastic! I am going to try this out. :)

Can’t wait to hear more about your retreat.

Thanks for posting about your retreat–I have checked out Christine’s site and added her blog to my feed! What a wonderful retreat that must have been.

I haven’t done a vision board, but I did do one of Barbara Sher’s exercises on envisioning a perfect workplace, and you know what? It actually worked for me–I did find a job that fit the description!

I don’t know how this stuff works, but it does!

I love the idea of a dream/vision board! Thank you for directing me to Christine Kane’s site. Her articles on these topics are amazing! I hope you had a wonderful time on retreat. I definitely want to try a vision board. I’ll probably start out in a book-format as you did, so I can bring it around with me. It might have been from this site, but I heard of a woman who made a “dream book” that was similar to this, only in book format, with a deceivingly boring cover. She would look through the pages every night before she went to bed, to trick her mind into believing that it was all true, and most of the things in her book came true! It’s amazing what images can do. I definitely have to try it, and I would love to see a page or two from yours if it’s not too personal.

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