Singing in the Shower

June 16th, 2009


Do you remember singing as a kid? You know, that kind of singing kids do with pure abandon? Do you ever sing like that now?

As it's the month of sound here for the Creative Every Day Challenge, I've been thinking about where and when I sing. I'm not a fabulous singer, but I do love to sing. I sing with passionate abandon in the shower and in my car and sometimes to my cats. The hubster and I are constantly making up little songs about silly things we do, like the song we made up about bagel sandwiches and another we sing about tickling toes.

My dad used to sing (horribly) to 50's songs in the car and we'd all sing songs about farts (while laughing hysterically) on long car rides. My mom used to sing us a silly song about spinach on car rides to my grandmother's house (I still totally love that song) along with the more traditional "Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go..."

In elementary school, I got a solo in the school show, singing "Who Put the Bop," which I sang in a poodle skirt my mom made for me. And I sang a few lines as an orphan in the school's production of Annie. What a thrill that was! In high school, I sang along with my casette tape player, listening to musicals like Les Mis and Phantom over and over again. And I sang and danced in the production of A Chorus Line. In college, I learned to play enough guitar that I could strum along and belt out Ani Difranco's "Both Hands." I know when I have kids some day I'll sing to them.

Songs hold so many memories for people. Some remember being told they couldn't hold a tune, others remember their parents or grandparents singing them to sleep, others remember writing songs of love and angst in their teenage years, others remember singing their own babies to sleep. What are some of your favorite singing memories?

Whether or not you believe you're a "good" singer, singing is such a wonderful release, such a powerful expression. Perhaps, even if you are shy with your voice, you can find some time this month to play full out with song. (The shower or car a great place to give it a go!)

Some fun links to share:

- In case you're curious about some of the technical aspects of singing, here's a good article about basic singing techniques.

- Peggy sent me a link to this website which I'd twittered about before and then forgotten about. It's so worth sharing here though because it's such a fabulous combination of sound and interactive animation. Gorgeous! Just move your mouse around when the music starts.

- The next Art Picnic teleclass is happening tomorrow evening at 8pm EST and I'd love to "see" you there! Check out all the details and sign up here.

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I absolutely love this post! I grew up singing around the house – made up songs and lots of showtunes. I was a shy little girl, but from the age of 9, I participated in musicals. I loved singing and dancing. Very slowly, the shyness disappeared (mostly) and I gained a confidence that I carry with me to this day.

This post made me think of my fiance. I remember his face the first time I busted out in song for no apparent reason. Quickly, he realized that everything makes me think of a song. A word or sound can set me off and then there’s no stopping me!

Lately, life has gotten busy and bogged down with daily tasks. I think I’ve been forgetting to sing. Thank you so much for the reminder!

yay for singing out loud, no matter how “good” we all sound!! My life turned around when I did a group called HildeGirls, singing the music of the mystic saint Hildegard of Bingen. Then I started taking InterPlay classes, which opened up my voice even more with playful improvisation (how many different kinds of sounds can you make in 30 seconds?! ready…set…go!!).

Now my students have to deal with me turning anything into a song or a silly voice (often without being aware I’m doing it). I think that’s one reason I invented the MuseCubes, which have a “playing with your voice” componenent. I strongly believe that I’m a better thinker when I allow myself to have the fullness of my voice.

I love to sing. I sing at my church. I sing for weddings, baptisms even funerals. This past December I was asked to sing for a funeral of a parishner. I said yes, and then found out that the man, who had been sick for some time, always found comfort in hearing me sing, particularly the Litany of the Saints that our church uses. In fact, he requested that I sing for his funeral. The family was so happy when I said yes. Knowing that then was very powerful. St Augustine said, “Singing is praying twice.” That is what I was doing for that family.

As for the fun act of singing, we do a lot of that in the car with the kids. My mom did that with us too. But the most fun was playing the title role in “Hello, Dolly” as it was the one and only time that I had a standing ovation (four nights in a row). I believe that everyone should experience a standing ovation once in their lives. It is a powerful boost to your soul.

I would encourage you to sing from your soul no matter whether you think you can sing or not. The joy that escapes your lips can not help but bubble through your whole being.

Thanks for the great prompt today, Leah!
Enjoy the day!

I love to yodel. Yodeling (not to be confused with “Yodels” the frosted, cream-filled cakes that are made by the Drake’s company) is making a comeback. Seriously. Yodeling sounds good in church, on the public transit system or even in the freezer section at the grocery story.

And the best part? You don’t have to remember the words. Just let it rip. YODEL YODEL YODEL

I do! I did yesterday when I had a singing lesson and we didn’t focus on learning anything, I just sang one musical song after another. I played all the parts – soprano, mezzo, barytone :D It was great!!

I sang alot as a child. Made up songs, sang in the church choir, soloed in the school choir, sang in the car, and ohhhh those camp songs.. I loved musicals (and still do), and know all the words to West Side Story. I mugged in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom. It was totally fun and totally comforting. I felt glamorous and alive singing I Feel Pretty, acting out the parts of both Maria and Anita.

I dont sing so much these days(it’s a long story), but I haven’t lost my voice. I belong to a drumming circle, and drumming with my friends in community is a powerful and uplifting experience.

thanks for this prompt.

