Spring Sale and Lovely Linkage

April 23rd, 2009


Special Discount! On May 1st I will be raising prices on my framed prints and original artwork in my online shop, Blue Tree Art Gallery. I let my newsletter subscribers know a few weeks ago and gave them a coupon for 20% off any purchase through May 1st. (You can sign up for my art newsletter here and be entered into a monthly drawing for a free print! Sign up form is in the lower left corner.)

Well, I really wanted to extend a special thank you to my readers here, so I'm going to share the coupon code here too. Feel free to use it for 20% off anything in my art store from now until May 1st. If you've been thinking about grabbing something, now's the time to do it before I bump the prices up!

Here's the code! springsale09

Feel free to share the coupon or pass on a link to this post!!


Framed prints (in a 16"x20" wooden frame) are currently $100 and with the coupon code they're only $80! Total steal. Above, you can check out a couple examples of what a couple freshly framed prints look like. (Prints pictured above: Bring Love and Lighthouse.) And below, here's one of my newer prints, Key to Winter, framed and hanging on my studio wall.


Lovely Linkage

O.k., I've also got this build up of fabulous stuff to share, so let's just get to it, shall we?

*Rebecca at Difference a Year Makes posted a video of artist, Jonas Gerard that is so fabulous I just had to share it with you. I've seen his videos before and loved the joy with which he works, but I think his style also is a fabulous illustration of the kind of intuitive painting I'm doing in the class I'm taking and it also reminds me of the methods I use in the Art Picnic class. It's all about permission, freedom, and connecting with your intuition. And I also loves how it ties in with the color theme this month, both in how rich and gorgeous his use of color is and also in how he talks about how he chooses his colors and how colors each have their own "vibe." So true! So, do check it out and enjoy the music that goes along with it. And if you're interested in seeing more of Gerard's videos head over here.

* Sometime around the New Year, I stumbled upon the blog of Havi Brooks and quickly became a huge fan of her work. Her writing is honest, deep, and yet accessible. I love how she teaches about both the hard (business biggifying) and the soft (working on your patterns.) She combines this kind of work in a way that really resonates for me. Check out her blog and then check out all the fabulous resouces she offers on her site.

In a couple weeks Havi is teaching a class on how to get fantabulous testimonials without feeling icky about it. I'm going to be taking it! Check out all the details and sign up here.

* This Rounded Corner tool is super handy for making your images all rounded and purty!

* I'm so loving Brene Brown's read through of her book I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't). She's been doing a weekly podcast around the topic of shame with loads of great links and projects. Very powerful stuff.

* Celebrating crafting failures, the blog CraftFail cracked me up and made me feel a whole lot better about my many crafting blunders.

* The super sweet, Kathryn Antyr (Collage Diva) has a fabulous new blog called True North, which explores finding your direction through art-making. Love it! She's created a really cool Personal Map Making contest with loads of cool prizes. Check out all the details here.

* Janice at Postcards from Wildwood has posted a fantastic Photoshop tutorial that fits so well with the color theme.

Oh, there are so many treasures to explore, but that's probably more than enough for one day! So, enjoy and have a beautifully creative day.

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This whole post is filled with loved and generosity! Thank you so much for the discount on your beautiful prints and all the new links to go explore!

Wow! You’re so talented! You take the color blue to another level.

Wonderful links!

I just sat back and enjoyed watching Jonas Gerard Paint. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Thanks for the intro.

And may YOU sell many, many paintings too.

What a steal — and a hard decision as to which print to pick!

The Jonas Gerard video is filled with so much joy. I love working intuitively. As I watched Jonas working I felt such a resonance deep inside.

There are so many goodies packed in this post. Thank you so much for including me and my new blog. You are a dear!

{soul hugs}

I also resonated deeply with Jonas Gerard. Thanks so much for the link. And Havi Brooks imparts great content in a funny, quirky style. I’ve subscribed to her as well.

You continue to amaze, inform, and inspire.

Sigh…whenever I need a kick in the creative butt all I have to do is venture to your site and my senses are overfilled. Love seeing your art all framed and matted, loved the links and the video.
You are one amazing chick.

Hi Leah:

Every time I come back to this site I am amazed at the variety of things to do and the ideas that you share.

Tomorrow’s Art Picnic looks fascinating!

Thank you!
-Mavis Penney

WOW that was a cool video-!!

thanks for the sale info!

your work is absolutely great! way to be creative :)

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