Featured Creative Every Day Challenge Participants!

March 31st, 2009

I'm super excited to share with you some of the amazing things that Creative Every Day Challenge participants are up to! I'm not sure how often I'll be doing these posts yet, but they will be a regular thing. I plan to email some participants to get permission to share an image or piece of writing from their blog. And in the case of Flickr, I will use the images from flickr that automatically link back to the account of the owner. I hope this will introduce you to some new Creative Every Day people and provide you with inspiration as well! So let's start (click on the images to make them bigger):

Kathryn of Collage Diva has a beautiful blog and magical, inspiring posts. I loved her recent piece below, a character map.

featured kathryn
Kathryn, Collage Diva

Terri of Tinker Art is someone I've known a long time through blogging and I adore her art and her sense of humor (go see her blog and you'll see what I mean!) This piece was based on a dream she had. One of those dreams where you're in your pajamas in school and forgot to do your homework. Eep!

featured tinker
Terri, Tinker Art

The piece below, from Creative Kismet, I spotted on the Creative Every Day Challenge Flickr group. So sweet, love it!

ced - Dream

 This fabulous piece below is from Marie Patterson and I spotted it in the Flickr group too (so much inspiration there!)

Beautiful, beautiful work! I'm endlessly inspired by all the wonderful things that Creative Every Day Challenge participants are creating. Keep on creating, sharing and connecting!

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Those are great. How will I manage my day with all these great blogs around. How can one keep up?

I finished my Jazz Series pieces, put them up for sale in my etsy shop and one of them sold within an hour! Being creative every day “paid off” :) http://gotart4u.blogspot.com/2009/03/jazz-series-pieces-for-sale.html

Love the third one..;D
So romantic.;D thanks for sharing it to us.;D

The world is just bursting with creativity, vision and art! Your participants are so inspiring. Although I have been a sloth at posting I have been rather creative every day in my own ways. I love this blog-dom as a place to come to be renewed and inspired by all things art! Thanks!
Enjoy the day!

Love those post.;D
Very creative and artistic..
Have a great day.;D

What an honor to be featured! I see that I’m in great company. Many thanks!

{soul hugs}

The news of you featuring my little creation on your blog has me doing the “Happy Dance”!!!
Thanks so much for doing this!!!

Have a great day,

I am the lucky girl who rec’d the Twisted Love Ornie from Marie Patterson as a gift! Her work is wonderful and always full of creativity. Thank you for “pimping” her and her work. She soo deserves it!


Lovely to see how the dream theme inspired other CED participants. And thank you for the blog love, my friend – the feeling is mutual ;-) ~xo

So lovely to see Tinker’s art here on your lovely site! I adore her and her art too!! Thank you for featuring work along with the other lovely selections.


Hi, Leah! It’s a great idea having some of the participants posts here, because usually we don’t have time to visit all of them.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful works with us! The first one with the map is inspirational. I thought of doing something similar to that but never got around to it! Maybe if I find more time, I could do my own “map”. :)

Thank you so much for featuring my art! I am so over joyed I might have to paint some more!! Leah, thank you for your endless creativity and inspiration!

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