Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

May 11th, 2009

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If you've been following me here for awhile, you may know that I've taken many intutive painting classes. It is truly powerful, healing work. I highly, highly recommend the process for anyone looking to let go and create from their heart.

Because I love this type of work (and adore Chris), I'm so thrilled to tell you all about the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program for women, led by my pal and fellow artist, Chris Zydel. If I can possibly connect one of you creative souls with her work or perhaps with this training program, then it will be even more beautiful!

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Chris Zydel has been teaching expressive arts classes and leading sacred circle women's creativity groups, retreats, and workshops all over the world for over 30 years. She is now leading teacher training programs in the hope that these soulful expressive arts classes will be available in communties everywhere! Above all, Chris has the kindest, wisest heart you can imagine. Her classes create a safe space in which she guides others to express themselves from a place of deep intuition, authenticity, and freedom.

The teacher training program sounds utterly facsinating and I already know one friend of mine who is doing it! Chris is keeping the group small, so if you have any interest in leading groups through this type of work, please head over to Chris's website and contact her immediately!

In case you're curious, let me tell you more about this delicious and transformative program:

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The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program will begin in 2009 and end in 2010. This program is designed to teach you how to use the process of Intuitive Painting, Group Process and Bodywork, Music and Movement to create a healing environment via classes, workshops, and retreats, to encourage people to manifest the best of who they are through the power of creative self expression.

It will be held at the Mountain Home Ranch Resort located in Calistoga, CA which is in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California. The training will be conducted as one 7 day intensive and three 5 day intensives (or 22 days of training) that will be held about 4 months apart over a one year period of time. Gourmet meals and dorm room occupancy lodging at the Mountain Home Ranch is included in the program fee.

Dates of the Intensives:

August 21-28, 2009
December 5-10, 2009
February 27 - March 4, 2010
May 30 - June 4, 2010

In addition to the hands on training, you will also receive:

- 4 individual coaching sessions with Chris Zydel.
- 3 group teleclasses where you can ask questions and get support.
- A Teacher Training manual
- Opportunities to assist Chris at her various workshops and retreats

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Wow. I believe this would be such a powerful way to work as an artist, while making a fabulous living, and guiding others to connect to their creative hearts. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Chris and let her know.

The world needs more people creating from the deepest part of their souls! If you're feeling called to this type of work, go check out Chris's program. You can also learn more about Chris and her process though her blog and find all her wonderful offerings on her website, here.

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Dearest Leah,

Thank you SO MUCH for this fabulous post about my work. You made me blush!!

I greatly appreciate all that you have done to create such an amazing creative community here through your blog and your willingness to share what is important to you with that community. So many people just ADORE you ( including me (-:) because you are the SOUL of creative generosity.

I feel incredibly LUCKY and grateful to have you in my life.

Big hugs and bigger love,

How exciting to have the opportunity to work with such an individual!

I’ve been wanting to get my master’s degree in expressive therapy for a while, so this sparked my attention immediately. Alas, I live in Texas and there’s nothing even remotely close here. Do you know of anything or anyone like Chris doing expressive therapy in this area? Just thought I’d ask…

Art Therapy has been an interest of mine for a while too…I have to put it out to the universe how I might be able to take such a course as this…it sounds wonderful!

Great post,and sure this is an interesting thing to read.Thanks for sharing,have a great day.=)

A Writers Den

I’m soooo looking forward to this program. Thanks for helping Chris spread the word :)

Art has been the cornerstone to my recovery. Keep up the good work everyone mental ill or not can benefit from art therapy

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