Retreat to the Castle!

March 5th, 2009

Emma in her castle

Hello, you creative geniuses!

I'm going to be out of town on a short retreat this weekend and I will not be able to check my email or post here as frequently as usual. Feel free to scroll through my archives for fun ways to play with your creativity, visit the Creative Every Day Challenge participants (listed in the sidebar) for loads of inspiration, and check out the interview with author, Robert Moss I posted this week!

Hope you enjoy this pic of my sweet, Emma, who every so often I find curled up within this cat castle. I totally wish I had one in my size! In lieu of my own castle, I'm making my own mini getaway to retreat and refresh (something I recommend to all creative souls!) I hope your weekend is creatively delicious!

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Love the pic of your kitty, HAVE a GREAT Weekend.

Oh yes! You need a retreat of your own. I haven’t been spending as much time in my studio as I would like, the backlog is mounting! But that means that I will be working under intense pressure in the next month. Creative every day! Sometimes the best inspiration pops up in desperation! I have been trying to keep up with the CED challenge, but I am remiss about posting. Does it count that I am the Featured Artist of the Month for March in Bead Trends? That is creative every day, right? But I seek your creative souls all the time and am keeping tabs on all your progress! Rest, recharge and come back renewed.
Enjoy the day!

Have a wonderful time! Emma is adorable:)

I have a cat named Emma, also. :) She doesn’t have a castle, but I bet she wishes she did.

I hope you have a terrific weekend.

Heehee, hello sweet kitty!
Have fun on your trip darling, see ya when your back.

Have a beautiful weekend.
And I think we humans need to be more creative with our living arrangements. I want a castle to kick back in and peek out at the world from. With a moat of course~

Have a wonderful time! When you get back you may want to check out my latest Soul Journal prompt. It is on mandalas. Carl Jung encouraged his clients to draw them. The symbols and images that appeared were as Jung believed indications of the unconscious and dream worlds of the individual.

“Creatively delicious”: Nice word combo.

Hope you had a great weekend, Leah.

I read this and didn’t comment at the time but ever since I’ve been seeing castles everywhere!

Today I even saw a castle in the air – it was a sign on some scaffolding where someone is doing an attic conversion!

Cute kitty castle!! (Hey, that was alliteration!)

Anyway, have fun on your little mini-vacation!! It’s a great source of dreams and inspiration and a way for the body to recharge!! I’m looking forward to Spring Break myself!! I’m going to indulge in the paintings, etc. at the art museum during the break!! Can’t wait.

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