Featured Creative Every Day Challenge Participants!

June 12th, 2009

I love featuring fabulous Creative Every Day Challenge participants here to give you all a glimpse into some of the wonderful things happening in our large group. I hope you enjoy the wonderful creations below!

Sax in the Country

The fabulous photo above is from the incredibly sexy mama, artist, and blogger, Karen Mowrey. Karen was inspired to do her TGI Bench Monday self-portrait with her saxophone, in response to the sound theme this month. This image just kills me. So cool!

Heart Senses by Emily Long

Close the eyes
Still and listen
Open the senses of the heart
Smell the green
Washed clean by falling rain
Smell the soil
Warmed by beams of sun
Feel the air caress the skin
Cool shadows
Hot sun
Feel them play across the face
Hear the heartbeat within
Let it slow
Hear it match its rhythm
To the pulsing of the Earth
Taste the love that dwells within
Taste the joy so deep
Hear the footsteps of the ages
Steps that were, are, and will be yet
Hear the voice of all that is

The poem above was written by Emily Long of Healing Pages, a blog filled with heartfelt poetry. Emily also recently wrote a poem in response to my painting, Listening, called Listen Deep (which I loved!)

featured sue

The beautiful mandala above is Fairyland Pentagram Mandala by Sue O'Kieffe of the blog, Sacred Circle Mandalas. The colors in this piece sing Spring to me!

featured studiovee

This art journal spread above was created by Verna of the blog, Studio Vee, in response to a prompt from Ali Edwards. It's all about the things that make Verna happy. What a lovely thing to play with in your journal!

Kitty Duet! Last, but certainly not least, I want to point you in the direction of this post from Janice of the blog, Postcards from Wildwood. The post itself is hilarious, but the recording Janice put together in response to the sound theme...oh my, it may just be one of my favorite responses to a Creative Every Day Challenge theme ever!! It's flippin fantastic! So, please go over there straight away and check out Janice and her cat Oliver's earth-shattering duet based on Rossini’s famous Duetto buffo di due gatti (Comic duet for two cats). And then you can come back and thank me for making your day by sending you over there. :-)

Wishing you all a wonderfully creative weekend!

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I just LOVE that photo! Such a lovely post, other-Leah. =)

such wonderful links and eye and ear candy ! But Ollie and Janice ? What a fun way to launch a Friday listening to them ! Too funny !

Have a great weekend Leah !

Thnak you, Leah. These are wonderful and inspiring. Now to figure out haw to make the weekend become creative…so much intruding, I’ll have to find a way to interact creatively. There’s Little League, a wedding, daughter’s visit. I’ll try playing some nice music.

absolutely LOVE the photo of Karen – and the other pieces of art that you chose!
Wonderful way to make us sit up and listen.

Karen’s photo is uplifting. Bravo! The flower mandala is pretty, and the script in the journal page is exceptional. Great picks!

Great post Leah. I especially like the fact that you chose 5 totallly different creative mediums. Each is bold, beautiful and serves to take my focus into it for awhile. Thank you for the beauty break!

They are all wonderful artworks.I love them all.
Karen’s photo is amazing.
I wish you all a nice weekend.

Wow Leah, I just have to tell you that I’m so inspired & thoroughly impressed by the quality of content on your site. You foster such a caring & beautiful sense of community….a community of fabulous creatives! So glad to have discovered you…Warmly, ~gina

OH LEAH! You are too kind! Thank you for adding me to this great post. It is very nice to see some participants and the diversity all in one spot, especially when life is crazy and I have had very little exploring time on the computer. The kitty duet from Janice made my morning, what a funny post to read (and hear) indeed, I admire her creativity and her sense of humor. She nailed it though! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Leah, for including me in your post! Love the variety of projects that you listed, especially that first photo. Very inspirational!

Hi again Leah. Thanks so much for including Ollie and me in your round-up. As Kim said above, you couldn’t have chosen 5 more different responses to the sound theme. And to echo Gina, what a wonderful community! There have been so many people come over to have a listen to our Duetto Buffo from here, and such encouraging comments that I’m thinking of doing another – and I really wouldn’t have said that this time last week! I’m almost done working my way through visiting everyone who has been and have found such an amazing selection of beautiful work and thoughtful blog entries – it’s all so inspirational. Thank you everyone, and Leah especially, Thank You!

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