Subway Stories Commission

May 15th, 2009

Happy Friday, everyone! I've just finished up this Subway Stories painting commission. It was purchased as a wedding gift from wife to husband, to commemorate the way they met, on a train. Their wedding is this week and they will be married on a train too. So romantic!

subway stories commission

I started doing "Subway Stories" pieces a few years ago after I took a subway ride that inspired me. I was riding the T (the subway in Boston) and looking around at the people sitting near me and in the rushing cars that passed. I couldn't help but wonder about their stories, all these lives rushing by, all these souls filled with their own lives, their own tales, their own worries, and heads filled with thoughts.

I created the pieces with collages of subway maps, train schedules, and phone book pages. Over that I'd paint a subway scene. And in each of the figures, I wrote what they were thinking about.

subway stories commdetail

This commission was so special because it was a real Subway Story that I got to paint, the story of two people whose lives and stories have merged. I just met them and they were so lovely. Apparently, there's going to be a story about them and their wedding in the Globe tomorrow! I'll link to it when I see it. Oh, and they loved the piece. (Big yay!)

I've got a few original Subway Stories pieces at OAK, a shop in Boston, and there are also prints available for some of the Subway Stories pieces here. I've done a few commissions for this series, so if you're interested, let me know.

UPDATE: Here are links to the couple's love story written up in the Boston Globe and a video clip from the news. So sweet! Congrats, guys!

p.s. I'm working on the next Art Picnic date and thinking about doing a weekday evening this time around. What times work best for you for an evening teleclass?

p.p.s. My blog post, Diving Into Water Art, is featured on Five Star Friday today!

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So cool to hear the story behind this piece! That is so romantic and special that your art commemorates how the couple met (and that they are getting married on a train, too!). Congrats on all the wonderful ways your art touches people, Leah!!

What a charming story with wonderful art to commemorate it. You have such a special way of finding subjects for your art, and such unique ways of expressing your vision. nancy

Leah, I love your artwork. Subway Stories is my favorite piece in your lovely calendar. When I first opened it, I gazed at it for hours :)

Congratulation on the featuring and the commotion work. Grate picture, I love the effect of paper in pictures!


What a creative “high” for you! What fun! And the story of this commission is wonderful.

The “T” is my favorite subway anywhere. Our early relationship includes Boston and the “T,” as well (Dearest was at MIT).

Oh – and I think these are a deeply creative and expressive use of collage. I love these. They seem to be such a natural expression of this medium that they look like they created themselves. And they say what you report was on your mind at the time – all those stories traveling silently past you, past each other…

This series is one of my favorites of yours :) What a great commission to do as well! They look wonderful.

i love this so much! love and romance always get me :) and i have always loved these subway pieces of yours. seeing them “live” at nachotta last year was a real treat. i’m sure the bride and groom to be will treasure your gift forever.

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