Starting off With Sound

June 1st, 2009

Happy June to all you lovely creatives! Being that this month's optional theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge is sound, I thought I'd start off the month with a sound recording. Fun!

I've recorded a 10 minute guided meditation, mostly relaxation, with a bit of visualization/affirmation at the end. It's meant to help you get grounded and connected with your still, small voice, your creative core. Feel free to listen at your leisure and let me know what you think! I plan on doing some more of these throughout the month, so let me know if there's anything you really want to hear.

The link below will open up an mp3 player, so you can listen right here on the site. Enjoy!

Click here to listen!

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Hi Leah! I just posted the winners to my May Giveaway on my blog post here and my Check It Out is your post here with your link to the theme of sound for this month. A fitting way to celebrate!

I just bought the Art & Money guide from Chris at the Art of Non Conformity. When I saw your name I knew that I had to have it because you have so much to teach! I am enjoying it so far, and find that I have been already doing much of it, but I need a clearer focus. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to that project.

Enjoy the day!

This felt WONderful to follow along to. Your voice is so soothing, you’re a natural at this. Thank you for it!

Good job, Leah. Your voice is suited for this. I was able to go to alpha wave relaxation when the visualization started and saw hansel and gretel’s candy house in the woods- fuel for creativity and lots of personal symbolism there.

This was grate lovely idea! So much fun hearing you voice! I am one of those people that is super auditive and podcasts are one of my favourite thing about the net, thank for making this one!

(If you like people to listen again and again a downloading option would be nice)


Thanks, guys!!

Ewian, you can download the recording by right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking on the link) to save it to your computer. Let me know if you have any trouble with that and I’ll email it your way. :-)

I love listening to podcasts too, so it was fun to make one!

I have begun the 100 in 100 days from Rownea’s blog. All the intertwining of projects has been great.

Heya Leah,

Totally Awesome to see your name associated with the book!!

I’ll stop back to listen in when I have an uninterrupted time/space to give it justice. Sound is a weak link for me, so I am looking forward to concentrating on it this month.

Leah, Thank you for doing this. I enjoy trying to be cretive everyday and I thoroughly enjoyed your recording. Sorry, that I just got my nature piece finished. Thanks again for doing this. I look forward to more recordings/meditations.

Hi Leah!
Thanks for visiting my blog. And for introducing me to Robert Moss’ dream work. Love it.
If you ever want to trade…

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