May 23rd, 2009


I thought I'd have two pieces to share with you today, but after staring at one of them for a long time today, something is bugging me, so I'm going to tweak it a bit more. But this one is done. I've tweaked it enough and I'm happy with the result. It's called "Listening" and it's about 16"x20" with collage, acrylic and ink on canvas. It also fits in so nicely with the Nature theme this month for the Creative Every Day Challenge, so I'm glad I was able to complete it in May.

The piece also reminds me a bit of a grounding exercise that I do during the Art Picnic workshop where you imagine roots growing from the base of your spine into the earth. Roots are a powerful image for me. The make me think of the veins in the body, the passageways of the lungs, and upside down trees.

In this piece, there is listening to the earth happening. Quiet, thoughtful listening. But it also relates to listening to yourself, to your own still, small, inner voice. Our inner worlds can be so rich, so complex, that it's important to take time to slow down, be still and listen in to what they have to say.

What happens when you get quiet? What comes up for you?

A wonderful way to get quiet, is to be out in nature. Taking a walk in the woods or sitting by a nearby river are two of my favorite ways to reconnect with my environment and with myself. Something in me automatically slows when I get in amongst the trees or sit by moving water. Do you have a place like that? Or could you create one for yourself?

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Leah, this painting is so evocative. All of the woman’s energy and presence seems to be gathered into her ear, so that the rest of her body seems almost empty. I love the underground presence of sailboats and earthflowers, and the deep water table.

You are an astonishingly beautiful artist.


Ahhhhhh. Very nice. ;-) Lovely, in fact.

Your artwork is lovely and your blog post is very interesting! There’s a special place that I go to on occasion to escape when things in my life get crazy. Lately things have been nutty, busy and hectic…I think I’ll go visit that special spot tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Stunningly beautiful piece…so curious and peaceful…I love your work!

Great painting and again thought provoking. Thanks for that.
Have a lovely weekend.

I’ve liked this image every time you’ve shown it. I LOVE the contrast of the figure’s orange clothing and the blue of most of the rest of the painting. I think the reds make the blue and orange work.

The theme is great, too, and the ships underground is an evocative symbol of the things going on inside us.

this is a very nice piece of work. my blog is broken; but came to be inspired by others.

An interesting question…. to ‘make’ a place like that… It makes me think of a beautiful koi pond with a gazebo in someone’s backyard. How lovely.

As for me, there used to be a lake i would rollerblade to when i lived back in canada. In korea, now, there is a mountain near me that i find quite peaceful. I think that is the closest that i have found up to this point.

oh gorgeous leah,
this is incredibly beautiful :)
you amaze me woman!

Oh Leah, this piece is so very lovely – I can almost feel the breathing and the sound of the earth going through me…

I am so very happy that the spring is in full bloom and that nature is once more accessible to me as a source of quiet time. (I hate winter !!!) Taking that time to be quite never fails to bring peace and gratitude for all the gifts.

Happy Sunday, you talented lady you !

This is a masterpiece my friend. I love all the layers, the blues and reds, and intricate details.

This touched my heart, Leah. You always seem to say the right words or paint the right picture. I appreciate you listening to your heart. Thank you. Amazing work!

beautiful work- and a nice way to translate the feeling of being in nature. i am lucky enough to start most days hiking with my dogs in the foothills. it’s an amazing thing-the movement, the birds singing, changes in the vegetation and the dogs’ curiousity showing me things i might otherwise pass by. i shoot a lot of photos, and blog about our walks but have yet to translate the feeling to a painting. i may have to give that a try :) thanks for sharing-

I do not think I have been still for almost 4 years since my first child was born. Even when they are sleeping, there’s always the possibility they will awake. There’s always stuff to do. There’s always exhaustion… which is pretty noisy, not quiet at all.

I think it has affected both my art and my writing. I miss being quiet.

Loved your artwork Leah – as well as your observations.
We so need that time of quiet. As Rowena said – she misses that quiet – young children fill our lives but even as we get oldre we don’t often step back and fill ourselves with quiet/peace/aloneness. I had that this morning. I had been “peopled out” Friday and need a time just to recharge.
Thanks so much for sharing.

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To create a quiet place everyday I get up at 5, an hour and a half before my husband. Once I feed the dogs they settle in and be quiet. The jets aren’t flying (I live a few blocks away from a naval air station…a landing stip is at the edge of our neighborhood). I can hear the birds waking and chirping and I LOVE it!
Another great place for me is my garden…the butterflies, lady bugs and birds…blooming flowers, beautiful veggies it is one of the best places in the world for me to be!

That happens to me when I am at the beach. I love to just listen to the waves and connect with their movement.

great art piece and description – you remind us
of the importance of silence and listening.

Wow, this is such a beautiful piece! I also love the roots imagery. What amazing depth.

beautiful painting.
your insights are interesting. I’ve been away from my paint all month because of so many commitments and inspiration seems elusive. I have the seed of an idea forming and you have given me things to think about that I think will help.

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