Sing, sing, sing. Choirs, school and church, harrassed for singing in line at the grocery.

I have two great stories about singing. One is that my Mom used to have that “Opra” voice and used to sing in the choir.

As always in a choir someone would sing a solo. Most were not as loud and wonderful as my mom’s. There was one that tried to “solo” even when singing with the choir. I knew my mom could “out sing” this woman and one day asked her why she didn’t! She said “Gracie..we sing as a choir…there is no better then, no better too! If you want to make beautiful music you listen to what is around you and you just join in. That’s all!

My other story is that I am a hummer. You all know the type. Someone that humms all the time and never knows it? Well I was told one time that “she” never had to look at the shoes under the stall to know who was in the ladies room because she knew it was me by the humming! So now…I blush…

Loved this question!

I love to sing in the car – loudly! Love it. I also like to make a lot of sounds effects. My grand daughter loves them and she has started to imitate me. It makes us all laugh. My husband has always loved my guitar imitation. I think he is going to enjoy this month of sound! (Well, I hope he does!)

Oh singing. Love it too, and i do even think to try to have a voice Anyways, love the painting you did. So expressive, thanks for sharing it. Have a good day.=D

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oh my gosh i love singing!!!
i karoke regularly and make up and sing silly songs all day long :)
singing really keeps things flowing and is so healthy and healing.

I used to sing all the time as a child, from in silly songs with my sister to in the Bicentennial parade, to JHS voice class, where my voice teacher told me I had the best voice he ever heard on a kid. Which meant a lot, because he taught my sister, who was “The Singer.”
In HS I wasn’t allowed to sing or take classes or be in the school plays, because I was an art major, and we weren’t allowed to take cross discipline classes. Can you believe it?
IN college I was in chorale and sang for friends. After college, I sang everywhere I went, even did a little jazz singing for people. And now, I sing songs to my kids.

ONe of my favorite things is to walk down the street in the pouring rain, singing Stormy Weather. :)

I love to belt out the tunes in my car, especially when I do a trio with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Billie Holiday is another favorite to sing to.

HA!! I love reading about your family’s songs! My dad used to sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” on car rides too, but he added a verse about a cat who lived in a sink, and his feet did stink. And “I see the Moon and the Moon sees Me” was a big favorite. I still sing that on my way home at night…especially from parties where I’ve had a bit of wine :)

I’d like to join the challenge. I do not have a website, a blog, or anything. I am just learning about this blogging world and honestly, it’s a bit confusing. Almost seems like a mismatch of sorts—an artist messing around with computers and technology, and spending time sitting at a computer screen!! How do these 2 worlds live in harmony? It’s so opposite of my “right-brained” nature.

I love how your birds are singing in your painting!!! Especially the one that is singing about being out at sea!

I sing all the time too…I especially sing to my kiddos at school, because it keeps their attention..mmostly because they can’t believe that someone with such a horrible singing voice would have the nerve to sing ridiculous songs to them. I have platinum hits like “Don’t Be a Bozo In Art Class”, “Clean Up Your Table Your Mama Doesn’t Live Here”, and my kindergartners all time favorite “Red Yellow Blue Primary Colors I See You!”

Peace & Love.

i’ve always wanted to take singing lessons. i love to sing, and some days i think i’m really able to carry a tune. i totally envy those who have that gift. i just want to learn to fake it someday, even if for just one little song :)

Well, I have to admit I’m not much of a singer (as in “one who sings” – not referring to quality in any way), myself. I don’t think about it. And I had to laugh when I read Grace’s comment about humming. I have a coworker who is exactly like that – it is constant, almost a part of his breathing, I believe.

I guess my family is not one of singers, either, because I don’t even remember any songs at all that we used to sing. And I had not really realized this until now.Weird.

But this post made me think about something I had found out about a few months ago, called Playing for Change – it is basically a world-wide mix tape – everyone all throughout the world, playing and singing the same song – recorded separately, but playing together through technology. It is really moving and inspiring, and truly speaks to music being the international language.
And come to think of it – it can even inspire me to sing, to be part of the worldwide song. It makes me think of that old Coke commercial – “I’d like to teach the world to perfect harmony”

I love this!
My husband and I also make up little favorite is one for enchilada sauce. Yes, enchilada sauce!

Yeah, car and shower singing are great! I also sometimes sing along with my studio music, but when I’m hammering I have to pay more attention to that beat rather than the one on the stereo! I can’t say that anyone else wants to listen to me sing, but I still love to do it anyway.

I left you an award over at my blog…you should check it out!!!

Favorite singing memories, good one, Leah. They feel like home. When I worked as a reinactor at a historical museum we’d jam before the site opened up. The blacksmith and the costumed tour guides would come over to my “house”, I’d pass out cake, get my morning chores done while they played bagpipes,and fiddle. We’d all join in to sing, sometimes I played the flute and sometimes the blacksmith told stories. Sounds simple, but it took me to another world.

Leah, I’ve given the “One Lovely Blog Award” to you for your incredibly inspiring blog!

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:) Michelle

I am a guy who loves to sing a lot.I used to sing with my cousin brother in all our family meetings .These memories are really cool…

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