CED Challenge Check-In: June 29 – July 5

June 29th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

This weekly post is a place for CED participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for June is sound and the July theme will be self. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the sound theme here and the self theme here.

Happy Creating!

Mockingbirds are the true artists of the bird kingdom. Which is to say, although they're born with a song of their own, an innate riff that happens to be one of the most versatile of all ornithological expressions, mockingbirds aren't content to merely play the hand that is dealt them. Like all artists, they are out to rearrange reality. - Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

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Talented musicians that they are, Mockingbirds are also not terribly shy. At dusk one balmy Spring night, a true southern belle serenaded me from a young pine tree branch just a yardstick from my head. I snapped away with my camera, bulb flashing, bird singing.

I finally made it to an art day with lots of online friends. It was really nice to be able to put faces to names and find that they are as nice in person as they appear in emails.

You must see the lovely butterfly book I made using a kit provided by the lovely and talented Ingrid Dijkers.

Leah, thank you so much for this community at your place. I’d love to get a chance to do some art with you some day.


As much fun as I’m having actually making the art, I’m also grooving on the new found love of making Vlog entries — who knew I could end up loving my cell phone just for it’s camera :) Thanks as always, Leah, for hosting CED!!

i am taking a little break from my regular creativity this week as i am going in 2 new creative directions:
1. getting my paper doll/prayer dolls ready for prints scanning on a high resolution scanner – then fixing to get the colours just right. this is a different kind of creating, feels like low-energy creating, which is nice for summer :)
2. also taking the creative journaling workshops i have done over the last couple of years and putting them together as an ongoing free journaling workshop on my blog.
happy creating everyone!

Hi Leah, I have moved to the July theme, self. I have done a little exploring and with your inspiration,I hope to do more. Thank you – Janet

looking forward to having time to get creative again- and i love tom robbins, how fun to see him quoted here!

After a lengthy trip, we are back and I have had a few hours each day for several days to art journal ~ which is heavenly! Finished so many unfinished loose art journal pages and will post more this week. http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com/vividlife/art-journal-faded-blue-v12.html.

This sounds very interesting, my creative outlet is photography.
I am looking forward to participating in this group.


Sounds good! Hope to see more. Love all your paintings. You are such an inspiration!=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

I am inspired by your creative challenge. I have always lived a creative life…from all sides and look forward to expanding my circle of fellow artists.

I will be poking around!
Take care

Hi Leah
I’m very sad to see the end of the month of sound. I loved it!

Now I’m looking forward to “self” – it’s going to be interesting and I’ll be reluctant when it’s over, too!


I am so not done w June yet! Where did it go?
But then again–I am now really looking forward to July.
Thank you! :-)

I have not pointed my link to a specific post because I don’t know which one to point to. I continue to paint (or draw!) every day and am learning lots and lots about myself as a human as well as an artist. Creating every day (and posting about it)really makes me go out to the edge and take that leap. It feels like I have already started exploring “Self” so this month’s theme is actually perfect for me.

Who knows? I may even attempt a self portrait or 2! It is something I have never done, and because of that I am sure that will come up more than once!

Love being part of this challenge – it is what started me on the path of unlocking my creativity. Thank you so much, Leah!

~~~ What do you call someone who has a rubber face??? Me, of course. hehehe Oh my, I must have fallen out of the crib one too many times. But in spite of having way too many lumps on my punkin’ I did a “self portrait” for this week’s challenge. It is up…. and rolling. Literally :-)

Thanks, for a great topic for this months challenge! I can’t wait to see what everyone does. ~~~

Hi Leah,
I put a new, repaired link on your post. I’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I think I know what happened.

Your post about being starting where I am in my art really got me going on that rainy day Thursday yesterday, Miss Leah ! It was all about me and my imagination and my ability to play ! Thanks for the inspiration !


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