Moon Collector

March 24th, 2009

moon collector
Moon Collector, 9"x12", acrylic on paper

More moon art and more blue. Two of my favorite things at the moment. This piece, Moon Collector, came together intuitively. I was about to add the red strings attaching the moons to the bucket, but found myself hesitating. After stepping back from it a bit, I got the sense that it was about something rather personal and I wasn't sure I wanted to reveal it in the paint, but I went ahead and put them in there.

So what's up with the moons here? Can you guess? Perhaps you could make up your own story about what they mean.

I think my internal dialogue about becoming a mother sometime in the near future is coming out here. The moons with their red strings make me think of ovaries. Not all my art is so deeply personal, but letting your intuition guide you, often leads to artwork that expresses what's going on underneath all the layers. It can be scary sometimes, but it's always fascinating when approached with a bit of curiosity.

One of the places I first learned to play with my intuition is through Art Picnics. Feel free to join me on my first Virtual Art Picnic this Thursday from 1 - 3 p.m. Eastern time for $25! We'll be talking about how to get playful in your art, how this playful attitude can help connect you to your intuition, and we'll be spending a whole hour creating joyfully! You can sign up for the class or get on the Virtual Art Picnic mailing list here. I plan on doing a Saturday workshop next month for those who can't make it on a weekday. And I'm planning to offer an Art-Picnic-To-Go kit in the near future!

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing what the totally optional monthly theme will be for the Creative Every Day Challenge in April! Wee! I love sharing these themes with you and I think you'll love this one!

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Hi leah,

I am so loving your series on your intuitive paintings! The paintings themselves are very powerful and I am so touched and intrigued by you sharing your personal process with us.

Thank you!


moons and motherhood… how lovely (is there a secret to share maybe???) so curious! p.s. love the look of the new site. beautiful.

Leah, this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Wanted to let you know I came across a wonderful series of tapping vids at Violette’s suggestion: Tap O’ the Mornin’! :) Very well done and a slightly different approach. Thought you might dig it, too:


She’s Wonderful. So reminds me of my sister, Diana.

Hi Leah

Love this painting!
Motherhood is wonderful!
Blue is the best!

Thanks for sharing!

This painting is just beautiful. Speaks to an inner part of me also, not sure how yet, but I love it.


I LOVE this painting, LOVE. I have an attraction to all things moon, songs with moons, stories with moons, the yoga pose half-moon is one of my favorite poses… And perhaps, my attachment to moons is similar to yours. I’ve been trying and trying (and trying) to get pregnant (with a third baby) for so long, six years now, and I certainly associate the moon with the a woman’s body and cycles (or lack there of).

Anyway… all this to say, I don’t just love this painting, I LOVE this painting. It reaches out and speaks to me… love, love, love. LOVE.

~ Rachel

Hi Leah,
This is a wonderful painting and subject too.
Though I am not ready yet to post some of my works to the CED challenge, I want to show my appreciation for everything you are doing here.
I have something for you on my blog, I hope it is not offending in any way.

First I felt it, and it was uneasy. It’s the red strings that made the message, I believe. They are the color of blood, or life. They reminded me of the womb, of menstruation, and then the moons became eggs.
I remember the first time someone pointed out a fetus in one of my abstract paintings. I hadn’t put it there intentionally, but the subconscious is always honest and open. I’d felt resentful at first that this man had picked up on it since I’m a private person. Now I’m glad he did. I appreciate the painting much more and I decided that even when art gets uncomfortable, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.
Seeing your painting, I see that vulnerability in art is very compelling because it’s so honest. Honesty makes connection possible and it’s a refreshing change from showing the world what it expects to see.

Sigh…this one is so dreamy. I love the title, the colors and your thoughts about motherhood behind it. Personally I see you with a baby on each hip and a couple hanging onto your legs, heehee. You are meant to be a Mamma to many.

Leah, thanks for visiting me…and I believe Moon Collector has to be one of my favorites. The name alone…how perfect for this piece. I love how you work with your blues…Girl you are amazing with your color and your world!

what a beautiful piece–it nearly stops my hear looking at it.

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