Free Dream Call! Thursday, April 2nd 8 pm EST

March 26th, 2009

To celebrate wrapping up this month of dreams, I'm so excited to invite you to participate in this free call about dream interpretation with Lianne Raymond! Lianne is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and she has trained with Dr. Christopher Shelley in Adlerian Dream Interpretation.

On the call, we'll discuss:

*How you can begin to interpret your own dreams
*How to cultivate your creativity through dream analysis
*Lianne will do some one-on-one dream work (bring your dreams to the call if you're interested in sharing!)
*And we'll be giving away a special gift, a Martha Beck dream journal, to someone on the call!

Sign up for the call using the form below and I'll send you the call in information. The call will be recorded, but you need to sign up below to receive the recording.

I've always had vivid dreams, but never did much with analyzing them until I found the work of Robert Moss and Martha Beck. I truly love how Beck encourages you to see each part of your dream as a part of your wiser self that has something to teach you.

Here's what Lianne has to say about dream interpretation:

Many people treat dreams as some obscure secret with the thought that there is one correct interpretation and if only they can decipher them correctly, then all shall be revealed. I see this in my psychology students every year. When we start our dream unit it never fails that there is a flurry of questions along these lines:

"What does it mean when you dream about horses?"

"I always dream about falling - what does that mean?"

"If a cigar is not really a cigar in my dream, what is it?"

The Martha Beck approach (derived from the work of Carl Jung)  treats the dream like a divination tool.  Divination simply means an inspired (to be "in spirit") discovery of what is hidden. Many of us have done our own forms of divination - have you ever done the trick where you feel stuck in some way so you go open the dictionary to a random page and put down your finger? And the word you just happened to land on gives you a whole new perspective? Dream analysis is like that, but even more powerful as the new perspective is internally generated and custom made just for you from your imaginal world.

Martha Beck's method has the dreamer become each item in the dream and answer questions about it's purpose, intention and lesson for the dreamer. Sometimes this can be challenging to do alone without slipping back into cynical, rational left-brain land.  That's when it can be helpful to have a friend, partner or coach to take you through the process.  (Martha has a great breakdown of her dream analysis method in Chapter 5 of her book Steering by Starlight.)

I have used Martha's approach with numerous students in my psychology classes and also with many of my life coaching clients.  I have noticed, though, that my students rarely state that they don't dream (in fact they have extremely vivid dreams) whereas the adults who come to me for coaching often have the "I don't dream" syndrome.  Of course they do dream, it has just been relegated to the 'that's not important' part of their brain. Often along with their imagination. I believe dreaming is a vital sign for the creative life. Leah has demonstrated here how her dreams have become springboards for her artwork. That springboard can be come even more interesting after a dream analysis.  This is a painting one of my students did that combines elements from her dream with insights she gained from the dream analysis.

lianne dreamphoto

If you feel like you don't dream it is just a matter of creating the space and intention to let your dreams become known to you again. A great way to do this is by keeping a dream journal beside your bed and making an intention every night that you will allow your subconscious to communicate with you through dreams. Or just simply request that you have a dream and remember it.  Keep with the practice even if nothing seems to be happening at first - maintain the space and the intention and write down even the shimmeriest of dream memories whenever you have them. Over time you will find that your dreams with become more frequent and memorable.

The truth is all the answers are within you and they are not secret. What dream analysis does is take the left, rational brain out of the driver's seat for a time and allows the right brain to make itself known.  It takes us to the deeper place of knowing that I call the arational. And of course the arational is also the spring of creativity. To cultivate dreams is to cultivate creativity and connection to our wisdom.

You will be amazed at the insights into your own life that you will uncover through dream analysis.

Sound interesting? Want to learn more? Come join us on the call on Thursday, April 2nd at 8 pm EST (find out what time this is in your time zone here). The call will be free, but long distance charges may apply. In the meantime, sweet dreams!

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11 Responses

Thanks for being a keeper of dreams Leah! I signed up and am looking forward to the call – Kathy

You are doing such cool stuff these days Leah … you seem to be moving to a whole new realm in your work and what you’re sharing; it’s inspiring to witness. :)

This looks fascinating! I love dream interpretation and looking at what the symbols mean in my dreams. I have been going through a “dreamless” stage lately (i.e. not remembering my dreams), so I hope this upcoming call will wake up that part of my brain again and my dream journal at my bedside will become more than a dust-catcher. Looking forward to the call.

You are an amazing dream keeper painter. It’s one of the many reasons I adore your work.

This sounds VERY exciting! I hope to be able to sign up–I’m really interested in dream-related stuff. YAY! How fun!

COLOR!!!! best theme ever. :) oh, color, the ultimate inspiration for me. :) and this method for dreams sounds fascinating– i’d love to learn more!



Glad to see you going great guns. The dreamwork is such interesting stuff.

Take good care of yourself!


Another serendipitous moment! As my computer was starting up this morning I was remembering my dreams from last night. Lately I haven’t been remembering my dreams but this morning was different. Now I find myself here reading about dream analysis and a wonderful opportunity to chat with others on this topic. It’s a sign to sign up!

I think I’ll go write about these dreams before I forget them.

I’ll hear you on Thursday!
xoxo k

This sounds amazing! I just signed up – I can hardly wait!
Thanks for making such a wonderful opportunity possible, Leah~xo

Very cool, Leah! Love what you’re doing to supplement your Creative Every Day challenge.

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